Types of Unique Numbers Issued By HMRC

Types of Unique Numbers issued by HMRC - UTR Number | Employer PAYE reference number | Tax Code | VAT Registration Number. All these are issued by HMRC of UK.


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    types of unique numbers issued by hmrc

    Types of Unique Numbers Issued By HMRC In UK

    If you want to establish an enterprise in the United Kingdom (UK), you’ll have to learn about Unique Taxpayer Reference numbers of the UK and other comparable designations because they’ll aid you with the procedures. However, we understand that it is not that simple, since it may entail a significant number of documents. Both titles and objectives of these categories can be rather bewildering to someone who does not engage with administration or finance on a daily basis. Every business has a multitude of identifiers that appear on legal records. Because the company has a variety of responsibilities, they are handled by separate HMRC divisions. It all assigns identifiers to your organization in order to determine it.

    UTR Number

    Unique Taxpayer Reference Numbers (UTRNs) are ten-digit identifiers that distinguish individuals and the company. With all communities transferring money, each company employed UTR numbers, which are advantageous to beneficiaries since there has been no newer version or refund matching to the activity.

    Employer PAYE Reference Number

    Within the certified greeting bundle, you’ll find all kinds of documentation and identification codes when you initially establish your business with HMRC as a worker. Your Employer Reference Number would be one to check out for and maintain securely. You won’t need to obtain the identity because an ERN will be assigned to you immediately. After that point forward, you may well be required to provide your ERN in a variety of scenarios, particularly correspondence with HMRC.

    The ERN is a three-digit tax numbering system made up of two components that is distinctive to every company.

    What Is The Need For An Employer PAYE Reference Number?

    For a multitude of reasons, you’ll need your company’s PAYE registration number. The reasons are as follows:

    • It’ll be required to perform your final PAYE Reports, as well as many other HMRC obligations. 
    • Your workers will almost certainly ask for your PAYE registration number at a certain point, as they will need it when registering for tax incentives and education loans. 
    • It’s possible that you’ll have to mention it on your pay stubs as well. 

    It’s correct to conclude that this is yet another HMRC identification that is critical to the seamless operation of your business.

    When Should One Register?

    Ensure you enroll your business as a worker far ahead of the initial payment, as the reference number can require up to several days to arrive. Because the overwhelming number of contractors employ an accounting firm as soon as possible to make working, your auditor will most likely register your business for all tax liabilities. You can apply up to months before your next paycheck, but not earlier. You can still operate PAYE if you pay its employees before receiving their ERN, as long as you preserve a record of the account information and submit a delayed final payment report to HMRC.

    Tax code

    Companies and retirement carriers use a taxation system to determine how much taxable income an individual should spend. Individuals are subjected to varied taxation rates. The level of revenue an individual must pay is determined by marginal rates and income levels. And there are reductions that one may be entitled to. It is the job of the company to maintain the count of all of this and pay federal taxes on behalf of its members. The taxation system specifies how much money should be levied from a paycheck.

    Account Office Reference Number

    The Accounts Office Reference Number is a 13-digit code that appears on the document you obtain from HMRC before you even enrolled as an entity. If you have newly qualified as an operator but have not received this message information, you would be unable to finalize your operating system. This remark will appear on the significant number of additional HMRC correspondence that you obtain. When you contact HMRC at any stage to review your PAYE arrangement, you will almost certainly be required to supply this number as a verification process before they will speak anything else with you, which is always a great way to keep it accessible.

    Improper account agency identification codes submitted into EnrolPay might lead to RTI filing errors and HMRC misunderstanding. This could lead to late changes following your HMRC profile, perhaps leading to fines and costs. As a result, it’s critical that you provide the relevant link as an element of your employment enrolment process.

    VAT Registration number

    HMRC issues a UK VAT number to firms whenever they apply for Taxation. The UK VAT registered office is a nine-digit identification with the addition ‘GB’. This computation is based on all filed VAT returns and certificates. If the company does commerce beyond the UK, the vat figure is usually represented as GB 123 4567 89. The GB denotes a company U.K.-based.

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    How and where to look for a firm's VAT registration plate in the United Kingdom?

    The inclusion of a vat registration plate on a vat statement is required by law. Nevertheless, if you need to check for a firm to discover their Tax invoice for any purpose, go to the taxable webpage. You would only have to input the company address and phone number. This will then, presumably, locate the company you’re seeking and supply you with its VAT registration number.

    You can’t increase input tax credits on transactions unless you have a legitimate vat registration plate. You can also rate a trade if it is made to an EU client who is not in the UK. But unless the consumer provides you with a genuine VAT registration number. In the response in return, you should check twice that all VAT digits are right. To authenticate UK vat registration numbers, call the HMRC vat helpdesk at 0300 200 3700. You can also utilize the VIES vat certification portal for any EU corporation, along with the UK. Simply key in the vat information you were given, and the firm address and phone number will appear.

    It’s crucial to remember that collecting VAT without the need for a valid VAT registration number will result in HMRC dismissing your application if you continue to operate with other business associates in the UK or throughout Europe. In this instance, you may be obligated to pay the invoice or deal with extra documentation. This is something nobody should have to happen. Ensure to double-check the VAT registration numbers are probably authentic.


    By the end of the article, you must have received a detailed understanding of the types of Unique Numbers issued by HMRC. You can call Odint Consultancy for specific requests if you need help figuring out further details and procedures. Odint Consultancy can help you with more than just administration and auditing. We can help you set up your enterprise in the United Kingdom.


    It’s a ten-digit identifier that’s distinctive with each and every customer in the United Kingdom. A UTR number is required to submit an Income Tax return digitally or by mail, regardless of whether the client is self-employed, is a person, or is a member of a corporation or business.

    Your UTR can be found on prior tax returns and your HMRC account online. It’s also in HMRC notices and payment reminders, among other documents.