How to get Spanish Entrepreneur VISA in 2024-25? | Complete Guide

In this article, you will learn about how to get Spanish Entrepreneur VISA in 2024-25. Read the complete article to know more about the application process, benefits, requirements and more.


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    Spanish Entrepreneur VISA

    In today’s globalized economy, Spain beckons with its vibrant business landscape and strategic location. Spain allows international entrepreneurs to establish a firm in the nation with the special starting visa known as the Entrepreneur Visa. The Spanish Entrepreneur Visa stands as a gateway for ambitious innovators and business pioneers seeking to establish themselves in Europe. Offering access to the EU market, robust infrastructure, and a favorable business climate, this visa not only fosters entrepreneurial growth but also encourages cultural exchange and economic diversity. Delve into this article as we explore the requirements, benefits, and essential steps to harnessing the potential of the “Spanish Entrepreneur VISA”.

    How to apply for a Spanish Entrepreneur VISA?

    • Consider contacting your local Spanish Embassy or Consulate to inform them of your application and understand any specific requirements based on your nationality.
    • Prepare and submit your business plan for approval to the DGCOMINVER.
    • Choose between submitting your application in person or through an accredited representative.
    • Schedule an appointment and submit your visa application at the Spanish Consulate.
    • Obtain a receipt confirming your application submission for tracking purposes.
    • Monitor your email for any requests for additional documents or clarifications.
    • Attend an interview if required.
    • Track your application status; typically, processing takes about ten days from document submission.
    • Upon approval, collect your visa from the Consular Office within one month of issuance.

    Advantages of Spanish Entrepreneur VISA

    • Easy access to European markets: Once established in Spain, businesses can easily expand across Europe, unlike non-EU businesses.
    • Path to residency: The visa extends benefits to immediate family members, facilitating combined processing for spouses, parents, and children, and offers a pathway to permanent residency in Spain.
    • Simplified processing: The Spanish government has streamlined visa procedures, providing decisions within 10 working days and issuing residence permits within 30 working days.
    • No minimum investment requirement: The Spain entrepreneur VISA does not mandate a minimum investment amount for business ventures.
    • Flexibility in location: Entrepreneurs can reside and operate anywhere in Spain, from major cities like Madrid and Barcelona to tranquil Mediterranean coastal areas.

    Requirement for Spanish Entrepreneur VISA

    • Submit your professional background, training, and experience, as well as your role in the project.
    • Present a comprehensive business plan outlining your project, including details such as the anticipated start date, location, intended legal structure of your company, and the projected economic impact.
    • Provide a market analysis focusing on market dynamics, competition, target customers, and supply/demand trends.
    • Include information on financial investments secured, financial projections, and sources of funding.
    • Clearly articulate how your business will add value to the Spanish economy.
    • Detail your hiring projections, planned marketing activities, and sales strategy.
    • Emphasize the innovative aspects of your products or services and highlight how they differentiate from existing offerings in the market.

    Documents required for Spanish Entrepreneur VISA application

    • Complete application form.
    • Recent passport-sized color photograph meeting specified requirements.
    • Valid, unexpired passport.
    • Positive evaluation from DGCOMINVER.
    • Proof of financial resources equivalent to Spain’s Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator, adjusted for family members.
    • Certificate of no criminal record.
    • Proof of health insurance.
    • Proof of current residency.
    • Identification and authorization proof for representatives, if applicable.
    • Receipt confirming payment of visa fees.


    The Spanish Entrepreneur VISA presents a compelling gateway for innovators worldwide to establish and expand their businesses within Europe. With streamlined processes, no minimum investment requirement, and the flexibility to operate across Spain, this visa not only fosters economic growth but also promotes cultural exchange and global collaboration. By leveraging these advantages, entrepreneurs can navigate smoothly through the visa process, seize market opportunities, and contribute positively to Spain’s vibrant economy.