8 Best Business Investment Opportunities In Estonia in 2023

This article discusses several profitable business investment opportunities in Estonia that can provide investors with significant returns in the long-run.

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Would you like to explore the many business investment opportunities in Estonia? Located in the country of Europe, Estonia is one of the most popular destinations due to the substantial business investment prospects available in the nation for local as well as overseas investors. This can be demonstrated by the fact that recent figures show that 42,022 people moved to Estonia.

business investment opportunities in estonia

Starting a business in Estonia can be a lucrative choice for investors making investments in the nation’s growing e-commerce sector, fintech businesses, Software-as-a-Service corporations, telecommunication sectors, and so on. 

This article discusses several profitable business investment opportunities in Estonia that can provide investors with significant returns.

Business Investment Opportunities In Estonia

8 most profitable business investment opportunities in estonia

The following are a few of the most profitable business investment opportunities in Estonia:

1. Start a cryptocurrency business

The cryptocurrency market in Estonia has rapidly expanded over the last several years. Estonia is among the first countries in the European Union where cryptocurrency permits have grown widely and as such the use of cryptocurrencies in the nation is permitted, protected, and subject to regulation. Potential business owners must first familiarise themselves with blockchain technology and the numerous cryptocurrencies that are now available in order to begin a cryptocurrency company. Additionally, you must obtain a cryptocurrency license in Estonia in order to properly run a cryptocurrency business there.

2. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company

One of the most profitable business investment opportunities in Estonia is investing in a Saas company. SaaS is a strategy that entails developing and managing software to assist users in resolving specific issues or adding value to a product that already exists. The objective is to persuade users to appreciate the software sufficiently in order for them to pay a subscription cost and a monthly access charge in order to access it. Investing in SaaS can be beneficial as it typically has better profit margins and steady income and can be operated with a small, remote workforce.


  • Saas provides many opportunities due to their inexpensive operating charges, recurring revenue, and possibilities for remote administration.
  • A micro-Saas may be operated with a minimum of 1 individual or an extremely small group of individuals, and as such salaries and other expenses, are reduced. 
  • SaaS is a flexible business for individuals working remotely because it is a digital goods and service that can be generated and offered entirely electronically. 

3. Logistics business

Due to the expansion of international trade, the logistics sector is another one of the profitable business investment opportunities in Estonia as it assists in maintaining the efficient flow of commodities. The supply chain’s essential storage and warehousing elements are the logistics organizations’ primary concern. A logistics firm uses means of transport and safe storage for goods to link producers and customers.

4. Start a technology consulting business

Technology consulting is a quickly expanding industry that offers firms knowledgeable advice and assistance in using technology to accomplish their objectives.

Technology consulting corporations offer a variety of services such as:

  • Evaluating the organization’s existing technical infrastructure
  • Understanding issues that need modifications
  • Formulating plans for putting new technological solutions into action
  • Offering constant assistance

Technology consulting organizations are another crucial business investment opportunity in Estonia as such organizations could help in boosting growth, save time and money, evaluate the dangers associated with existing infrastructure, and maximize the application of technology potential for companies to become more creative, more successful, and more effective.

5. Information Technology Company

Estonia’s quickly expanding information technology sector presents some of the most lucrative commercial investment prospects. The information technology corporation offers people and other businesses a wide range of technology-related products and solutions. The majority of rural communities on the continent have Internet connectivity, and the nation aggressively promotes the use of IT services.

Businesses frequently depend on IT companies to offer knowledge, assistance, and customized solutions that are suited to their particular requirements and objectives. Applications for a wide range of industries, including corporate management and mobile payment systems, are created by companies that specialize in software development.

6. Start a telecommunications business

In the growing economy, the telecommunication industry has gained significant popularity and has turned into one of the most lucrative business investment opportunities in Estonia. For an entrepreneur, investing in the telecommunication industry provides a significant amount of business possibilities. When a signal is transmitted across an extensive distance for communication, it is referred to as telecommunication. Starting a telecommunication business in the flourishing and growing marketplace of Estonia can be beneficial for investors who are looking to yield higher returns on their investments.

7. Start a supply chain management business

The movement of commodities and services from production to consumption can be significantly improved with the help of supply chain management. The strategy and implementation of every procedure that moves a commodity from the manufacturer to the customer are included in this sort of company. The entrepreneur is responsible for acquiring raw materials, supervising manufacturing, keeping inventory tracking, and overseeing timely delivery logistics. Operating in this crucial yet complex area demands analytical thought, strong organizational abilities, and strategic planning.

8. Start a real estate investment club

Starting a real investment club in Estonia is an excellent method for inventors to discover profitable investment opportunities. Real estate investment clubs are groups that unite people with a common interest in making investments in real estate. These organizations present individuals with a platform that assists them in exchanging information, materials, and investment opportunities. Starting a real estate investment club can offer an excellent chance to network with potential investors, real estate brokers, and other entrepreneurs. It can turn out to be profitable as it presents a range of profitable collaborations and investment opportunities.


There are numerous business investment opportunities in Estonia such as the nation’s e-commerce platform, logistics sector, Information technology, financial technology, Saas, cryptocurrency, and so on. Making investments in any of these lucrative business investment opportunities will assist the entrepreneur in generating a significant amount of investments in the future.

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Estonian tech consulting firms provide a variety of services, including:

  • Evaluating the existing technological structures of the organization 
  • Locating problems that must be rectified
  • Making plans to put new technology innovations into practice 
  • Giving constant assistance

Starting a telecoms firm in Estonia’s successful and rising economy can be advantageous for investors looking for higher returns on their investments. The country offers a highly developed e-infrastructure, making it simpler to launch and manage telecommunication firms.

  • Saas has a wide range of opportunities due to their minimal operating expenses, recurring revenue, and the ability for remote administration.
  • Because micro-Saas can be managed by one person or a very small team, salaries and other costs are reduced. 
  • SaaS is a flexible industry that allows for remote employment.
  • E-commerce companies are easily founded and operated from a distance.
  • If your e-commerce business has a presence in Estonia, it can take advantage of the trade agreements and rules of the EU.
  • Online shops may simply offer customers a wide variety of secure payment options due to Estonia’s cutting-edge digital payment infrastructure.