9 Most Productive Co-working Spaces in Singapore

In this guide, we will be covering the 9 Best Co-working Spaces in Singapore that you can choose for your startups and businesses. Register your business with us today and get expert assistance with acquiring office space in Singapore.

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co-working spaces in singapore

Every year thousands of entrepreneurs register their business in Singapore. But have you ever wondered what makes Singapore such a great place for business registration? Situated in Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most competitive economies in the Asian region. Singapore’s advanced infrastructure, efficient transit system, quality workforce, and education system make it a wonderful place to incorporate a business. 

However, as more and more entrepreneurs are moving to Singapore to set up their businesses, the demand for coworking spaces in Singapore is also growing. Coworking spaces in Singapore provide a dynamic and adaptable substitute for typical office environments, meeting the various requirements of startups, established businesses, remote workers, and independent contractors.

So if you are looking to set up a business in Singapore and are looking for coworking spaces, then this article will cover the 9 most productive co-working spaces in Singapore.

1. JustCo

JustCo’s smart shared department areas in Singapore, which have the vastest coworking web in the Asia Pacific, are redefining the coworking enterprise by integrating several workspace layouts to provide firms stability about when, where, and how they function.

They are short and long-term membership plans that are effective to become maximum flexible in this competitive world of business.

176 Orchard Rd, #05-05, Singapore

Basic Desk: Starting with SGD 98/month
Unlimited Desk: Starting with SGD 398/month
Dedicated Desk: Starting with SGD 750/month


  • Beneficial for small freelancers, medium-scale businessmen, and working professionals.
  • Provides comfortable – and high internet speed.
  • Excellent breakout rooms for impromptu meets and brainstorming along with a Ratio Cafe & Lounge upfront


  • You can feel noise and distraction in this crowded place
  • You may feel like privacy here
  • Not so big startups come


Regus is a covalent space that provides extensive opportunities to work internationally. It houses international businesses, startups, local jobs, and every corporation innovatively. You can work from any part of this world.

In terms of capabilities, it has many facilities that freelancers and startups are required to have produced enough loads, affectionate desks, committee cabins, special rooms, business lounges, and even snack benches. Those who hire an attached desk of their own can even transform their workstations, which can stimulate their producing workloads.

Several branches all over Singapore

Pricing starts at $93/month if you sign a 24-month membership agreement, $99/month for a one-year membership agreement, and $111 for a month-to-month agreement.


  • Their terms are flexible
  • Situated in a convenient location
  • Provides Access to the global business lounge


  • Few uncover the civil district a bit minor
  • Limited operating hours
  • Rates are a little bit high

3. The Workshop

The workshop is one of the cheapest co-working spaces in Singapore. This space is particularly difficult for creative persons and freelancers.

Minor firms can hire the workload, which is a workshop-type opening that can house a team of up to 6, or can operate as an office. They moreover lease storage components individually.

5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Techplace II, #04-09/16, S569874

Hot desk: $220
Dedicated Desk: $300
WorkPod: $650


  • Cheapest co-working space in Singapore
  • Provides best indoor facilities
  • Located in the Central area


  • Rent out storage units separately
  • Access not so good

4. Distri

A leading creator of customised smart office explanations, Distrii has expanded across Asia working with 600 numerous companies and over 20,000 members.

The distrii will look over your administrative task and provide customised solutions such as HR training, legal services, company registration, finance and auditing and courier arrangements. The immense assembly rooms with smart boards, video conferencing technology and demanding furniture enhance function productivity whilst furnishing economic outcomes to your area restrictions.

Central Business District (CBD) at Raffles Place, Republic Plaza (Levels 1 to 7)

Hot Desk: Starting from SGD 550 per month
Dedicated Desk: Starting from SGD 750 per month
Private Office: Starting from SGD 1,500 per month


  • Provide in-house Technology
  • Allow easy booking of meeting rooms
  • Providing economic solutions to your space constraints


  • Closed on weekends
  • Payment options unavailable

5. Found8

Most of the co-working spaces are centrally located in Singapore but Found8 is centrally located into three major locations. Found8 allows its members to access their working spaces interchangeably across Singapore.

