Register your Company in the Hague in 4 steps: Benefits, Requirements, Legal Structure & Procedure

If you register your company in the Hague you can benefit from the lower tax rates which are a result of having a place outside the EU and can easily manage your registrations effortlessly using WIPO.


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    Register your Company in the Hague

    Are you planning to establish your new firm or looking to open a new branch in EU territory, then, what’s better than Hague, the city of the Netherlands?

    register your company in the hague

    The Hague is the third-largest city in the Netherlands and entrepreneurs who choose to establish businesses inside the Netherlands frequently select this city as their base of operations. 

    In this article, we will be describing the entire process of Hague Company registration & various benefits of registering your company in the Hague territory. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

    Why should you register your company in the Hague?

    The Hague is one of the cities chosen by business owners who typically operate in the service sector. This is a key center for multinational corporations and recruiting businesses and could prove to be an ideal business location for businesses in The Hague. 

    In addition, it can also be considered the capital city of the province of South Holland province and a significant tourist city. The Hague is also the headquarters for the Hague government as well as the home of the International Court of Justice which is one of the largest justice institutions worldwide.

    With these statistics, there is no surprise the fact that the Hague is one of the most thriving cities in the world. From a business point of perspective,

    • They are the home of 21.3% of the populace of the Netherlands (according to figures from 2016);
    • The Gross Domestic Product of the Zuid-Holland region was 150,6 billion euros in the level of the year 2016;
    • The trading and business services sector are two of the most productive industries in the region. They account for 17.7%, and 16.4% of the population;
    • The Hague is also one of the largest cybersecurity centers in the nation;
    • As for the Netherlands currently, it is the 5thmost prosperous nation in the world.

    Requirements to register your company in the Hague

    Anyone who wants to start or register a company in the Hague needs to comply with the conditions set out by the Hague Company Law. 

    The requirements are based on the kind of structure that is chosen, like sole proprietor, Private corporation, Public Limited Company, or General Partnership.

    • In the case of a Sole Proprietor, it is not necessary to have Articles of Association. While in the case of a Private Limited Liability Company or B.V., Articles of Association are required.
    • However, there is no requirement to pay an already-established share capital, as when it comes to a public company, which needs an investment of 45,000 euros.
    • Local companies also need to be able to have access to Dutch banks, this is one of the most essential steps to consider while register your company in the Hague.
    • Other conditions that need to be adhered to at the time of the establishment of a Hague company registration is to acquire the necessary permits to run a business.
    • Other factors that must be considered while register your company in the Hague are related to fire and environmental safety rules. In this respect, municipal officials will inspect the location of the business.

    Documents required to Register Your Company in the Hague

    Documents that are required to be prepared before the establishment of an enterprise within the Hague are not comprehensive, considering that it does not include:

    • The personal identification documents of the owner.
    • The documents statutory mentioned, which comprise the company’s.
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • A bank statement that proves that the money was deposited in the capital share is required.

    The documents that need to be prepared before the opening of the doors of company registration within the Hague territory.

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    Steps to Form a Hague Company registration

    Once the form for business has been chosen, the preparations for filing the company’s details in the Hague Trade Register local office will begin. 

    These are the steps to follow when to register your company in the Hague:

    • Verifying the existence of the trade name, and selecting the one that is desired by the owner
    • Having the company’s statutory papers prepared by a notary public who is located in the Hague.
    • Making the necessary documents and other documents required to be filed & the other information with the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Registration with tax authorities for VAT and social security.

    These are the steps to register your company in the Hague and the process for Hague company registration is straightforward to complete. 

    Legal Structure of Hague Company Registration

    legal structure of hague company registration

    The first step while to register your company in the Hague is to choose a legal form such as sole proprietorship, general partnership, or a private limited business.

    The type of legal entity that is suitable for you will depend on the circumstances. It defines who is liable (responsible for the debts) and what fiscal benefits are offered. 

    Here is the list of all Legal entities, that can be registered while company registration in Hague.

    • sole proprietor
    • Private corporation
    • Public Limited Company
    • General Partnership
    • Limited Partnership
    • Foundation
    • Connection with notarial deed
    • Professional partnership
    • A mutual and cooperative insurance company.

    Businesses may also think about opening a branch company within the Hague. As these types of businesses are ideal for multinational companies who want to expand their business.

    Note:-  The terms zzp’er and freelancer are not legal entities. If you work as a freelancer within the Netherlands or work for yourself as a professional who does not have staff you can choose to be registered as a sole proprietorship or in a limited liability private corporation

    How much time does it take to register a company in the Hague?

    The Hague is an extremely attractive place to begin your business and when it comes to choosing one of the cities like The Hague, things can accelerate quite quickly with the required assistance. 

    Registering your company in the Hague doesn’t require more than 1 week after beginning your firm. In general, it shouldn’t require more than a couple of days to have your company established if you choose to utilize Odint Consultancy services.

    Benefits of Hague Company Registration

    Here are the few key benefits of Hague Company Registration are as follows:

    • One global application

    One application is all that you need to get your design registered in more than 90 countries.

    • Economical

    Benefit from significant savings in costs due to the single application framework. 

    • Corporate Advantages

    You can benefit from the lower tax rates which are a result of having a place outside the EU.

    • Centralized administration

    You can easily manage your registrations effortlessly using WIPO.

    • Employment Law Advantages   

    There are numerous advantages in employment law when you decide to establish a Hague firm.

    • World coverage

    You can protect your designs in more than 90 countries with more to join soon.


     With extensive knowledge of Hague business formation, our professional experts from Odint Consultancy can assist you with Hague company registration services.

    If you have any queries about our services for company registration Do not be afraid to contact us and inquire with us. 


    The Hague System at WIPO lets you secure protection for your designs simultaneously across multiple countries or regions with an international application in one language and with a single fee set.

    The primary benefit that comes from Hague System is to uniform the formal procedures and to centralize administrative requirements in international applications.

    Register a new business or organization with the Hague company registration. The registration fee is a one-time cost that is EURO 51.95.

    In contrast, the “law of Geneva and the ‘law of the Hague is a more common phrase that refers to the body of law that primarily deals with the conduct rules for conflict and establishing limits or restrictions on specific methods and techniques of warfare.