Start A Business In Singapore From India

Here's a complete guide on how to start a business in Singapore from India. All the benefits, documents required and process of registration is been exaplined in this article.


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    Start A Business In Singapore From India

    Start a business in Singapore from India

    A business always makes calculations of profits and losses, laws and policies of that destination regarding ownership, taxation, and other business activities. Among 189 countries, Singapore is one of the best places to carry out business activities according to the world report of 2019. 

    It has favorable taxation policies, continuing growth rate of the economy, favorable business environment are the reasons for making this destination as most preferable. It is easy to set up a business in Singapore for citizens of Singapore as well as for foreign investors, but sometimes, owners may get into trouble due to the laws.

    If you are looking for Singapore company registration from India then Odint consulting will guide you in every step from incorporation to accounting and auditing. Forming a Singaporean company is very affordable but a little bit complicated for Indians. At the same time, Singapore also has double taxation agreements with many other countries which is very beneficial for Indian owners to operate a business in Singapore. 

    For example, Flipkart and InMobi are some of the largest companies in India which were incorporated in Singapore and headquartered in India. This shows that any business can 100% operates its operations in Singapore from India without any difficulty.

    In this article, we will guide you on how an Indian can register a company in Singapore, its benefits, documents required for Singaporean company registration in India, and more.

    Benefits Of Registering A Singaporean Company From India

    There are many benefits of starting a business in Singapore from India. These are the following benefits:

    Availability of skilled labor-

    Singapore has several skilled laborers. Singapore stands on the second rank as stated within the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) by INSEAD.

    Low rates of tax-

    Singapore is the country with the most attractive commercial tax rate system all over the world. The corporate tax rate of Singapore is 17% which is approximately half of the Indian Corporate tax rate. The government of Singapore also provides tax exemptions to the newly established company in Singapore. In the case of India, many start-ups are eligible for many tax concessions. However, the tax rate according to Indian taxation policies is much higher than that of Singapore.

    Easier to start and manage a business entity-

    Singapore has ranked many times in international surveys for its business-friendly environment. It is the place where a businessman can operate his business very easily. It has a very competitive economy, and it is also well known for its highly qualified lifestyle of residents of Singapore.

    Ideal location-

    Singapore is one of the best hubs and also allows entering foreign companies to enter the south-eastern market, other entry in the South-Eastern market is a very difficult task. It is the ideal location as it provides trade facilities with many other major economies.


    Documents Required for starting a company in Singapore from India

    Documents required for starting a company in Singapore from India

    Here is the list of documents that are required at the time of filing an application form to start a business in Singapore from India.

    • Name approval letter of company
    • Briefly described business activities
    • Details of directors
    • Details of shareholders
    • Details regarding registered office address
    • Details related to the company secretary
    • Memorandum and articles of association
    • Identity card’s copy of local director of Singapore
    • Foreign promoter’ passport copy

    Important points to be kept in mind before registering a Singaporean company from India

    There are some important points to be kept in mind while starting a company in Singapore from India are-

    • Hire one local Singaporean as a director of the company
    • Start a company with having at least one shareholder
    • There must be a company secretary of that company
    • Use a local address of Singapore as the registered office address
    • The registered agent should be hired
    • Start a business with at least $1 as paid-up capital of the company

    How can an Indian start registering a company in Singapore?

    Steps to be followed for registering a company in Singapore from India

    The following steps are required to be followed for Singapore registration of company from India-

    Registered agent-

    For foreign businessmen, it is required to hire a registered agent to register a Singaporean company from India. The local Singaporeans are allowed to register their company by themselves. This registered agent can be a law firm, accounting firm, or maybe a company secretary of Singapore.

    Filling of application for name registration-

    It is the next step for registering a company in Singapore. A company is required to apply its name to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. It costs about $15 for the application. It may take one day as a minimum period or in the general case. After the approval of the name, within 120 days the owner has to incorporate its company.

    Safeguard for intellectual properties-

    The business must keep in mind the intellectual properties right while applying for the registration of the company. The selected name must not violate the intellectual property of other entities of Singapore, and also it must not be any trademark of any other entity of Singapore.

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    Filing application for incorporating a company-

    After this, the company has to apply for incorporation within 120 days of approval of the name with the required documents as mentioned above. This form costs $300.

    Opening of bank account in Singapore-

    The next step to register a company is to open a bank account in Singapore. For this, the physical presence of a director of a company is mandatory. It is also required to show the required documents with a valid reason to the banker.

    Business license-

    A business license is issued by the government of Singapore which enables a businessman to conduct business operations legally in Singapore. For obtaining the same, the businessman must need to apply to the registrar of the companies for registration.



    In the end, it can be concluded by stating that Singapore is a ground that is still yet to be fully discovered by the Indian intellectual business minds.

    From start-ups to general corporate jobs, the potential to what can be achieved in the foreign market in Singapore is ever-expanding at a tremendous scale. Indian business has discovered a boom when it comes to expanding in IT and other sectors like agriculture and manufacturing.

    We looked at all the benefits and legal processes an Indian entrepreneur has at his hands when applying to register a company in Singapore and being inspired by the big names that have set their foot in India.

    Odint Consultancy is here to help you out when it comes to the registration of a company in Singapore. We offer a range of services under all the aspects one needs to be a big market player in Singapore and even carry out the whole process remotely from India itself.


    Yes, an Indian investor or businessman can start a partnership firm in Singapore with having at least one local partner from Singapore.

    There are approximately 8000 Indian companies in Singapore that have occupied the Singaporean market and 500 other Indian companies have a wider range of businesses in India.

    The procedure for incorporating a company in Singapore involves a cost of $315 where $15 is paid with the application of name filled and remaining while filing for incorporation application.