Open A Corporate Bank Account in the Netherlands

The opening of a corporate bank account in the Netherlands can be difficult. There are no legal requirements to open a Dutch bank account, so in case your Dutch organization has no direct connection with the Netherlands yet, such as physical presence, customers, etc. We propose that you consider utilizing an abroad International Bank Account Number until you have a certain track record.

Documents Needed for Opening a Dutch Bank Account in the Netherlands:

If you want to open your bank account personally, you need to provide various documents to the branch. A personal identification card/passport and a BSN -Dutch Citizen Service Number (given upon enrollment at the municipality) are among the necessary documents. An agreement for work and a personal or Dutch address is required.

Following we’ve listed a few rules for you to consider before applying for a Dutch bank account.

1. Check if there is a multinational bank in your country that also has a branch in the Netherlands.

2. Try to set up the necessary means to show the substance of your organization.

3. Find an accomplice in the Netherlands that can assist you to fabricate a relationship with the bank. ODINT can help non-local organizations to construct a relationship with a bank, inside the Netherlands, or outside the Netherlands.

In many nations, the banking framework is organized such that it causes extremely restricted pay for the banks on Corporate Banking, while the risk can be sustainable.

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