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Our Team Of Expert Consultants Is Located Across The Globe In All Major Countries. We Serve Our Clients Through Our Local Country Desks, Providing All Essential Corporate Services.



Poland boasts a corporate tax range of 9-19%, coupled with EU funding, robust infrastructure growth, and cost-effective manufacturing advantages.


This jurisdiction offers a business-friendly atmosphere with 100% foreign ownership, no foreign currency restrictions, and no mandatory share capital requirement.


Canada ranks ninth globally for its favorable tax system, ensuring a swift and straightforward company registration process. With over 14,000 tech companies, it serves as a vibrant tech hub.


This economy is the world's most open, featuring 128+ banks, 600+ capital services, and a reputation for minimal bureaucracy.

The Netherlands

As the fifth most innovative and competitive country, it provides an outstanding international business atmosphere with better growth opportunities


Australia stands out with a significantly lower GST rate, making it an appealing choice for businesses.

Looking to Register Your Business Abroad ?

According to a report by the World Bank, businesses that engage in international registration experience an average growth rate of 30% more than those confined solely to domestic markets.

Additionally, a study conducted by the International Chamber of Commerce revealed that businesses with an international presence are 50% more likely to attract foreign investment and secure funding from global financial institutions.

OnDemand International (ODINT) is a leading market entry consulting firm focused on assisting discerning entrepreneurs and driven companies to expand beyond borders. We have a local presence in all major geographies.

Our team of expert consultants is located across the globe in all major countries. We serve our clients through our local country desks, providing all essential corporate services.

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Odint's exceptional service made company formation in Singapore a breeze. They delivered on their promise time, exceeding expectations with a smooth and hassle-free process. Highly recommended.

Pearlpreet Kapur

The entire experience from the time I raised query until incorporation was professional, predictable and responsive from Odint. I'd choose them for any future endeavours of mine.

Gaurav Gupta

My experience with their services has been beneficial in every way. Any non-resident investor interested in establishing a company in Singapore should definitely consider hiring them, in my opinion.

Prashant Yadav

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