6 Best Places to Start a Business in Australia

Looking for the best places to start a business in Australia? In this article, we have listed the 6 best places that will help you in deciding the best location for the success of your business.


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    best places to start a business in australia

    Australia’s broad and vibrant landscape is not only home to a wealth of natural treasures, but it is also a hive of business prospects. Each region offers a special combination of market potential, infrastructure support, and lifestyle benefits, from its bustling metropolitan hubs to calm coastline communities. 

    Whether you’re a local or an international investor looking to establish a business in Australia, choosing the best location for your business might mean the difference between success and failure. Dive in as we list the best places to start a business in Australia that not only promises business success but also a plethora of unique experiences.

    What are the best places to start a business in Australia?

    Here are some of the best places to start a business in Australia:

    1. Sydney

    Sydney isn’t just a postcard destination with its mesmerizing Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House; it’s also the economic powerhouse of Australia. Located in the heart of New South Wales, this city boasts a strong economy driven by sectors such as finance, tourism, and technology. As Australia’s financial capital, it offers unparalleled networking opportunities, with numerous major corporations headquartered here. Additionally, its strategic location as a gateway to Asia, and the presence of several top-tier universities, make it a magnet for international talent and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for a buzzing environment, rich with potential partnerships and world-class infrastructure, Sydney is one of the best places to start a business in Australia.

    2. Melbourne

    Melbourne is more than just trams and laneways. It’s the epicenter of culture, arts, and – increasingly – startups. Frequently topping lists as one of the world’s most livable cities, Melbourne’s unique blend of European charm and modern Australian life creates an environment where creativity thrives. As the home to several globally recognized universities, it boasts a young, educated population eager to innovate. 

    3. Brisbane

    Brisbane is gradually turning into an entrepreneur’s paradise because of its pleasant temperature and relaxed way of life. Not alone is it growing meteorically; a thriving tech scene is being encouraged by occasions like the yearly Myriad Festival. The cost of doing business here is lower compared to Sydney and Melbourne, yet it provides access to major markets across Asia-Pacific. The Queensland government also actively supports startups with grants, making Brisbane a city to watch in the entrepreneurial space.

    4. Perth

    Perth, situated along the western coastline, is traditionally recognized for its strong ties to the mining industry. However, its economic landscape is diversifying. Today, Perth encourages tech-driven innovations, and the growth of hubs like Spacecubed attests to its vibrant startup ecosystem. With unique access to markets in Asia and Africa, Perth offers businesses a strategic advantage and is ripe for ventures looking for a blend of opportunity and quality of life.

    5. Adelaide

    Adelaide is one of Australia’s fastest-growing towns for start-ups with many chances and accessible local tech resources. 

    While many associate Adelaide with its world-class vineyards, this city is steadily making its mark as a business hub. Its strategic initiatives to become a global “smart city” are creating countless opportunities for tech-driven ventures. Affordable living, supportive government policies, and institutions like the SouthStart Accelerator make it a top pick for startups focusing on innovation and sustainability.

    6. Canberra

    Canberra might be known for its governmental affairs, but its business pulse is strong. With world-class universities like the Australian National University (ANU), the city enjoys a steady influx of young talent. Startups, particularly in the cybersecurity, defense, and space sectors, are finding Canberra to be a gold mine of opportunities. The presence of international embassies also offers unparalleled networking possibilities, making it a strategic choice for global-minded entrepreneurs.

    Top Tips for Starting a Business in Australia:

    Exploring Local Culture

    It’s possible that Australia’s company culture will be different from yours. Understanding these subtleties, from communication style to corporate decorum, is essential.

    Seek Local Mentorship

    Make connections with other business owners or enroll in business incubators to learn more about the market and issues unique to your sector.

    Scout Location Wisely 

    Your business type should be compatible with the city you select. For instance, tech startups might find more synergy in Melbourne, while mining-related businesses might lean towards Perth. 

    Keep Abreast of Regulations 

    Australian corporate laws can be intricate. Being knowledgeable is essential, whether the topic is employee rights, import-export regulations, or tax ramifications.

    Leverage Government Support 

    Various Australian states offer grants, mentorship schemes, as well as other resources for startups. Take advantage of these grants and schemes provided by the government.


    Australia, with its vast geographical diversity and dynamic economic landscape, offers a plethora of opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Each city and region brings its own set of advantages, challenges, and unique selling points. From the tech-driven alleyways of Melbourne to the resource-rich expanses of Perth, choosing the right location can significantly influence the trajectory of your business journey.

    But regardless of where you plant your business seed, Australia’s commitment to innovation, its global connectivity, and its rich cultural tapestry ensures that your venture will be in a land of abundant potential. As you embark on this exciting business adventure, remember to stay adaptable, keep an open mind, and leverage the distinct strengths of your chosen locale.


    English is the primary business language in Australia.

    Yes, Australia has several strong sectors including mining, agriculture, tourism, education, and a growing tech and startup scene.

    Australia is generally welcoming to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. However, certain industries might have restrictions or additional requirements for foreign ownership. 

    Yes, both federal and state governments in Australia offer various incentives, grants, and support programs for startups, especially in sectors like technology, innovation, and research.

    Sydney and Melbourne are typically the most expensive in terms of living costs, followed by cities like Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. However, each city offers different lifestyle benefits and business opportunities, making it crucial to weigh costs against potential advantages.