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Why Register a Company in Germany?

With a population of over 83 million with a per capita GDP of nearly USD 52,000. It is a global leader in industrial, scientific and technological sectors and the third-largest importer and exporter of goods. It is a member of the United Nations, NATO, the G7, the G20, and the OECD.

Germany has a social market economy known for higher levels of innovation. Add to it a highly skilled labor force, a low level of corruption, and a high level of innovation. It is part of the single European market with more than 450 million consumers.

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Germany- Land of Innovation

Here are some factors that make company registration in Germany an ideal destination

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Types of Companies you can form in Germany

In Germany, you can register different types of business entities with ease. company registration in Germany is hassle-free too. Here are the different types of companies you can form in the Germany.

German GMBH

AG-German Joint Stock Company

German Limited Partnership

Sole Trader


Introducing a GmbH and Mini-GmbH

  • A GmbH [GESELLSCHAFT MIT BESCHRÄNKTER HAFTUNG] is the most common form of company formation in Germany. It is a limited liability private company that can be started with even one person. A GmbH company allows 100% foreign ownership and has a share capital requirement of 25,000 Euros.

  • If you are just starting your business in Germany, then you can opt for a Mini-GmbH. There is no minimum share capital requirement to register a mini-GmbH company and it offers 100% foreign ownership too.

Company Formation in Germany Process

germany company formation

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Top Sectors in Germany

Here are some German market insights. Take a look at the top sectors in Germany.

Machinery, Automotive, And Aviation

Germany has a long and established culture of engineering and innovation. It is the leader in the manufacture and sales of automobiles in Europe. ODINT can help you establish and develop a business in this ever-green sector in Germany.

Chemical And Medical

Germany has one of the best research and development infrastructure in the Chemical and Medical sectors. It is the leading country in Europe with respect to sales in Europe and exports to other countries in these sectors. Partnering with ODINT can help you position your business optimally in this competitive landscape.

Electronics And ICT

Germany has the fifth-largest electronic and electrical industries in the world. The Electronics industry files over 12,000 patents every year. It is also the largest ICT market in Europe.

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