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5 Benefits of Company Registration In Turkey

The benefits of company registration in Turkey are a magnet for foreign investors from around the world. Due to its robust economy, geopolitical location as well as promising growth opportunities and thriving economic community, and youthful population.


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    benefits of company registration in turkey

    5 Benefits of Company Registration In Turkey in 2022

    Turkey one of the most rapidly growing economies around the globe is one of the most ideal places to grow your business.

    Due to its robust economy, geopolitical location as well as promising growth opportunities and thriving economic community, and youthful population, the benefits of company registration in Turkey are a magnet for foreign investors from around the world.

    There are numerous advantages for investors from abroad who plan to start an operation with Turkey. Turkey is a fascinating market due to its strategic position due to its status as the main trading hub of Europe as well as in the Middle East. Furthermore, it offers an excellent opportunity for investors from abroad with excellent investment opportunities in the future thanks to ongoing assistance from the Turkish government.

    5 benefits of company registration in turkey

    Turkish Citizenship

    Last, but certainly not least, in 2017 foreign investors can get Turkish citizenship and it’s.      ensuing advantages through setting up a business with Turkey. Turkish citizenship is now granted to foreign nationals who invest over a certain amount and generate employment or hold the money. 

    If you make a capital investment of at least $500 million or create a minimum of 50 people employed or acquire an immovable property valued at $250 thousand, or hold a deposit of at minimum $50000 in banks that operate in benefits of company registration in Turkey for a minimum of 3 years or acquire bonds issued by the government of at least $500,000. 

    If you can prove that they are held for a minimum of 3 years, you are eligible to get the right to Turkish citizenship.

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    Low Operating Costs

    A major advantage that you can reap when setting up an enterprise within Turkey is the lower operating expenses. When setting up your business in a different country like the UK or the US could cost you a significant amount, Turkey is a great opportunity. Each year, around 1 million college students complete their studies at universities in benefits of company registration in Turkey and, after that, a lot of them are looking for jobs, rather than starting their businesses. This is why the cost of starting salary and work is comparatively low. 

    Additionally, the cost of the suppliers is pretty also low, though their quality products and services are excellent. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to be concerned about the initial cost of your company.

    Strong Consumer Spendings

    Another advantage of Turkey’s youthful population is the size of its expenditures. Young people are prone to following trends they follow with their favorite brands and prefer to spend money without having to think about it. With the proper marketing plan and business plan, it is possible to create a profitable company in benefits of company registration in Turkey that meets the desires of the young populace. By keeping up with current trends, and implementing these in your own business you will be able to easily draw younger consumers to Turkey.

    Local Manufacturers

    In business, it is sensible to find manufacturers near the location where you begin your venture. Turkey is home to a variety of local manufacturing companies that are ready to help and aid investors. If you’ve got an idea that you would like to have run by an established local company, they’ll be able to help you. Local producers are also willing to accept orders with a minimum instead of larger providers. If you are an investor setting up a business of benefits of company registration in Turkey it is an incredible advantage.

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    Rewards from the Turkish Government

    The Turkish government is encouraging foreign and local investors by reducing investment expenses and creating a friendly environment for investors. With the introduction of the new investment incentive system, they cut down on the costs for investors. 

    Foreign investors who have IIC or the Investment Incentive Certificate (IIC) receive incentives listed below: Custom duty and VAT exemptions tax deduction and social security premium assistance as well as interest rate support. the allocation of land, VAT refund, and tax withholding assistance.

    Company Setup

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      Before making any investments, it is important to understand the rules and business direction of a foreign country. This is the case for benefits of company registration in Turkey. Our specialists can explain all aspects of the business from the very beginning of our partnership. In some cases, someone may have registered a company in Turkey to get a Turkish residence permit.

      If you still have any questions regarding benefits of Company Registration in Turkey. We are ODINT Consultancy. Our Team is here to help you or solve your queries.


      The country is a magnet for foreign investors because of its powerful economy, geopolitical location, promising growth opportunities, and hard-working business community. 

      This certifies that the entity is a  legal and tax-status operation. It also ensures compliance with legal standards in bookkeeping and accounting.

      Registered companies can perform all the functions of a company that was incorporated under the Act. The company also has perpetual succession and the power to acquire, hold and dispose of any property. It can also contract, sue, and be sued under the name.

      According to the International Monetary Fund, Turkey’s economy (or Turkiye), is an emerging economy.

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