How To Track UTR Number? – Complete Guide

The article below answers all the questions which you are having on your mind relating how to track UTR Number but first let us have a brief understanding of what is UTR number.


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    how to track utr number

    Overview: How To Track UTR Number?

    Since your United Kingdom’s UTR number is like your Social Security card. It is exclusive to you and extremely sensitive, recovering it would be much more difficult than you expect. The article below answers all the questions which you are having on your mind relating how to track UTR Number, but first let us have a brief understanding of what is UTR number.

    What Is UTR Number?

    Businesses and consumers are identified by ten-digit identification known as Unique Taxpayer Reference Numbers (UTRNs). Every business in the money-transfer sector uses UTR numbers, which have been beneficial to recipients because no successor or reimbursement is corresponding to the transaction. 

    Ways To Track UTR number

    A Unique Taxpayer Reference number will not be assigned to anyone instantaneously. To receive it, users must first enroll for identity by themselves. You can track your UTR number of UK in the following ways:

    Find Unique Taxpayer Reference number by Telephone

    If you’re having trouble finding your UTR number, you can contact HMRC through the ring at 0300 200 3310. You could then call and ask for your unique taxpayer reference number in the UK. Consider that you’ll need your National Insurance number in extra to your personally identifiable information when calling HMRC to authenticate your identity. Because your UTR of UK is classified. HMRC will have to transmit it to you via mail. As a result, you should expect it to take up to seven days to arrive. 

    Find Unique Taxpayer Reference on HMRC Correspondence

    It’ll be on any HMRC letter you get. They obtain your personally identifiable information by using your income registration number to authenticate you on the databases. Any correspondence you receive from HMRC will always be used as a record. You should be able to identify your UTR number of UK on any communications you get from HMRC. The following ways you will be able to find your UTR number of UK are as follows:

    • Accounts Report from HMRC
    • The SA250 is a document from HMRC that was sent when you just enrolled as a self-employed person.
    • Billing Checklist or Notifications of Delayed Pay
    • Your Tax Return from HMRC

    Find your Unique Taxpayer Reference number digitally

    The quickest approach to locate your UK’s UTR is in.GOV tax account web. When you applied as a self-employed person, you create an online identity. You’ll be able to see your tax statements, HMRC notifications, and other documents such as your SA302 whenever you log in. You’ll be able to find your unique taxpayer reference number of UK once you’ve logged onto yours.GOV account. 

    You will find it in the two following places:

    • The account summary’s upper right area.
    • Within the self-evaluation area.

    How to find your lost UTR number?

    Your UTR can be found on prior financial records and other HMRC documentation, such as requests to submit a statement and paying notifications. Your UTR is also available in your HMRC individual account.

    In situations when you cannot find your UTR number and if you can’t find any documentation from HMRC, call the self-assessment hotline to request your UTR. You can get your Corporation Tax UTR online if you have a limited firm. It will be delivered to the body corporate address by the HMRC with limited companies.

    When Does a UTR Number Become Available?

    HMRC assigns you a 10-digit unit as a Unique Taxpayer Reference Number, or UTR, once you apply. As your personal information, it is distinct to you and very private. Times, when UTR number of UK becomes available, are:

    • When you apply by the close of the very first fiscal season for which a Self-assessment taxable income is required.
    • There is indeed a range of reasons why you may be required to file a Set Amount. The tax authority can assist you with much of what, when, or why.

    We will handle the enrolment process for you and update you on the status every step along the way at Odint Consultancy. It’s critical that you let us immediately when you get your UTR number of UK since we’ll need it to submit to HMRC for authorization to operate on your part.


    Be cautious on sharing your UTR number

    The UTR number of the UK is a top-secret set of knowledge, so only disclose it if you’re convinced it’ll be used correctly. The possible situations when you can share your UTR number with all caution are as follows:

    • If they are in a job field that allows them to act on your account, including an accountant or an auditor.
    • You’re a supplier, and your employer has asked you to verify how much tax they will collect, despite the fact that you’ll get a refund on your taxable income for any tax withheld.


    So, this is how you can track your UK’s UTR number in total. Upon completing this article, you should have a good understanding of what a unique taxpayer reference is, who needs one, or how to get one – as well as how to enroll if you’re able to file your initial federal return. You own a UTR number of UK forever. But don’t worry if you misplace it; simply return to the portion in our article dedicated to regaining your UTR.


    Your UTR number will go inactive if you do not file a self-assessment federal return. It will get renewed whenever you begin filing financial records afresh.

    One of the most common problems encountered on tax filings each year is submitting the inaccurate UTR number. When filing your refund, twice that amount the numbers are accurate. If HMRC determines that you did not fill out the paperwork with sufficient care, you may be subject to a fine. If you discover you’ve completed your return with the wrong UTR, call or write to HMRC to fix the issue.

    HMRC utilizes your UTR number to monitor your tax payments and link the documents to your transactions within. While some employers may consider a UTR as evidence of self-employment, it’s important to remember that UTRs are simply proof that you’ve registered to file a self-assessment tax form.