Best Payroll Software In India 2022: Features, Advantages & Implementation Timeframe

It is important to understand the variety of the best payroll software in India. However several companies and organizations are facing a huge loss due to manual attendance and the calculation of salary.


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    best payroll software in india

    Best Payroll Software In India

    It is important to understand the variety of the best payroll software in India. However several companies and organizations are facing a huge loss due to manual attendance and the calculation of salary. 

    This is why the need for cloud-based pay software was born. Not only jobs but also the business model and system are continuously going through upgrades. It’s a huge help to HR systems as well as the policies of any company or office. 

    A well-integrated and active payroll program will ensure to ensure the prompt and accurate creation of salaries for employees each month. 

    It will also assist companies to comply with the tax laws and other accounting regulations & to avoid any additional tax or financial cost to the business. In this article we will be discussing the very few best payroll software in India, so without any further ado, let’s jump onto it.

    What is Payroll Software?

    It is a cloud-based service that assists in automating, maintaining and controlling payments and salaries for employees. It’s got the perfect database, upon which all payroll management for employees rests. 

    Because it’s all about technical precision it has virtually no chance of mistakes made manually. Payroll software is accessible via a computer, a laptop, and in some cases even from a mobile. 

    The software does not have any deterrents employed to stop the work and employees receive their wages on time, and the company’s management has no issue or conflict in managing the daily operations of the company.

    Features to Consider for to opt between Best Payroll Software In India

    There should be a logical method for depositing the funds into the employee’s account, and also an effective method of managing all payroll for the company. 

    Direct deposits save significant time and money, and you could make use of the most efficient system available currently. In addition, if you choose a business payroll software, verify if it comes with tax-filing features. 

    In contrast to the traditional manual method using paper forms, payroll software can be more efficient in streamlining the whole process of managing payroll. With the proper software, there’s significantly less chance of making mistakes.

    Self-service for employees, reporting as well as compliance management are provided by the appropriate payroll software. When all compliance requirements are properly adhered to, the business can run smoothly and there are no conflicts within the company that could affect the management-employee relationship.

    What is the Best Payroll Software in India

    There are few best payroll software in India available and the timeframe estimated for the introduction of the software in any office differs depending on your discretion as an office’s authority. 

    • Razorpay is currently among India’s most well-known payroll management software that is used by around 350,000 companies. Other software for managing payroll has been gaining popularity among a wide range of companies.
    • HRXpert by Marg (especially suitable for small – and medium-sized companies) for payroll and attendance solutions).
    • Keka is an easy-to-use platform for employees and can simplify the processes of any business quickly.
    • HRMTREAD is another well-known software system used in India that Sensys Technologies promote.
    • Beehive is another choice should you decide to use one of the more effective payroll software solutions for employees of the company. 
    • ADP Vista is an ideal payroll management system for all kinds of companies. Automatic Data Processing develops the system.
    • GreytHR has been around for nearly twenty years in handling employee administration, pay and benefits, etc. 

    What are the benefits of Software for Payroll?

    As there is very few best payroll software available in India & they have significant advantages. These are;

    • It helps save time and also provides more accurate information when there is a merger or expansion of the company. If there’s a dispute about employee time and the generation of salary, the correct payroll software will aid tremendously.
    • Employees are paid the right amount, and this also improves the trustworthiness of the company and its reputation.
    • Because payroll management software offers the necessary transparency, the expenses of running a business can be decreased. 
    • The software is more compatible with other businesses and also the business can create reports in the exact time needed.
    • Every day, adjustments are introduced within the government and corporate offices. Imagine a new department of the office scheduled to open in another location. 
    • Payroll software helps keep all employee information in a single record simpler, and any new rules and data are transferable from one location to the next in a short time. There isn’t a new manually entered data of employees.
    • By using the payroll program that is in place, the top employees of the company will be able to make time for various business ventures’ growth, expansions, as well as motivations for the company.

    Estimated Timeframe for Implementation of Software for Payroll in India

    In India, Payroll management is beginning to gain more ground compared to the way it was before. The timeframe for payroll management can range between three and five days and increase to about three weeks for the system to get the correct integration. 

    The HR department or office manager must have access to the correct information and details of the company that will be included in the Payroll software.



    With the development of the employment sector and expanding business industries, it is always a requirement to update payroll software. 

    Every day, institutions and companies and small and large-cap companies are developing new and innovative features for working. There is always the need for the correct payroll management software to allow seamless integration.

    If you’re still having questions regarding the best payroll software in India or any other questions, we are ODINT Consultancy. We are here to help you in every way.


    The best payroll software in India 2022

    • Gusto
    • OnPay
    • Patriot
    • Block (formerly Square)
    • ADP
    • Patriot Payroll is the most cost-effective payroll software designed for small companies. 
    • Payroll4Free is the top Free payroll program. 
    • ADP Payroll is ideal for any business that requires a custom price and other options. 
    • OnPay Payroll offers the most suitable choice for businesses that have contractors and hourly workers.

    ADP is the biggest and most well-known payroll processing firm across the United States. ADP offers services to businesses which range from small-sized businesses with only one or two employees to multinational companies with 1,000 employees and beyond.

    Four Types of Payroll Systems

    1. Internally managed Payroll Systems.
    2. Professionally managed payroll systems.
    3. Payroll Services are managed through Payroll System Agencies.
    4. Software Payroll Management Systems.

    After the legal entity is created for processing pay in India the business needs to be able to:

    • It is TAN (Tax Account Number) for Tax,
    • PAN (Permanent Account Number) to submit tax returns and filing of TDS returns.
    • GST (Goods & Services Tax)
    • The PF number is for Social Security Numbers. Social Security Scheme, and.
    • The ESI number for employee insurance