Business Expansion

Business expansion refers to the growth and development of a company beyond its current scope, typically with the goal of increasing revenue, market share, and profitability.

Expanding a business can take various forms and strategies, depending on the company's goals, resources, and the market it operates in.


Did You Know

If you expand or incorporate your business in any European Country, your business gets an opportunity to trade in 28 different countries across the continent.

Are you stuck in your local market?

When you are unable to go outside your geographical area and customers are from your neighborhood who keep on offering you a steeper price for your services, that is the time when you should initiate the plans for expansion.


Did you know ?

The European Union (EU) represents a massive consumer market with over 500 million people, making it an enticing prospect for businesses looking to reach a broad customer base.


Does your business require a makeover?

With stagnation comes rigidity and a reputation that portrays your business with mundane characteristics. Expanding into new geographies is like adding stars and giving your existing business a fresh look everytime you incorporate a new venture.

Did you know ?

An Irish business pays a corporate income tax of 12.5% whereas Poland functions on corporate income tax of 19%. And as an EU incorporated firm, a business saves VAT on inter country trade.

Issue collecting payments from International Clients?

Expanding and trading outside your geographical region comes with numerous financial benefits. One of these benefits is the facility of Merchant Banking and Trading which allows the business to develop a client base across the globe and collect payments from them in any denomination.


Did you know ?

A Dutch incorporated business can open its Merchant Trading Bank remotely which means that your physical presence is not compulsory.

Why Odint Consulting?


Being a multinational market entry consultant, the inhouse country specialists allows an entrepreneur to become theoretically sound about his international venture


Once the dynamics have been explored and a business is ready to enter the new area, the corporate lawyers from ODINT CONSULTING help you with due diligence, legal compliances and incorporation documents.


All the factors and points discussed above need to be taken care of and should be handled efficiently. ODINT CONSULTING is your ultimate one stop solution for all the business requirements.

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