How to obtain the NEQ Number in Quebec?

In this article, we will discuss about how to obtain the NEQ Number in Quebec. Read the complete article for more


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    NEQ number in Quebec

    Overview: How to obtain the NEQ number in Quebec?

    A NEQ, or “numéro d’entreprise du Québec,” is a number that every legal business in Quebec must have. Applying for one is a straightforward process and doesn’t need any more documentation beyond what’s needed to start a firm. In this article, we will discuss about how to obtain the NEQ Number in Canada. NEQ Number’s application process, benefits, Fee/Payment and more.

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    What is an NEQ number in Quebec?

    An NEQ number refers to a specific ten-digit numerical identity given to a firm upon registration with the Registraire des enterprises in Quebec. The NEQ number refers to a unique company identifier that is only assigned to firms operating inside the province of Quebec. The use of a business identifier facilitates the process of recognizing a business entity while engaging with the general public or public institutions inside a certain jurisdiction. Moreover, it serves as a primary means for conducting government interactions and transactions, as well as fulfilling the requirement of reporting business income taxes for the said organization.

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    Who required the NEQ number in Quebec?

    In Quebec, the majority of firms are required to file a statement of registration to the Registraire des enterprises, upon which they will be issued their NEQ number. The list of firms that require NEQ Number in Canada is as follows:

    • Partnership: A NEQ number is required for both general and limited partnerships.
    • Sole Proprietorship: If you are a solo proprietor in Quebec, you are required to obtain an NEQ number.
    • Corporations: If you intend to incorporate a Corporation business in Quebec, you will need an NEQ registration.
    • Non-Profit Organizations: Even non-profit organizations must obtain an NEQ number to conduct business in Quebec.

    How to obtain a NEQ Number in Quebec?

    Applying for an NEQ number is straightforward. It does not necessitate additional documentation beyond what is already required to register a business.

    In order for a partnership or single proprietorship to get an NEQ number, it is necessary to submit a declaration of registration to the Registraire des Entreprises. In doing so, a NEQ number will be promptly assigned to the business. If you don’t officially register a business name, the process will be nearly immediate, typically taking just one business day if there are no complications with securing the unique business name. However, the timeline for corporations varies depending on whether they are incorporated under the Quebec Business Corporations Act or are operating as extra-provincial entities. 

    As with a sole proprietorship, you must file a registration declaration with the Registraire des Entreprises if you have an extra-provincial corporation when you incorporate a Quebec corporation, you will be issued an NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number) automatically. However, do not neglect to file the initial declaration within sixty days of the company’s incorporation; otherwise, you may incur additional fees.

    Fee/Payment for Quebec Enterprise Number

    The following are the expenses for a declaration of registration:

    • $37 for sole proprietorships, cooperatives, associations, and other groups of individuals.
    • $56 for a business partnership
    • The incorporation requirements are: 
    • $356 for incorporation under the Quebec Business Corporations Act There are no additional fees if the initial declaration is lodged within the first 60 days of incorporation.

    The Application Process for an NEQ Number in Quebec

    Submit your declaration of registration online via the Démarrer une entreprise service to register for an NEQ number. It will consist of:

    • The name(s) of the business’s proprietor(s). 
    • The business name (must be in French) and any other names (such as a translation into another language) used in Quebec, if applicable.
    • The residential address of the business owner(s) and the business’s main office in Quebec
    • The enterprise’s primary operations (business sectors).
    • Contact information for the business owner(s).
    • If applicable, please provide the name, address, and signature of a duly authorized representative.

    Please note that this form is accessible only in French. It can also be submitted in person at the Quebec City or Montreal registry offices or by mail to the Registraire des Entreprises. 


    A Quebec Enterprise Number, or NEQ number, is an essential identifier for enterprises in Quebec, Canada. In conclusion, an NEQ number is required to undertake commerce within the province. This content simplifies administrative processes, eases tax reporting, and guarantees compliance with local regulations.

    Through the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec (REQ), businesses can register for and administer their NEQ numbers to expedite their operations and establish a legal presence in Quebec. Obtaining and maintaining an NEQ number is a fundamental requirement for any business that wishes to operate in Quebec’s dynamic business environment.

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    If a unique business name is not chosen, an NEQ will be given almost immediately after the statement of registration is sent. As long as there are no problems with the business name, processing usually takes about one working day. For companies, the NEQ number is given when they are set up (via email with the articles of formation).

    Most of the time, getting an NEQ Number does cost money. The fee you are charged might vary based on the nature of your business and the specific services you request during your application.

    No, a NEQ number and a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number are distinct and not identical. The CRA or, in Quebec, Revenu Quebec is in charge of giving out GST cards. Find out what you need to know about GST and HST for your business.

    No, the NEQ Number is only used in Quebec, not at the government level. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is where you need to go to get a GST/HST number for your business.