How to Start a Business in Alberta: Complete Guide for 2024

This guide will cover the step-by step process to start a business in Alberta. It will further cover the reasons and legal requirments for setting up a business in Alberta.


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    How to Start a company in Alberta?

    Starting a business in Alberta could be a thrilling and successful endeavor. Alberta is a well-liked option for entrepreneurs because of its strong economy, welcoming business atmosphere, and wide range of opportunities. However launching any trip requires careful planning, research, and execution. 

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    You must have a solid understanding of Alberta’s economic environment before you start your entrepreneurial adventure. In order to do this, one must assess the level of competition, any discrepancies, and market trends.

    We’ll walk you through a thorough overview of how to start a business in Alberta in this article, covering everything from the reasons to regulatory needs and expansion plans.

    Regulatory requirements for Setting up a business in Alberta

    Let’s go over some of the legal criteria you should be aware of before diving into our entrepreneurial checklist for launching your own company in Alberta.
    The necessity to register or incorporate your Alberta firm is determined by a number of variables, including its structure, location, and industry. We’ll go over the various company formats in more detail later, but in general, if you operate a sole proprietorship under your own name, you aren’t legally needed to register or incorporate. In all other cases, however, if you wish to start a company in Alberta, you must register or incorporate.
    If you want to incorporate, you will be required to complete more paperwork than if you operate as a sole proprietorship or partnership. Another issue that influences what paperwork your company needs is the location of its operations. If you wish to conduct business within the limits of certain provinces and territories, you must first file for extra-provincial incorporation.
    Depending on your sector, you may need to get extra licences or permissions before you begin operations. Checking BizPaL, the government’s free online business permit and licence service, is the easiest method to find out what you need. Simply enter your location and industry, and BizPaL will generate a list of the permissions and licences you may need, along with an explanation of when they are necessary.

    Why Start a Business in Alberta?

    reasons to start a business in alberta

    A company’s success can be significantly impacted by the decision made regarding its original location. Alberta draws businesspeople with its wealth of advantages.

    Here are a few reasons you might decide to start a company in Alberta:

    1. A robust economy: One of Canada’s richest provinces in terms of natural resources, including oil and gas, is Alberta. A variety of subsidies and incentives are offered by the Albertan government to promote business expansion and investment.
    2. Strategic Location: Due to its closeness to significant markets in the United States and Asia, Alberta offers strategic benefits for businesses that are export-focused. With a well-developed transportation infrastructure including major highways, rail networks, and international airports, goods and people can move efficiently.
    3. Innovation and Growth: With several universities and colleges specializing in research and development, innovation is part of the business culture in Alberta. The public and commercial sectors both actively engage in technology and innovation, assisting both emerging and well-established tech firms.
    4. Quality of Life: Alberta attracts potential employees with its high standard of life, first-rate healthcare and educational systems, and selection of recreational activities. Compared to other big Canadian cities, some areas of Alberta offer a lower cost of living.

    Procedure for Setting up a Business in Alberta

    Here are the steps for registering a company in Alberta:

    Business Idea

    A business idea is one of the most important elements in starting a business in Alberta. This essential step establishes the foundations for your business endeavor and determines its potential and direction. 

    Do Market Research

    Do thorough market research before making an investment to understand your target market, competitors, and market trends.

    Business Plan 

    Make a complete business strategy that includes your venture’s concept, target market, industry, level of competition, financial outlook, and operational strategies.

    Choose Business Structure

    Choose whether you wish to run your business as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Every structure has different legal and tax ramifications. If you intend to create a corporation, you must choose whether you would establish the corporation federally or provincially.

    Business Name and Approval

    Choose a suitable name for your business in Alberta. Conduct a name search through a NUANS (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) report to make sure your company name is distinctive and can be registered. Register the business name with the Alberta Corporate Registry.

    Create a website for Online Presence

    It is advisable to acquire your business domain name at this point to guarantee its availability. Developing custom websites can be costly, therefore, if hiring a professional web designer is not feasible within your budget, you may consider utilizing a website builder that allows you to bring your ideas to life without the need for coding. On the other hand, if you are not prepared to establish a website at the moment, you can begin by creating free accounts on the social media platforms where your target audience is predominantly active.

    Funding Your Venture

    A crucial stage in beginning a business is frequently securing money. Find out about several funding options, such as Federal Government Grants, Provisional Government Grants, Crowdsfunding and angel investors. Create a precise financial plan to aid in the expansion of your company.

    Licenses and Permits

    Acquire a business license from the municipal office in the city or town where you will operate your business. Obtain any other permits or licenses that could be needed, based on the form of company and jurisdiction.

    Register with the tax authorities

    Register for a Business Number with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Set up relevant tax accounts like GST/HST, Payroll, Corporate Income Tax, etc., depending on the needs of your business. Whenever necessary, register for Alberta-specific taxes.

    Open a Bank Account

    To manage the funds of your company, establish a separate bank account from your individual accounts.

    Hire a Workforce

    Even in the case of managing a business single-handedly, there may come a time when you require the assistance of employees or the outsourcing of certain tasks. While it is possible to save money by handling everything on your own, it may be more beneficial to allocate your time towards the aspects of your business in which you excel, and entrust someone else to handle the areas that are not your forte.

    Available business financing alternatives in Alberta

    business finance alternatives in alberta

    Here are a few methods for obtaining financing for your business in Alberta:

    Federal government funding

    To assist small business owners in funding their operations, the Canadian government offers a variety of grants, financing programs, tax credits, salary subsidies, and other incentives.

    Provincial government funding

    The Alberta government supports a variety of initiatives, such as support for Indigenous people, training for self-employment, and programs for service providers.

    Angel investors

    An angel investor lends funds to your firm, typically, in return for equity.


    Crowdfunding campaigns rely on many people to make financial donations to your company. Investors can opt to make a one-time donation to your campaign on a crowdfunding website, but they often do so in exchange for an item or service that they will get after your company is launched and operating.


    There are numerous opportunities for business expansion and success in Alberta. If you follow the instructions in this thorough article, you will be given the knowledge, abilities, and resources required to successfully traverse the entrepreneurial journey. Remember that beginning a business requires dedication, tenacity, and continuous learning. You will be on the right track to attaining your company’s goals if you keep an open mind as you set out on this exciting journey.

    The experts at OnDemand International can help you to start a business in Alberta. We’ll see to it that all prerequisites are met, enabling a seamless registration of your company in accordance with the pertinent legal framework. Rely on us to lead you through each stage as we establish the groundwork for your company’s success in Alberta.


    You normally need a business plan, business name registration, the required licenses and permits, and a tax identification number to launch a business in Alberta. In accordance with the kind of company you run, you might also require particular permits. For instance, a restaurant would require health licenses.

    Depending on your sort of business, your level of readiness, and the permissions you require, the time schedule can vary significantly. However, you can typically launch a firm in a few weeks if you have all your paperwork and preparation in order.

    Yes, Alberta provides a favorable climate for a variety of business types. The province offers numerous grant and funding possibilities, cheap corporation taxes, and a diverse economy to support your beginnings.

    Oil and gas still hold a prominent position even though the fields of technology, agriculture, and renewable energy are growing swiftly. The rising economy of Alberta has created opportunities in a range of industries.

    Yes, a business license is necessary for operating legally in Alberta. The specifications could change with respect to your business type and the municipality you are in.