Company Formation in Dubai and Residency

Dubai, the international City of Dreams and Gold, attracts thousands of immigrants every year. Most of these immigrants apply for residency in Dubai to avail of the tax-free status and other benefits of living in this amazing city. There are many ways of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE like getting a job in the Emirate, university students sponsored by the UAE universities, buying a residential property, and establishing a business in Dubai. The business-friendly regulations and tax-free economy have made Dubai one of the most preferred cities in the world to start a business. In this article, we will look at how you can get residency by starting a company in Dubai.

You can register a company either:

  • In the Free Zone where you get complete ownership of the company; OR

  • Onshore in the Emirate itself where you need sponsorship from a local partner.

The validity of stay on a residence visa is three years and can be renewed.

Benefits of Dubai Company Formation

  • More than 20 free zones allowing foreigners to have complete ownership of their business

  • Tax-free

  • World-Class Infrastructure

  • A vibrant economy

  • The constant focus of the government to create a business-friendly environment

  • Perfectly located between the East and the West

  • With immigrants pouring in from all corners of the world, Dubai always has the best working professionals available to businesses

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