Delaware Certificate of Incorporation: Requirements, Certified Copies & Cost

The Delaware Certificate of Incorporation gives legal status to your corporation upon its issuance by the Delaware Division of Corporations. It is sufficient to legalize your business.

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delaware certificate of incorporation

Delaware Certificate of Incorporation

The Delaware Certificate of Incorporation gives legal status to your corporation upon its issuance by the Delaware Division of Corporations. 

The certificate is sufficient to legalize your business. However, any subsequent actions such as opening a bank account and seeking financing options will require a Certified Copy.

This is a legal reproduction or copy of the documents you filed in the initial filing phase. You will enjoy enhanced privacy as a Delaware corporation director. Everything from your name and registered address is at your disposal.

What's a Delaware Certificate of Incorporation?

A Delaware Certificate of Incorporation is a document filed with the Delaware Corporate Division to create a Delaware corporation. When forming Delaware entities, the organizational document that is categorized with the Delaware Secretary of State is called a Certificate of Formation (LLC), Partnerships.

Each paragraph in the text contains information that is necessary for creating a Delaware business charter. Each paragraph of the document is referred to as an Article, thus the phrase “Articles of Incorporation/Formation.”

Companies use Articles of Incorporation to verify the legitimacy of paperwork documented with the Delaware Division of Corporations. The Delaware Secretary of State releases the official document. The Certificate also lists the same document that is being certified, as well as the date it was filed.

Key Delaware Certificate of Incorporation requirements

Let’s now look at the Articles of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Company name
  • Type of entity
  • Name of the Registered Agent
  • Address of the registered agent
  • Stock authorized

The Certificate of Incorporation does not only list the names of directors, but also illustrates a corporation’s membership. Issuing stock shares creates ownership in Delaware corporations. 

To document the issuing of shares, the company’s bylaws and the stock transfer ledger are usually used. These documents are not expected to be documented with Harvard Business Services, Inc. or the state of Delaware, name of incorporator.

One of the numerous advantages of establishing a Delaware corporation is the fact that the names of directors do not have to be documented on the Certificate of Incorporation. This contributes an additional coating of security for individuals who value their privacy. 

This is a great feature because the corporation does not have to submit any revisions to the Corporate Division to keep the information current should an officer or director become unavailable.

Certified Copy of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation

Delaware requires you to file Articles of Incorporation at the Corporate Division when you create a corporation. You should furthermore possess a Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation at your registered office.

  • What’s a Certified Copy of Delaware Certificate of Incorporation Certificate?

A certified copy is an original of an official document submitted to the Secretary of State of the concerned entity. It will be certified in Delaware by the Secretary’s stamp and seal as valid documents.

  • What is the objective of Certified Copy?

You might need a copy of the Certificate Of Incorporation in Delaware for one of these reasons.

  • Display the legal status of your company

If you intend to do business in another state, it is important to have this document. Each state maintains its principles and laws for businesses.

You must comply with them all. You can get a copy of the Delaware Certificate of Incorporation to ensure that your business complies.

  • Create a business account

You will need a Copy of the Delaware Articles of Incorporation and the LLC Operating agreement to open a bank account. This document proves that your company was legally established and is listed on the public register.

  • Apply for bank loans and other financings

If you have this documentation, banks will be more comfortable lending money to you. Without a copy of the Delaware Articles of Incorporation, it could be difficult to get finance from banks.

  • Sell your business

This document will prove to potential buyers and investors that your business is legal and properly established.

  • You could utilize it as a backup to the original

Certified Copy serves to protect the original copy if it is lost or damaged. You will always have a copy.

How do you get it?

how do you get it

Here’s how to get the copy Articles for the Delaware Certificate of Incorporation

  • Via Email

Fill out the Order Form. Your request will be processed. A certified copy of your order will be mailed.

  • By fax

Completely round out the Order Form, & fax it back to Delaware Corporate Division.

  • In-person

Send a completed order form. If you pay priority fees, your order will be processed quickly.

What does it cost?

To obtain a certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation, you have four payment options

  • Priority Package 1

One-hour service costs $1,000.00 Completion within one hour of receipt, You must file the form by 9:00 PM EST or EDT.

  • Priority Package 2

For a 2-hour service, it costs $500.00 Completion within 2 hours of receipt You must file the form by 7:00 PM EST or EDT.

  • Priority Package 3

Prices range from $100.00 to $200 for same-day service. All packages should be collected by 2:00 p.m. EST or EDT. Remarks on the plan of payments for more information on specific fees.

  • Priority Package 4

For next-day delivery, the price ranges between $50 and $100. The petition will be filtered within one working day after receipt. Weekends and holidays are not considered. You must file the request by 7:00 PM EST or EDT.


If you plan to open a Delaware business, a certificate of incorporation will be required. This document is proof that your business has been officially registered and authentic.

If you’re still having questions regarding the Delaware Certificate of Incorporation or any other legal advice, we are ODINT Consultancy. We are here to help you in every way.


An incorporator can be a self who creates a firm for the administrators by documenting the Certificate of Incorporation at the Delaware Secretary of State.

Send the filing memo to the Delaware Department of State. Fax or mail the filing memo to the Delaware Department of State

There is an $89 minimum fee to file (1) up to 1,500 shares in no par value stock or (2) up to $75,000 in par value stock.

Delaware processing times take 3 weeks. Next day expedited processing costs $50-$100

To create a corporation, you must file Delaware articles. The initial phase of beginning a firm is filing and preparing your articles of incorporation. This document creates the legal entity for the corporation and secures your corporate name.