Company Registration in Gdansk, Poland: Eligibility & Benefits

If you're considering company registration in Gdansk, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the crucial information to navigate the process smoothly. Contact us today to register your business in Poland.


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    company registration in gdansk, poland


    Gdansk, a bustling port city on the Baltic coast, is a great place for company owners looking to set up shop in Poland. Gdansk presents a strong option for businesses looking to enter the European market because of its thriving economy, advantageous location, and encouraging business climate. If you’re considering company registration in Gdansk, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the crucial information to navigate the process smoothly.

    Procedure for Company Registration in Gdansk

    Registering a company in Gdansk is a straightforward process, designed to facilitate entrepreneurs in realizing their business aspirations. 

    The procedure typically involves the following steps:

    Choose Your Business Structure: 

    Determine the most suitable business form for your firm, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.), or joint-stock company (S.A.).

    Select the Name for your Company: 

    Choose a distinctive name for your firm that satisfies Polish naming requirements and isn’t being used by another organization.

    Assemble the Required Records: 

    Gather the necessary paperwork, such as the articles of organization, the lease for the registered office, identification documentation, and any other documents related to your business structure.

    Submit Application: 

    Submit the application for company registration to the relevant authorities, such as the National Court Register (KRS) or the Gdansk City Hall, depending on the type of business.

    Obtain Tax Identification Number (NIP) and Statistical Number (REGON): 

    After successful registration, acquire the tax identification number (NIP) and statistical number (REGON) for your firm from the appropriate tax office.

    Enroll for VAT: 

    If your firm’s turnover surpasses the VAT registration threshold, enroll for Value Added Tax (VAT) with the tax authorities.

    Establish a Bank Account: 

    Establish a corporate bank account in Gdansk to properly handle the financial aspects of your firm.

    Documents Required for Company Registration in Gdansk, Poland

    The documents required for company registration in Gdansk may differ depending on the business form selected.

    However, the typical documentation includes:

    • Articles of Association: The objective, shared capital, management structure, and other pertinent information of the corporation are outlined in the Articles of Association.
    • Identification Proof: Passport or national ID of the company’s shareholders, directors, and authorized representatives.
    • Rent Agreement: A copy of the rent agreement for the registered office address in Gdansk.
    • Bank Reference Letter: A bank reference letter confirming the deposit of share capital in a Polish bank account.
    • Power of Attorney: Power of attorney paperwork can be needed if the corporation is applying through an authorized agent.
    • Other Specific Documents: Additional documents may be necessary depending on the business activities or legal requirements.

    Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Gdansk, Poland

    The eligibility criteria for company registration in Gdansk are relatively flexible, allowing both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to establish their businesses.

    Key eligibility requirements include:

    • Legal Capacity: The founders must have legal capacity, which means that they are of legal age and mentally competent to enter into contracts.
    • Share Capital: For limited liability companies (Sp. z o.o.), a minimum share capital contribution is required, typically 5,000 PLN, deposited in a Polish bank account.
    • Registered Office Address: Possessing a registered office address in Poland is necessary for company registration in Gdansk, Poland.
    • Good Standing: The founders cannot have a past of insolvency or illicit commercial dealings.

    Expected Costs of Gdansk Company Registration 

    The expected costs to register a company in Gdansk may vary depending on several factors, including the chosen business structure, legal fees, and any additional services required.

    However, a rough estimate of the costs involved is as follows:

    • Legal Fees: Legal fees for drafting and filing the necessary documents with the relevant authorities typically range from 1,500 to 5,000 PLN.
    • Notary Fees: Notary fees for certifying certain documents may amount to approximately 100 to 500 PLN.
    • Registration Fees: Registration fees payable to the National Court Register (KRS) or other relevant authorities range from 250 to 1,000 PLN.
    • Share Capital: For limited liability companies (Sp. z o.o.), the minimum share capital requirement of 5,000 PLN must be deposited in a bank account.
    • Additional Costs: Additional costs may include translation fees, VAT registration fees, and any other specific requirements based on the nature of the business.

    Benefits of Company Registration in Gdansk

    Registering a company in Gdansk offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs, including:

    Strategic Location: 

    Gdansk’s advantageous position makes it simple to reach important European markets, which promotes commerce and corporate growth.

    Business-Friendly Environment: 

    Poland offers a business-friendly environment with supportive government policies, simplified procedures, and incentives for foreign investors.

    Skilled Workforce: 

    Gdansk provides enterprises in a variety of areas with a competitive advantage due to its highly competent and educated workforce.

    Access to EU Markets:

    Poland’s membership in the European Union (EU) grants its businesses access to the EU single market, which expands their prospects for development and cooperation.


    Gdansk provides up-to-date infrastructure that is favourable to corporate activities, such as communication networks, transportation networks, and technical facilities.

    Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits: 

    Gdansk’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and scenic surroundings make it a desirable location for both foreigners and business owners.


    Company registration in Gdansk, Poland, presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their presence in Europe. Gdansk is a great place for business growth and expansion because of its many advantages, easy registration procedures, and friendly business climate. Gdansk provides the tools and assistance required to make your company goals a reality, regardless of whether you’re a local business owner or an international investor.

    OnDemand International specializes in providing comprehensive support and guidance to businesses seeking to establish their presence in Poland. From company registration and legal compliance to tax advisory and market entry strategies, our experienced team ensures a seamless transition into the Polish market. Reach out to us right now to see how your company may thrive in Gdansk and beyond.


    Yes, following the same guidelines as Polish nationals, foreigners may form a corporation in Gdansk.

    Companies registered in Poland are subject to corporate income tax, VAT, and other applicable taxes based on their business activities and revenue.

    Yes, you can change your company’s registered office address after registration by following the necessary procedures and updating the relevant authorities.