Types Of Companies In Dubai – Company Laws & Licenses Explained

There are several types of companies in Dubai. You have to choose the proper sort of commercial structure before incorporating a business in Dubai.


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    types of companies in dubai

    Entrepreneurship is a difficult endeavor that necessitates a lot of dedication and hard work. While launching a business in Dubai, it should all be planned out, from office setup to after-sales operations. One of the most essential factors in obtaining the necessary rights and registrations to lawfully perform sector of the economy. In Dubai, knowing the correct commercial licenses is a must for all commercial enterprises.

    Overview: Types Of Companies In Dubai

    Owing to its improved infrastructure and connectivity, as well as Dubai’s status as a tax-free nation, it continues to attract an increasing number of overseas investors. When forming a business in Dubai, considerable caution is advised because each step must be carefully orchestrated, and they will require a partnership with a local agent to conduct the business enrolment process. Domestic and international business people can choose whatever kinds of firms they want to start and incorporate them in compliance with Dubai’s regulatory criteria. It should be mentioned that the conditions for investors and entrepreneurs coming to Dubai are subtly different.

    Company's Law In Dubai

    The following points mentioned below are the company law in Dubai as per the Company Act, they are as follows:

    • International investors who want to build a company in Dubai should be aware that the prerequisites for a unique business formation vary depending on whether the corporation is based on the island or in one of the city’s free trade zones.
    • If an international businessman chooses to establish an ashore business in Dubai, he or she will require a local presence or sponsorship. In the event of a free environment corporation, ownership is permitted in its entirety.
    • The Ordinance, which includes a large number of working frameworks, governs the formation of numerous sorts of corporations in Dubai.
    • When it concerns international buyers considering forming firms in Dubai, professional advisors can provide more information about the needs required by the Company Act.


    Types Of Companies In Dubai

    You have to choose the proper sort of commercial structure before incorporating a business in Dubai. In Dubai, there are five primary types of businesses, each with a sub-category, they are as follows:

    1. Organizations in the Emirate of Dubai’s Free Trade zone:

    Free Zones in the UAE enable up to 100% foreign participation and are susceptible to varied trading obstacles, levies, limitations, and other incentives. UAE free environment businesses are confined to operating exclusively within the free region’s limits and to undertaking only the activities mentioned in their licenses, which can include:

    • Employment Permit
    • Commercial Licensing for the United States
    • General Trading Permit
    • Industry Permit
    • Market Permit

    There are two sorts of organizations inside every Free Trade zone: offshore and onshore. If you wish to build a company or create an official existence in the UAE, this is the option of choosing.

    2. Contracts for Professional Entity

    A binding document between an organization and a contractor who agrees to deliver a certain product or service is known as an expert services contract or a personal services arrangement.

    3. Organizations of Professionals:

    Eligible international investors can form a business partnership in Dubai to continue their expert opportunities for practice. The business will be considered sophisticated. The formation of a civic business is feasible in Dubai and Sharjah.

    4. Establishments that are permanent: Approaches through which this form of the company one can achieve are as follows:

    • Personal Corporation Limited
    • Private Limited Corporations 
    • Restricted Companies with Equity
    • Associations in general
    • Limited Liability Corporations
    • Involvement in Groups
    • Corporation Limited Companies that are open to the public

    5. Branch or Representative office

    Types Of Business Licenses In Dubai

    For most businesses, Dubai is a prime location. Establishing a location in Dubai not only allows enterprises to build a positive profile in the UAE, but it may also serve as an excellent launch platform in several MENA regions. Organizations must, though, seek business permits in the region before they can begin operations.

    The Professional Organization License: 

    To begin the business, any corporate entity wishing to benefit from the intelligence levels of others must get a specialist business permit in Dubai. The certificate of incorporation as a Works Progress Corporation if it is managed by more than one person. Security, financial advisory, IT and IT equipment, technology, sustainability initiatives, taxation, administration, and communications are examples of enterprises that necessitate a professional license in Dubai.

    The Industrial Organization Permit:

    Running enterprises necessitates the acquisition of an industry company registration. An actual or concrete block headquarters in the UAE is required for organizations implementing this permit. Industrial business licenses are typically applied for by massive scale makers of dairy foods, animal and bird feed, processed or raw meats, textiles, and other comparable enterprises in Dubai.

    The Commercial Organization License:

    Companies involved in ordinary commerce and leasing must get special permits. This license permits UAE-based businesses to do operations within and without the nation. Property investment, medical, shipping, publication, communications, petroleum & gas, replacement parts, currency and rare metals, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, protective equipment, and other industries require commercial licensing in Dubai.

    The Design & Quality Organization License:

    This form of company permit is required in Dubai for everyone who operates independently and makes a living from their profession. Woodworkers, metalworkers, engineers, and carpenters are just a few examples.

    The Ecotourism Business Permit:

    In Dubai, organizations that specialize in the tourism sector can qualify for this form of corporate registration. This group includes tour operators, resorts, cruise liners, hanging eateries, tourism cottages, and other service companies.

    The Farming or Agriculture Business License:

    You’ll need to apply for an agribusiness permit in Dubai if your business utilizes a place to grow crops, maintain cattle, operate processing plants, build conservatories, or distribute chemicals.



    So, this is all about the different types of companies that are currently available in Dubai along with the several laws that are followed by Dubai in terms of registering a business. If you have more queries or wish the need an expert, contact Odint Consulting.


    In UAE or a Dubai-free country, international investors can establish businesses. If the complete overseas investment is permissible in UAE free trade zones, you ought to be aware of the necessity to establish a business in Dubai, you should have a corporate sponsor that owns 51% of the company.

    To create a business in UAE, you’ll need to register a title, prepare an Articles of Incorporation, establish a deposit account, and get a business permit.