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    What Will You Learn In The Webinar?

    How To Setup A Company

    Discover the UAE’s company formation essentials, from legal frameworks to business structures like free zones, mainland, and offshore entities.

    Residence Visa

    Uncover key steps, requirements, and processes to ensure a smooth and successful residency acquisition in this dynamic region.

    Get Your Emirates ID

    In this session, we’ll guide you through the specific procedures, documentation, and timelines involved in obtaining your Emirates ID.

    Launch Your Company In Just 7 Days

    Our expert guidance ensures a swift and efficient incorporation, covering all essential aspects from documentation to legal requirements.

    Niches To Indulge In

    From sustainable technology to wellness solutions, this webinar will delve into diverse and promising industries.

    Taxes & Compliances

    UAE boasts low corporate tax (0% for most) but mandatory VAT registration above specific thresholds. Compliance includes annual audits and record keeping.


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    All Set to Take Over UAE? Join Us as We Venture Into the Land of Opportunity!

    Dream big, act fast! Turn your UAE business vision into reality in just 7 days. The UAE welcomes you with open arms and streamlined processes.

    Dive into a world of opportunity in logistics, shipping, and trading – UAE’s your hub for regional and global success. Daily flights bridge India and UAE, making collaboration seamless. So, pack your ambition, not your bags – your Emirati adventure awaits!

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    Know Your Mentor -
    Saif Nawaz

    Saif Shah Nawaz has been weaving entrepreneurial magic for 14+ years, birthing 12,000+ businesses into existence. He’s not just a suit, he’s a sultan of success, transforming dreams into thriving UAE realities.
    Your vision is a doorway to a rich future when Saif is leading the way, not just a wishful dream. So, why do you hesitate? Together, let’s work some entrepreneurial magic!

    Success Stories from Our Last Webinar

    Attending OnDemand International's webinar on Company Formation in the UAE was an enlightening experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking to establish a company in the region.

    Jignesh Patel

    The last webinar opened my eyes to the opportunities in Dubai. Launching my business here with moderate funding was a breeze. The result? A thriving enterprise. Thanks to the seminar, Dubai is the launchpad for my success.

    Henson Li

    The webinar insights guided my strategic move to launch a business in Dubai. The cost-effectiveness compared to European countries is evident. Dubai's vibrant ecosystem has turned my vision into a successful reality.


    The OnDemand International webinar was a valuable investment of my time. The presenters not only shared their expertise but also interacted with participants, addressing specific queries and concerns.

    Aarti Manchandana

    Odint's UAE Company Setup suceeded my expectations. The comprehensive coverage of legal aspects, market insights, and strategic considerations made it a well-rounded learning experience.


    I cannot speak highly enough of OnDemand International's webinar. The depth of information presented during the session was exceptional. From legal requirements to strategic considerations, the webinar covered it all.


    The OnDemand International webinar exceeded my expectations. The speakers demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal and logistical aspects of Company Formation in the UAE.


    As someone with limited knowledge of international business practices, OnDemand International's webinar on Company Formation in the UAE was a godsend. The speakers demystified the process, breaking down legalities and offering practical tips.

    Anand Kumar


    Global connectivity with over 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines.

    More than 45 Free Zones

    Global demand for imports and exports

    Allows 100% repatriation of capital and profits.