Quebec Experience Class (PEQ): Eligibility & Advantages

Designed to retain the best foreign talents, the Quebec Experience Class aims to make the immigration process seamless for those who have either studied or worked in Quebec and are


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    Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)

    In the tapestry of Canadian immigration pathways, the Quebec Experience Class (PEQ) stands out as a unique and attractive program tailored for those who have a tangible connection with Quebec.

    The Quebec Experience Class, commonly known as PEQ (Programme de l’expérience québécoise), is a popular immigration pathway for those who have studied or worked in Quebec and wish to make this vibrant Canadian province their permanent home.

    If you’re considering applying for permanent residency in Quebec through the PEQ, this guide will provide you with all the details you need to know.

    What is the Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)?

    The Quebec Experience Class, or PEQ, is a distinct immigration program under the Quebec immigration system. Designed to retain the best foreign talents, PEQ aims to make the immigration process seamless for those who have either studied or worked in Quebec and are familiar with its culture and community.

    The province of Quebec holds special immigration powers, and unlike other Canadian provinces, it has its own procedures to select immigrants who will adapt well to living there. PEQ is an exemplification of this. While other immigration programs focus on factors like age, work experience abroad, and financial status, PEQ emphasizes the applicant’s direct experience in Quebec.

    Who is Eligible for the PEQ?

    The Quebec Experience Class is segmented into two main categories, and the eligibility criteria differ for each:

    Foreign Students:

    • Must have obtained an eligible diploma (usually a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate) from a recognized Quebec educational institution in the last 36 months.
    • Should have stayed for a minimum of half of their study program time in Quebec.
    • Demonstrable advanced intermediate knowledge of spoken French is necessary. This can typically be proven by providing results from a standardized French test or by meeting specific study criteria.

    Temporary Foreign Workers:

    • Must have accumulated a minimum of 12 months of full-time work experience in a skilled occupation in Quebec. The work must be managerial, professional, or technical in nature.
    • The work experience needs to be completed within the 24 months prior to application submission.
    • Possession of advanced intermediate knowledge of spoken French is essential. Like students, this can be shown through standardized test results or other recognized means.

    Application Process for Quebec Experience Class

    Eligibility Assessment 

    Before diving into the application, it’s pivotal to ensure you meet the PEQ criteria. Review the eligibility for both the student and worker categories to see where you fit.

    Preparation of Documents 

    Begin by accumulating all required documents. These could range from educational transcripts, diplomas, certificates of work experience, proof of French proficiency, and more.

    Submission of Application 

    Once all documents are prepared, you can submit your application to the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI).

    Awaiting Review and Decision 

    Post submission, the ministry will carefully check your application to ensure accuracy and eligibility. If your application is endorsed, you’ll be granted a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

    Federal Application for Permanent Residency 

    With your CSQ, you’re now eligible to apply for permanent residency in the Canadian federal government. This is a separate process and involves health and criminality checks.

    Advantages of Quebec Experience Class

    • Prioritized Processing: PEQ applications often enjoy priority processing, making it faster for qualified applicants to achieve permanent residency compared to other immigration streams.
    • Less Documentation: Since PEQ relies on Quebec-based experience, applicants don’t need to submit extensive documentation about their history outside of Quebec.
    • Localized Focus: The PEQ recognizes and rewards applicants for their familiarity with Quebec’s culture, language, and job market. This ensures that newcomers are well-integrated into the Quebecois community from the start.
    • No Points Evaluation: Unlike many other immigration programs, PEQ doesn’t involve a points-based evaluation system. If you fit the criteria, you’re eligible.


    The Quebec Experience Class is a testament to Quebec’s commitment to nurturing and retaining international talents who have already contributed to the province’s socio-economic fabric. Whether you’re a student who has fallen in love with the Quebecois culture or a worker who has built professional roots in the province, the PEQ offers an expedited and straightforward avenue to permanent residency. 

    You can speak with experts from OnDemand International for any further queries regarding the Quebec Experience Class. Our experts will be glad to assist you with your queries.


    The PEQ is an immigration program specifically designed for foreign students and workers who have lived, studied, or worked in Quebec and wish to obtain permanent residency in the province.

    Unlike many other Canadian immigration programs that use a points-based system, the PEQ emphasizes the applicant's direct experience in Quebec. If you meet the criteria, you're eligible, without needing to accrue points.

    Yes, one of the critical criteria for PEQ eligibility is demonstrating an advanced intermediate knowledge of spoken French.

    Once you have a CSQ, it signifies Quebec's endorsement of your application. You can then proceed to apply for permanent residency through the Canadian federal government, which will conduct its health and security checks.