Poland Social Security Benefits In 2022 – Pension & Allowances

With this article will get to know all about social security benefits, including employment periods and stay in the UK.


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    poland social security benefits

    Poland Social Security Benefits

    The 2019’s Act of 15th March regulates the matters related to the extraction of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU and EAEC (European Atomic Energy Community)  without giving any concluding contract present in Article 50(2) of the EU treaty that comprises of strict provisions related to non-contractual removal of the UK from the EU related to rights of citizens, also comprising of the provisions of issuing and awarding of social security advantages, including employment periods and stay in the UK.

    Here are the points that are a part of social security benefits:

    Benefits related to maternity & sickness:

    • Invalidity pension
    • Retirement pension
    • Survivor’s pension
    • Funeral allowances

    Therefore, this act is applicable to all these people, irrespective of their birth nation:

    People that come under the Polish law, meaning, that are covered by Poland social insurance, Poland farmer’s social insurance, or people that come under Polish supply systems present in the acts. If these individuals were secured by UK’s social security before the act’s entrance or were staying in the UK on the day before the Act entered into force, they can continue residing there. The guidelines of the Act will imply as per other individuals if they get their rights from the individuals mentioned above (for instance, their family members).

    Assured Social Security Benefits

    When talking about the social security benefits, here are the points that the act assures of:

    • Treating everyone equally irrespective of their nationality
    • Employment, residence, self-employment, or aggregation of insurance periods.

    The aggregate shall be established on periods finished under the law of any different European Union member state as well as times accomplished under the law of the UK; but, in the instance of the U.K., the times shall be included up to the time whenever the Act comes into effect. 

    What does the act state?

    The Act states that the concept of period accumulation applies to pensions, disabilities, and survivors’ pensioners (save for retirement benefits under specific systems for uniformed operations, justices, and attorneys), and also illness and maternity pay.

    Insurance intervals fulfilled under UK legislation are taken into consideration by the Polish retirement authorities on the grounds of a document or certificate produced by a relevant British organization and submitted to the Polish retirement authorities by the applicant.

    Advantages obtained under UK legislation, income produced in the UK, and events or facts that happened in the UK shall be regarded identically as they’ve just transpired in Poland, and also the advantages shall be passed to recipients living in the UK.

    The reward may be moved to a checking account throughout the U.K. at the discretion of the beneficiary recipient. It comes into operation on the day that the UK pulls back from the EU without completing the contract provided to in the second phase of EU Treaty’s Article 50(2) according to Acts’ Article 63.

    If you have a normal contract of employment, you are required to have four types of insurance: antiquated pension health coverage, insurance coverage, illness pensions, and work liability coverage.

    Total contribution rate

    The TCR or Total contribution rate % is dependent on the kind of operation you do, as per the Polish classification of operations.

    If you get employed, you get employed on the basis of these 2 common civil-law agreements:

    • A task-based agreement – three sorts of payments are required: old-age retirement coverage, insurance coverage, and workplace accident pensions. Sickness coverage is optional but not required
    • A certain-task agreement – neither of the above payments are required. You may, however, apply for an old-age income and insurance coverage on a volunteer basis.

    Companies are asked to disclose data on the number of paid obligations to their workers (annually or monthly). One can also seek this data whenever they need it, such as when applying for a residency permit.


    Social Security Benefits are essential, and we hope that you must have understood its concept by now. To know more, or get any kind of assistance, please reach out to our skilled professionals at ODINT Consulting.


    Transactions are paid via direct payment on the final financial day monthly, encompassing rewards for that period, underneath the Polish method.

    Individuals who aren’t US residents may typically receive the United States Social Security payments when outside the US if they match certain conditions. Nevertheless, under the deal, you may claim welfare irrespective of your citizenship as soon as you remain in Poland.

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