What Is Satta Matka Business And Is It Legal To Operate?

Matka betting, commonly referred to as Satta Matka, is among the most prominent lotto jackpot activities in India. Is it legal In India? In this article, we have answered all your questions.


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    Overview: Satta Matka Business

    Is Satta Matka Business Legal in India

    Matka betting, commonly referred to as Satta Matka, is among the most prominent lotto jackpot activities in India, where it’s been enjoyed in various versions for the past six decades. 

    The term ‘Matka’ comes from the phrase ‘earthen pot.’ In ancient times, such pitchers were being used to produce digits. Matka betting began in 1952, just after Democracy was restored in India, freedom from the rule of Britishers. Satta Matka, usually regarded as still Satta, went from a massive activity in the 1950s to a frequent version of playing digitally.

    Satta Matka is also called the ‘Ankanda Jugar’. Satta Matka shifted over the decades into something entirely distinct from what it was in the 1950s. The term ‘Matka’ has been the only thing that remained. The betting, also known as Satta Matka, is a lotto jackpot activity basis on the analysis of pseudo-random and spending.

    Is Satta Matka Legal?

    Betting has been outlawed since the British Regime. Throughout 1867, the English Cabinet passed the Commercial Gaming Bill, making gambling unlawful in India. Normally it is illegal in India except for some unique cases. 

    Why did it get banned in India?

    As per the Public Gambling Act, 1867 the betting establishments and the homes of Satta Matka were both outlawed completely. Any individual caught enjoying the sport was penalized.

    • The absence of the funds could contribute to economic criminal offenses, such as money fraud, raising India’s criminality. The economic activity would feel the brunt.
    • The Government of India regarded it as a matter of importance. If the state determines to relax the ban, it will be seen as a socially unacceptable act. As a result, the officials are concerned about its reputation as a state that did not value people who have earned wealth through manual labor.
    • Satta Matka decreases the nation’s general satisfaction factor because betting can escalate to addictions and domestic abuse as a result of dissatisfaction, which has a particularly negative impact on an individual and youngsters.

    Playing Satta Matka carries a penalty

    Games such as poker, gambling, roulette, boards, and other similar games will lead to criminal charges and a wage garnishment if anyone is detected possessing or paying off a mortgage, building, or maybe even space. It is regarded as an unlawful practice in India because of the severe rules. Although some cities like Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are exceptions.  

    Interestingly, virtual Satta Matka is not mentioned in the 1867 Public Gambling Act. The law covers all forms of gaming, although there is a technicality, that it does not cover the virtual Satta Matka. 

    The authorities usually exploit it because there is no documentation that the action is prohibited regardless of whether they have been exposed. Meanwhile, only a few more countries have recognized the issue and have outlawed all internet gaming operations.

    Also on international websites, playing Satta Matka is prohibited. Such domains aren’t restricted, but anyone who visits such websites in these countries will be fined and made responsible.

    The long background of Satta Matka

    The game of gambling took its origin from the 1950s. Gambling addicts used this to speculate on the incoming and outgoing values of cotton getting transported from the New York Textile Trade to the Mumbai Textile Trade.

     Once the New York Textile Trade ceased operations in 1961, this version of the program was phased down. Risky bets, desperately trying to keep their firm afloat, directed their focus to sheets of notepads to play Satta Matka. 

    Steps to play this gambling game

    • The match starts with the participant selecting the initial series of three digits from 0 to 9, such as 2, 5, & 8.
    • The sum of these three integers is then put into the process of addition like 2+5+8 = 15. The very first digit is removed from the whole number, producing ‘5’.
    • The ultimate choice appears like this: 2, 5, 8*5.
    • After that, the participant selects their next sequence of figures rigorously, for instance: 3, 6, 9.
    • 3+6+9 = 18, which leaves you with the number 8. As a result, the next set of figures is 3, 6, 9*8.
    • Then make your gamble when your entire pick has been finalized. You can implement a price of various betting concerning the number you’ve picked, such as one that pays you 9x your investment when your first option is accurate.
    • The lotto tickets will be picked without any factor after you have entered your claims, and any successful winnings will be cashed out instantly.

    Who is addressed as the ‘Matka King’?

    A ‘Matka King’ is an individual who’s already won a significant sum through Matka betting. Currently, the title of ‘Matka King’ is given to just three people, they are as follows:

    • Ratan Khatri
    • Kalyanji Bhagat
    • Suresh Bhagat

    Is there a place where Satta Matka can be played legally?

    In recent times, there is no such place where Satta Matka can be played legally. But still, there are some places like Damn, Sikkim, and Goa where one may not get caught playing the Satta Matka. 

    These locations are relatively secure in comparison to the rest since city officials have seen the tourist industry as a source of comfort to perform a part in enhancing budgetary operating factors; as a result, city officials have viewed these regions with peaceful indulgence. 

    Certain places, such as those where municipalities and troops have restricted rights, practice the Satta Matka procedure covertly. The players, on the other hand, are forced to automatically believe the representatives and Matka broadcasters.


    Taking a calculated risk on the internet when it comes to playing Satta Matka is a difficult spot to navigate because it deems a variety of factors, including a valid permit, registered office relevant data, legitimate connections, a page mentioning “about us”, listing agent information, clauses, confidentiality, prepaid debit cards, comprehensive personal details, reigning champion narratives, Security testing, shuttered connection, and so on.


    Satta Matka is playable in a multitude of industries, including Milan Day, Kalyan, Main Ratan and others. You can pick a marketplace from the available selections and begin gambling.

    In Satta Matka, you can participate with any value; the minimum you can participate in is Rs 100.