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In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 FAQs on Singapore Certificate of Incorporation (COI) procedure to help you start. Stay connected for further detailed articles on each stage of the procedure!


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    5 FAQs on Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

    5 FAQs on Singapore Certificate of Incorporation

    Certificate of Incorporation (COI) is an official statement that confirms your business and also confirms the firm’s conformity to Singapore’s laws.

    However, if you’re planning to begin an enterprise in any country you must look to see what regulations govern the formation of businesses. The certificate of incorporation could assist in the legitimacy of your business and make sure that conducting business within Singapore is adequate & straightforward.

    In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 FAQs on Singapore Certificate of Incorporation (COI) procedure to help you start. Stay connected for further detailed articles on each stage of the procedure!

    What is a Certificate of Incorporation in Singapore?

    The certificate of incorporation (COI) is an authorized statement that acknowledges the establishment of a business in Singapore. It also provides proof that your business has been legally registered with the authorities and therefore in compliance with the applicable laws and rules. 

    The Certificate of incorporation (COI) can only be taken in by the company’s designated filing agent and the holders of positions. In order to obtain the Certificate Of Incorporation an essential process to start an enterprise in Singapore.

    Eventually, when you start your business you will obtain an exempt copy of the COI. The associate or contact person who you provide to ACRA during the process of establishing the business will receive this COI in the mail.

    Who issues the COI in Singapore?

    It is granted by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). If your application is accepted and you have been issued a Singapore Certificate of Incorporation.

    When you’re incorporating a firm in Singapore, there are several aspects to consider like the type of company you wish to establish and the name you want to use for the company, as well as your shareholders’ number. Additionally, you must designate at minimum one director who is a citizen of Singapore

    Elements that should be part of COI?

    If you’ve figured out what an incorporation certificate is Let’s find out more about what it has to offer.

    • Firm name
    • Registration Number/Unique Entity Number (UEN)
    • Incorporation date
    • Names of firms that were previously used (if appropriate and up to five of the most recent names)
    • The company structure (LLC, PLC & so on.)

    Benefits of having Certificate of Incorporation in Singapore

    This Singapore certification of incorporation will be crucial since it will be needed for a variety of reasons.

    • Open corporate bank accounts

    If you’re looking to open a corporate bank account The COI is among the most essential documents you’ll require. It indicates that you’ve established your business properly and is a legal entity registered on the register of business owners.

    • Formal business contracts must be signed.

    A COI is required to sign formal agreements with other corporations or individuals. Without the Singapore Certificate of Incorporation, companies may not be permitted to engage in certain transactions or activities.

    • Define your company’s legal standing

    This document confirms that your company is legitimate and is registered in Singapore. The COI will aid in building trust among suppliers, customers, and other parties involved in your company. 

    The certificate can also serve as a valuable reference for important information regarding your business including its registered address shares capital, address, and directors.

    • Handle for banks loans as well as different financing alternatives

    The COI will provide banks with the confidence to loan you money. Without the Singapore COI certificate, it can be difficult to obtain money from banks.

    • Sell the company’s assets to the third party

    The COI could enhance your value as a business and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. If there are disputes or issues between the sale and the company, the Singapore Certificate of Incorporation may assist in resolving the issues faster and more effectively.

    How can you get a Certificate of Incorporation?

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    This is a step-by-step description of the purchasing procedure for certificates:

    Step 1. Go to the BizFile website (a website operated by ACRA)

    Step 2. Choose “Buy Information” on the dropdown menu.

    Step 3. In the menu, you’ll be presented with four choices (Buy Business Profile Purchase Other Information, Purchase Package Information, and IShop Membership).

    Step 4: Select the correct option, and follow the steps as instructed.

    ACRA issues an electronic message to its shareholders to confirm its creation. The company’s registration number is listed. The official certificate of incorporation issued in Singapore is considered to be a soft duplicate. ACRA charges S$50 per certification of incorporation.


    If you’re planning to set up your business in Singapore you must have a valid certificate of incorporation. This document confirms that your business is legal and registered in the eyes of the government. I hope that you understood the top 5 FAQs on Singapore certificate of incorporation.

    If you’re confused because you are unsure if the COI application process involves many steps, then you need to pick the appropriate company service supplier to aid you. At ODINT Consultancy, We take great pride in providing Singapore incorporation solutions & helping our clients throughout the procedure.


    An incorporation certificate is an authorized statement that affirms the existence of your business. Also known as the articles incorporation, or a corporate charter The certificate of incorporation is crucial for conducting business as a company. Anyone who is authorized by your business may sign the Articles of Incorporation.

    The Certificate of Incorporation legal documents are issued by the registered agent for companies (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore) after the registration of the company.

    It is absolute proof that the business is legal to conduct business. By granting this certificate, the establishment of a public corporation is completed and the business is legally able to begin business.

    Once you’ve registered your business at Companies House, you’ll be issued the certification of incorporation. This document includes important information about your company which includes:

    • the full name of the company.
    • the unique registration number of the company.
    • The date on which incorporation was made.
    • the seal of the Registrar.

    The Registrar of Companies plays a vital role in the development and encouragement of business culture. Every business in the country must be approved by the ROC for its establishment.