Apply for a Federal Tax ID in 5 Steps: Meaning, Requirements & Uses

A federal tax ID is a nine-digit unique identification number for a company like the Social Security number (SSN) for an individual. It’s sometimes referred to as the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

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What Is a Federal Tax ID?

A federal tax ID is a nine-digit unique identification number for a company like the Social Security number (SSN) for an individual. It’s sometimes referred to as the Employer Identification Number (EIN). The number is issued through the Federal government, through its Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which provides one to businesses in the United States and its territories However, not every type of business requires an EIN.

The EIN is used in a variety of ways. It can be used for:

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  • Tax returns, as well as other documents for business.
  • Employers must tie employees to their employer when the employer deposits the federal tax ID deductions from paychecks.
  • Lines of credit
  • Request a company license permit
  • Electronic payments can be made
  • Prepare federal tax ID returns electronically

Facts About EIN Filing Service, a Third-Party Designee

You can apply for your EIN online through a third-party vendor, This company is not associated with any federal department or government. They provide services to their clients for a nominal fee. This is a secure method to apply, where an outside party handles all paperwork and paperwork, saving you time. The online portal collects all the pertinent information to ensure precision. Your number is sent to you by email and you’re able to use it from the moment you receive it. A paper copy is delivered in the mail in the future.

If in the future, you require adjustments to your business’s details, EIN Filing Service can assist you with this for no cost. It’s simple and quick and is ideal for companies and individuals who aren’t keen on completing documents.

Requirements for a Federal Tax ID Application

Solo proprietorships don’t need to obtain an EIN, however, they are able to if they want to conduct business this way and not use the business owner’s Social Security number. There are advantages and disadvantages to having an individual SSN for business use.

For certain types of businesses, getting an EIN is legally mandatory in contrast to an optional one. If your company has one of the following characteristics, it is required to submit an application in order to obtain the EIN.

  • Employs people and withholds federal tax ID to report to the IRS
  • Are you a corporation or a partnership a federal tax ID business partnership
  • Filing an excise, employment, tobacco, alcohol, or return for firearms
  • Withholds federal tax ID on the non-resident aliens of one or more (besides wages)
  • Is there a Keogh-Keogh plan
  • Are you involved in mortgage investments, real estate or trusts, estates, or other trusts (other than a handful of specific exclusions)
  • Is it a non-profit organizationfarmer’s cooperative or administrator of a plan
  • Provides services or goods which are subject to taxation in any manner
  • It is the requirement to collect and remit sales federal tax ID

If you’ve decided on the need for an EIN The next step is to choose the correct type to suit your specific business. The options include sole proprietorship corporate, LLC, partnership or nonprofit estate.

Also, you must state the reason why you’re seeking to apply at the moment. It could be that you’re starting an upcoming business or perhaps you’ve been operating under the name of your SSN and are looking to establish an EIN to avoid this. It could also have to do with recruiting new workers or establishing a pension plan. In addition, you’ll have to complete the form with the field you’re working in, as well as what services or products you provide as well as your name as well as your SSN to fill out the form.

After an EIN is allocated, it is not canceled so that a permanent record of the transaction is kept. If a company closes the account is shut however, the number is accessible for future reference.

How to Apply for a Federal Tax ID Number?

There are many methods to receive the EIN issued to your company. Whatever method you decide to use you choose, the IRS collects a standard set of information in the process of applying. The IRS uses the information to categorize firms, but also as an assurance measure to be sure that you’re the one who is authorized to apply for an EIN.

Before you can begin the application process, you’ll have to provide some basic details about your company, such as the organization’s structure, contact information as well as the products and services that are offered. If you’re not applying yourself, you’ll have selected the “responsible party” to serve as the primary contact for the application. Whatever the applicant’s primary concern is, they must provide the details of their personal life including their Social Security number (SSN).

If you’ve determined you’ll need an EIN If you’re in the market for an EIN, you are able to make an application by contacting the IRS using any of the following methods: online, in person, by fax, or via telephone. The form to apply for one is Form SS4.4 If you’re searching for this on the IRS website.

  1. Online is the most efficient and fastest method to apply from within the United States. The applicant must be the individual or persons who are responsible for the company. The application number is accessible immediately and you will receive the form as a PDF which you can save and print should you require the form in the future.
  2. The program is brief and takes only 20 minutes. But, you have to finish the application in one session, or else the system will automatically log your account if you’re not active for more than 15 minutes. Simply go to IRS.gov and locate the page for Employee Identification Numbers Assistant to start. The link is located at the lower left. This option is accessible to all legal recognized business types within the United States and its territories.
  3. Only applicants from abroad are able to apply via telephone. The toll-free phone number to the IRS to complete this application is 800-829-4333, and the times of availability are from 7 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. local time of businesses. A IRS employee will collect the required information and issue you the EIN at the conclusion of the call.
  4. Another method of applying is to submit an application via fax using the Form SS-4. The fax number you use is determined by the state in which the business is located. You can find the fax numbers at IRS.gov. If the application includes a fax number for return in the application, IRS will issue the EIN within four business days.
  5. You may request an EIN by regular mail. It can take up to four weeks, which is the slowest of all four alternatives. The IRS will return you with your EIN to you via mail.

Is a New federal tax ID Number Needed When a Business Is Already Operating?

Sometimes, you’ll need to change the federal tax ID identification number.

  • If you’ve forgotten your EIN instead of seeking the new one, you can contact the Business & Specialty unit of the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-4933 for assistance.
  • If the business structure is changing, you might require an updated EIN.
  • If you’re facing bankruptcy filing It is best to obtain an entirely new EIN.


What is The Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR)?

If you’re trying to find the EIN of a publicly traded company or a non-profit organization There are directories for free that can aid you. You can search for the EIN by the name of the business or zip code, federal tax ID, or other information. You could try looking for the initial letters of the business name since the name the business is known as might not be the official name.

Check out EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system for companies that are publicly traded. It is maintained through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It’s also listed on the SEC’s website. EIN is also available on the 8-K, 10-K, as well as 10-Q statements. If you’re searching for an EIN of a non-profit organization you can try Melissa Data, and search for the zip codes of the corporation’s headquarters and not a local website.

If you have to call the company and ask for the EIN Try to contact the Accounting Department or Human Resources since they are the departments who are most likely to possess the EIN in their file.


The application is completely free and the process is fairly simple and easy, there’s no reason to feel slighted. In contrast, If you’d rather not have to deal with the IRS There are a lot of EIN companies that can obtain an EIN for you at an all-in-one cost.

When your company has an EIN, you’ll be ready to file a Federal tax ID through the IRS.


It is important to note that the UW is not a 501(c)3 but for tax purposes, it is very similar. The activities of the University are generally free of federal tax in the event that they’re not related to the purposes or the purpose of the UW. Donations to the University can be tax-deductible for donors in accordance with IRC SS170.

A lot of foundations utilize an IRS database, but it doesn’t include all Universities. Therefore, when you input the UW Tax ID into the system does not recognize the tax ID. In general, you can contact the foundation to explain the issue and they’ll grant access to their online form.

The person who is submitting the W-9 must be the one to sign the form. The W-9 that is completed by the University uses the address of the Student Fiscal Services address. If you expect to receive the payment directly from your department, then you must alter the email address to the one you are currently using.