Register Your Company in New Brunswick in 2024-25: Complete Guide

Ths article is about starting your company in New Brunswick in 2023-24. Read the complete guide to know more about registration process and benefits.


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    If you’re looking to start your own business in New Brunswick, Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Starting a company can be both thrilling and fulfilling, yet it can also present challenges and intricacies. In this article, I will guide you through the steps and requirements to start a company in New Brunswick, along with the advantages of doing so. Let’s jump right in and discover the journey to entrepreneurship in this lively province.

    How to Start a Company in New Brunswick, Canada?

    Starting a company in New Brunswick involves several key steps that must be followed to ensure a smooth and successful process. Here are the essential steps to incorporate your company in this province:

    Step 1: Choose a Business Name

    Afterwards, it is essential to choose the legal framework for your company. In New Brunswick, the three most prevalent business structures are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Each structure comes with its own set of pros and cons, hence it is vital to thoroughly investigate and comprehend the consequences of each option before concluding.

    Step 2: Determine the Business Structure

    Next, you need to decide on the legal structure of your company. The most common types of business structures in New Brunswick are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to research and understand the implications of each before making a decision.

    Step 3: Register Your Business

    After selecting a business name and deciding on the legal structure, it is essential to register your business with the relevant authorities. In New Brunswick, the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (CPPSB) is in charge of business registration. To complete the registration process, you must furnish specific details and pay the necessary fees.

    What are the Documents Required to Incorporate a Company in New Brunswick?

    To successfully incorporate a company in New Brunswick, you will need to gather and submit several important documents. Here are the key documents required for the incorporation process:

    1. Articles of Incorporation

    The Articles of Incorporation serve as a legal document that confirms the formation of your corporation and provides essential information about its structure. This document typically includes information such as the company’s name, registered office address, share structure, and the names and addresses of the initial directors.

    2. Notice of Registered Office

    The Notice of Registered Office is a document that provides the physical address of your company’s registered office in New Brunswick. This address will be used for official communication and legal notifications.

    3. Consent to Act as Director

    If you have appointed directors for your company, you will need to obtain their consent to act as directors. This document affirms their readiness to assume the obligations and tasks linked to the position.

    What are the Advantages of Setting Up a Company in New Brunswick?

    Starting a company in New Brunswick presents several benefits that make it a compelling option for entrepreneurs. Below are some of the primary advantages of establishing your company in this province.

    1. Strategic Location

    New Brunswick is conveniently situated on the eastern shoreline of Canada, offering convenient entry to prominent markets in North America and beyond. Its proximity to both the United States and Europe renders it a prime destination for enterprises seeking international expansion.

    2. Supportive Business Environment

    The government of New Brunswick is committed to fostering a supportive business environment. It offers various incentives, grants, and programs to encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth. Additionally, several organizations and agencies provide assistance and resources to help new businesses succeed.

    3. Skilled Workforce

    New Brunswick boasts a highly skilled and educated workforce. The province is home to several world-class universities and colleges, producing a talented pool of graduates in various fields. This skilled workforce can be a significant asset to businesses looking to hire and retain top talent.

    What are the Requirements to Start a Company in New Brunswick?

    To establish a company in New Brunswick, some specific prerequisites and responsibilities must be met. Here are the essential criteria that you must satisfy:

    1. Business Number (BN)

    It is mandatory for all businesses operating in Canada to acquire a Business Number (BN). The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) assigns this distinctive identifier, which is utilized for a range of tax-related matters.

    2. Register for Taxes

    After obtaining your Business Number, it is essential to proceed with the registration for relevant taxes, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

    3. Obtain Permits and Licenses

    Different businesses may have different requirements when it comes to operating legally in New Brunswick. To ensure compliance, it is crucial to obtain the necessary permits and licenses that are specific to your industry and the activities carried out by your company. Conducting thorough research and identifying the appropriate permits and licenses for your business is of utmost importance.


    Starting a business in New Brunswick can prove to be a rewarding and profitable venture. By diligently following the necessary procedures, gathering all the required documentation, and comprehending the benefits and prerequisites, you can establish a solid groundwork for your enterprise. Should you require any aid or direction throughout this process, OnDemand International is readily available to assist you. Their team of professionals possesses the expertise and resources to offer the necessary support for initiating and expanding your business in New Brunswick. Therefore, leap and embark on your entrepreneurial journey in this picturesque province. How can OnDemand International be of assistance to you? Reach out to our team of experts today for personalised guidance and support in commencing your company in New Brunswick.