Found8 provides a multitude of rooms for meeting and event options all of which you can easily access. Space also invested in early startups with Aurum Investments for a million-dollar venture capital fund.

1. Amoy – 100 Amoy St, Singapore 069920
2. High Street Centre -1 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179094
3. Tanjong Pagar – 79 Anson Rd, #23-01, Singapore 079906

Team rooms: starts at $240/month
Hot desk flexi: starts at $89/month
Hot desk unlimited: starts at $395/month
Virtual workspace plans: start at $99/month


  • Has multiple centers in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Very transparent pricing for customers
  • Plenty of meetings venues


  • Does not offer office tours
  • Usually closed on weekends

6. Gather CoWork

Gather CoWork appreciates that every firm has various workspace requirements so they specialise in establishing bespoke areas. You can easily book a space to host events and on fully furnished floors.

There are also socialization and networking opportunities for every new freelancer in the creative business. Your new workspace in Singapore provides enough opportunities and venues.

22 Martin Road, Level 3 Singapore 239058


1. Private Offices: Starting from $900 per month

2. Fixed Desk: Starting from $750 per month


  • It is also pet friendly
  • It provides customizable spaces
  • Encourage new talent


  • High pricing
  • Distracted crowd
  • No new art space

7. Compass Offices

They provide Commission for those who are willing to learn and explore opportunities. It is located in a Panoramic view of space.

Compass offices will ensure to deliver a convenient space supported by professional assistance to allow a wide focus on services.

24 Raffles Place in the core of the Singapore CBD.

Rates: N/A


  • The office provides a highly personalized workspace
  • Provide an uplifting space
  • Multi-functional working spaces


  • Closed on weekends
  • No fancy frills

8. Lionsworld Business Centre

Lionsworld is a corporate assistance provider known for its smartly-priced serviced headquarters and co-sharing areas.

Lionsworld Business Centre is a very accessible service provider company that offers co-working spaces in Singapore. Apart from affordability and why train services of this space are also known for their affordability.

111 North Bridge Road #21-01 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098

1. $25/month for virtual spaces

2. $75/month for classic co-sharing spaces

3. $200/month for a call-answering package


  • Affordable for 24/7
  • Provide call forwarding services
  • Accessible for freelancers


  • Limited seating
  • Not spacious

9. Productive PLQ

Productive Paya Lebar Quarter space that offers many affordable services. You can also make a booking on their website through any means of payment.

They also deliver lunch to their clients. They are known for their partner discounts on everything from work out to food.

Paya Lebar Quarter, PLQ 3 2 Tanjong Katong Rd, Paya Lebar Quarter 3 #01-09, Singapore 437161

1. Day passes: $14 (10:30 AM – 5 PM)
2. Hourly passes: $3/hour


  • Great for flexible work, no commitments
  • Free coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Affordable day pass and pay-per-hour rates


  • No 24-hour service
  • Not have good internet accessibility


Singapore is renowned for its friendly tax regulations, and highly qualified personnel, and also has a vibrant coworking culture. The rising need for adaptable and economical workplace solutions has led to an increase in the popularity of co-working spaces in Singapore. In Singapore, co-working environments are frequently furnished with advanced facilities including broadband connectivity, conference halls, and scanning equipment, among others. In order to work efficiently, freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations strongly favor coworking spaces in Singapore.

If you are looking to set up a business in Singapore, you can consult with our company formation experts from OnDemand International. Our experts will assist you in registering your business and will further provide assistance in acquiring virtual office space there.


A co-working space is a common office where individuals from various businesses, professions, and origins can collaborate. As they usually feature amenities like conference rooms, desks, chairs, and co-working environments are appealing to self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises.

Coworking spaces in Singapore might fluctuate in price based on the area, facilities, and length of membership. In a coworking space in Distri, for instance, a basic hot desk might cost SGD 550 for a single month. Similarly, a dedicated workstation in Distri can be approximately SGD 750 every month while a private office can cost around SGD 1,500.

When selecting a co-working space in Singapore, explore numerous aspects including cost, accessibility, facilities, as well as working spaces.

Co-working spaces offer numerous facilities such as conference rooms, wifi facilities, desks, chairs, etc.