List Of Top IT Companies In Dubai 2022

We bring you a comple list of top IT companies in Dubai. Red Spider . Cyber Infrasturcture . Careem . FreeBites . Future Technologies . Sunflower Lab .


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    list of top it companies in dubai

    Overview: IT Companies in Dubai

    People who see their future in IT companies should know that there are several fields to choose from. Starting from work as simple as Data entry, to modified back-end programming. Amongst the most heavily recruiting IT companies comes the IT companies in Dubai. It is not hidden that Dubai has a powerful stand in the nation’s economic growth and inutility of hi-tech services and products. In all the Emirates, Dubai has been the most rapidly growing city. So, if you are interested in working in an IT company, here is a list of IT companies in Dubai curated just for you.

    Top IT Companies in Dubai

    The elaborated list of top IT companies in Dubai is given below:

    Red Spider – Web and Art Design

    Apart from its forte Web and Art Design, Red Spider is a firm that has more to offer. This firm is also known for leaving a considerable mark in the industry of digital marketing. When we talk about top IT companies in Dubai, the name of Red Spider has to pop up, come what may. In a short time, this firm has gained immense fame and reputation. That is the reason for its hundreds of multinational projects, supported by complete customer satisfaction. Another service provided by them is vast web hosting. They provide their services at minimal charges, and the quality of their work is also better than their competitors.

    Top services offered by Red Spider:

    • Profile Design, logo, and Graphics designing
    • Web Development and Dubai Web Design
    • Digital Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • E-Commerce Solution and CMS
    • Business Consultancy
    • Web Hosting and Domain

    Cyber Infrastructure – We make IT possible

    If you are someone who knows how to design and develop a personalized website, then Cyber Infrastructure is the perfect firm for you. Their expert team of skilled developers is ready to offer any type of development and design work. The experts in the team have IT experience of more than 12 years. Cyber Infrastructure is also a great firm for people engrossed in work related to artificial intelligence. For all your technological work requirements, you can contact CIS.

    Top services offered by CIS:

    • UX/UI/CAD Design
    • Crypto, AWS, Web, BI/AI
    • Games and Mobile Apps
    • IoT, VR/ AR, and Wearables
    • Digital Marketing and SEO

    Careem – Let’s Go

    Careem is a well-known cab company which works in 13 nations mainly. Careem has always been looking for devoted employees that can effectively help their organization, depending on the entire IT-based environment. It began operations in Dubai a decade back and now operates in more than 80 cities around the globe.

    This organization has completely transformed the IT and transportation industries, intending to provide solutions to both clients and customers. Careem is one of the greatest IT businesses in Dubai, and you should register there.

    Top services offered by Careem:

    • Machine learning programming
    • Software Engineering
    • Agile Coach
    • Data Analyst and Big Data Engineer
    • Community Management

    FreeBites – Graphics Resources for Dubai Ad Agencies

    This is another firm for software development based in Dubai. FreeBites is known to have provided services to more than a hundred ad agencies known globally. The personalized website creation is the forte of FreeBites, and their experts can easily grasp what does the client want. Their mode of data collection is traditional. This may sound a little conventional, but it helps them provide the best service to their customers.

    Top services offered by FreeBites

    • Hosting and Security provider
    • Web Analytics and SEO
    • Custom Website Design and Development
    • Business consultancy
    • Business website development and E-commerce

    Future Technologies – Digital Product Agency

    Being a famous software design company that has its expertise in mobile apps and gaming applications, Future Technologies is the best choice if you are looking for a firm that can list your app on the Android or Apple store. Their programmers are more experienced in developing Android and Ios apps. Their programmers are driven to create high-end titles with 2D/3D characteristics and a Virtual environment for the commercial world.

    Top services offered by Future Technologies:

    • Web Development and Design
    • Graphics Designing
    • Mobile and Console Games
    • UX/ UI Analysis
    • Mobile App Development

    RS Advertising Design Agency – Enterprise Software Development

    This advertising giant is a well-known, full-cycle technology, and online development firm specializing in specialty technologies. Since its inception in 2007, intellectSoft has been assisting businesses in attaining their objectives in this tough business with significant emphasis. Intellect has been in business for over a decade, with over 500 trustworthy client bases and six offices throughout the world.

    Top Services Offered by RS Advertising:

    • DevOps and Enterprise Software Development
    • QA and Software Testing
    • Mobile App Development
    • UI/ UX Services
    • IT Consulting

    Dubai Web Design – Ad Agency in Dubai

    Being the best networking company, Dubai Web Design will surely give your business the right amount of push. Their client-server service based solely on network management, wireless technology, surveillance, and security is what your business requires.

    Top services offered by Dubai Web Design Agency:

    • IT products and Equipment
    • IT- Server, Laptops, and Desktop
    • Networking and Switches
    • PBX or PABX
    • Wifi or Network Access point

    Sunflower Lab

    It is a US-located software firm that is placed in various cities of Emirates. The services of Sunflower Lab range from software services to web solutions. Their main aim is to satisfy their clients. So, join them today.

    Top services offered by Sunflower Lab:

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Mobile Development
    • Web Solutions
    • Strategic Consulting
    • Cloud Computing

    List Of All The Top IT Companies In Dubai

    Telelogix IT Services
    Websight Computer Systems
    Wavepac Infosystems LLC
    Xerox Emirates
    Wisoft Solutions
    Emitac Mobile Solutions LLC
    Xlsys Technologies
    Xlerate Technologies NZ Ltd
    Oasis Distribution
    GapBridge Software Services
    IT Global Services
    Seven Seas Computers LLC
    Global Technology & Consultancy Services
    Focus Softnet
    Tawasol IT
    Condo Protego
    GTECH Information Technology
    Smart Care Systems L.L.C
    MAS Technologies LLC
    Intelligent Business Technologies LLC


    Every firm present in the list when contacted, bring their special skill with them. Check the website of every firm, match your needs and fields with it, and then make a suitable decision. If you wish to become a part of any of these companies, without wasting a minute apply for the recruitment. The work environment in Dubai IT companies is peaceful and flexible. So, take your time to research, and make the best decision for yourself.


    The IT firms in Dubai are focusing on getting top services and products matching world-class standards for the UAE clients. So, to become a part of this growing chain, join the IT firms in Dubai.

    Sunflower Labs, RS advertisements, Dubai Web Designs, BBI-Consultancy, Biotech International, CAD Gulf LLC, and Brandevous Solutions, are some of the best IT firms in Dubai. Refer to the article to know more firm names.