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Design Patent Cost: Importance & Cost

In this article, we will be discussing the design patent cost, their importance & the deadline for filing the patent.


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    design patent cost

    Design Patent Cost

    Once you’ve created an innovative product with a unique style or look. Now you want to stop other people from copying your design. A Design patent allows you to safeguard the practical aspects of your innovative invention.

    If the functional elements are already in place (meaning that you are not able to claim them for your personal use), You might be able to protect your design or how your design appears. The method to accomplish this is through the filing of a design patent.

    Similar to utility patents, to obtain protections for design patents it is necessary to make a patent application through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

    In this article, we will be discussing the design patent cost, their importance & the deadline for filing the patent. So, with any further delay, let’s get started.

    Why Is Design Patent Cost Important?

    Knowing the cost of a design patent before the time of filing can prevent unpleasant unexpected costs. Many inventors are in financial difficulties due to the fact that they don’t know what it would cost. 

    It isn’t a good idea to ruin your business with the cost of a design patent. If the cost of filing for a patent for design is too high there are several alternatives. It is possible to present your invention to the general public and collaborate with investors. 

    Certain designers and inventors opt to utilize crowdfunding sites to raise enough funds to apply for a patent application. Another option is to present your concept until you’ve saved enough money to pay for the cost of a design patent.

    A design patent cost is usually a little smaller than the cost of a utility patent. The median estimate for a simple mechanical patent for utility is $3500. However, a more complex mechanical may cost as much as $4,000.

    That’s why it’s recommended to understand the scenario of design patent cost which will gonna cost you at the time of registration of your design.

    How much does a Design Patent cost?

    The fee for applying for a design patent is $760 for a big company. Smaller entities’ fees are $380 the fee for micro-entities is $190. If you hire an attorney to help in preparing the paperwork & ultimately filing the applications for patents, your fee may be between $1,500 and $3,000.

    The price of an application for a design patent is far lower than the expense to obtain a utility patent. Utility patents are used to describe how the product is manufactured and operates, while an invention patent safeguards the exclusive design. 

    One of the reasons you should consider obtaining a design patent is that you have created a completely new and distinct design for something that’s already patent-protected. One of the most crucial aspects of a patent is the drawings that are used to show the design. 

    If you’re not familiar with precise specifications and requirements regarding patent designs, you must consider taking help from an expert. The price for top-quality & professionally drawn patents is approximately $600.

    Cost of Filing the Patent Application With The USPTO

    As stated previously it is necessary to file the request for a patent with USPTO. The fee for applying for a design patent with the USPTO is divided according to how big the company is applying. 

    • The term “large entity” is defined as an entity that does not meet the criteria of a small-sized entity. 
    • “Small entity” means that a “small entity” is a business an individual or company with under 500 workers or any non-profit. 
    • “Micro-entity” is defined as satisfying the requirements for small-entity, and also the entity can’t be listed on more than patent applications. It must also not have a net income that is greater than or less than the limit set out here.

    The fee for applying is just the start of the costs that accompany the filing of a patent for the design.

    Basic filing cost -Design

    • Large entity: $200
    • Small entities 100$
    • Micro-entity: $50

    If the initial design application is rejected and the candidate is denied, they will have to file a continued prosecution application or CPA. The fees for filing a design CPA are similar to the previous.

    If, for any reason, the design application is longer than 50 pages the fee schedule will be raised in the following manner:

    Design application size fees for every additional 50 sheets which exceed 100 sheets

    • Large entity: $400
    • Small-sized entity $200
    • Micro-entity: $100

    Alongside the fee charged for the patent application, In addition to the fee for the patent application, the USPTO also has a patent search fee in the following manner:

    Design search fee, or CPA search fee

    • Large entity: $160
    • Small entity Amount: $80
    • Micro-entity: $40

    After the application for a design, a patent is received, checked, and analyzed after which the USPTO will then decide whether to issue patent rights 

    Consequences of not understanding the Design Patent Cost?

    Innovators and designers who don’t know the cost of a design patent may not ever apply. If you decide to engage an attorney to handle the process of applying for a design patent it will cost more, however, it has multiple benefits too.

    A skilled patent lawyer is aware of the procedure of the process of applying. The lawyer will be able to thoroughly search databases to determine if a design similar to yours has been granted a patent. This early in the process can save time and cash.

    It is also important to know the cost of a design patent before applying. Although the cost for the application isn’t too high, there are other expenses to consider later on. 

    When you’ve been approved by the examiner of your design patent and you’ll need to make a payment for an issue cost of $560. Small-sized entities are eligible for a reduced issue fee of $280, while micro-entities are eligible to receive a discount on the cost of an issue of 140.

    The use of a patent attorney can also add expense. The attorney will handle the design patent throughout all the steps. Certain designers get an invention patent, only to find out that it doesn’t protect all features of their design. It’s not a good idea to invest your time and money only to discover that your patent doesn’t cover your concept.

    Common Mistakes

    A common error that designers could make is not applying for a design patent within the specified timeframe. If you fail to do this, you forfeit the chance to apply for a patent on your idea. 

    • People and businesses could copy your ideas without violating any law. If you’re considering patenting your idea, do it swiftly. 
    • It isn’t a good idea to take months putting together the paperwork before you were not able to meet the deadline of 12 months.
    • Another error related to the cost of a design patent is that you do not fully understand all costs. The fee for the application is only one aspect of the price. 
    • There are also fees to pay for claims that are not included, for the faster exam, late filing, and publication. 
    • Designers are required to pay review and maintenance fees following the receipt of an invention patent.

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      Knowing the design patent cost before the time of filing can prevent unpleasant & unexpected costs. Many inventors are in financial difficulties since they don’t know what it would cost. That’s why it is recommended to consider taking help from an expert

      However, Odint Consultancy professional experts will help you with specifications and requirements regarding patent designs cost. Contact us, to get your design patented.


      If you’re looking to patent the concept, you can file a Design Patent Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

      If you create something with a unique appearance, a design patent might be something worth looking into.

      Since patents are important to possess and expensive to violate, there inevitably are those seeking to evade your rights. The task of the patent lawyer is to ensure that it doesn’t happen to the most extent possible.

      The filing fee for the application of a design patent costs 760 dollars for a big organization. The fee for a small-sized entity is $380 and a micro-entity’s cost is $190.

      Patent protection is up to fourteen years following the date it was issued. Patents for plant patents, protection is granted for 17 years following the date that the patent was granted.

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