Company Formation In Poznan in 2024-25


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    Establishing a company in Poznan, Poland presents an enticing prospect for foreign business entrepreneurs and investors seeking to expand their ventures into the heart of Europe. Poznan stands out as the perfect site for company formation because of its advantageous location, strong economy, welcoming business environment, and encouraging government policies. 

    In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricacies of company formation in Poznan, including its benefits, types of companies, step-by-step registration process, required documents, associated costs, and much more.

    Benefits of Registering a Company in Poznań

    Poznań offers a compelling proposition for business ventures. Here are some key advantages to consider:

    • Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of trade routes, Poznań boasts excellent connectivity to major European markets.
    • Favorable Business Environment: Poland implements a pro-business environment with competitive tax rates, including a flat 19% corporate income tax.
    • Skilled Workforce: Poznań houses a talent pool with a strong work ethic and a growing number of English-speaking professionals.
    • Access to EU Market: As part of the European Union, companies registered in Poznań enjoy the benefits of free movement of products as well as services within the large European marketplace.
    • Government Incentives: The Polish government offers various grants and subsidies to support foreign investment, particularly in innovative sectors.

    Kinds of Business Entities You Can Register in Poznań

    There are numerous corporate structures available in the Polish legal system to meet your unique requirements. Here are the most common options for company formation in Poznań:

    • Limited Liability Company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – Sp. z o.o.): This is the most popular choice for foreign investors due to its ease of formation, limited liability protection for shareholders, and a minimum share capital requirement of only PLN 5,000 (approx. EUR 1,100).
    • Joint-Stock Company (Spółka Akcyjna – S.A.): A joint stock corporation is best suited for larger businesses looking to raise money via public offerings of shares. It is subject to stricter regulatory regulations and has a minimum share capital requirement.
    • Branch Office: A foreign business might set up a branch office in Poznań to operate under the legal framework of its home nation.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration in Poznan

    Setting up a company in Poznan involves several steps, each requiring careful attention to legal and administrative details. Here’s a simplified guide to navigate the registration process:

    Choose Your Business Structure: 

    Select the most appropriate legal form for your company based on your business objectives, liability preferences, and regulatory compliance requirements.

    Select a Company Name: 

    Ensure that your chosen company name is unique, not already registered by another entity, and complies with Polish naming conventions.

    Draft the Articles of Association: 

    Draft and notarize the Articles of Association, which include the mission statement, share structure, guidelines for management, and other pertinent information about the company.

    Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses: 

    Before registering your company, make sure you have the necessary licenses and permits from the appropriate authorities, depending on the nature of your firm.

    Register Your Company: 

    Submit the required documents, including the Articles of Association, to the National Court Register (KRS) and obtain a registration certificate.

    Register for Tax: 

    Register your company for tax identification (NIP) and value-added tax (VAT) purposes with the relevant tax authorities.

    Open a Bank Account: 

    Open a corporate bank account to help with financial transactions and to ensure that you meet all banking regulations.

    Documents Required for Company Registration in Poznan

    To register a company in Poznan, you will need to prepare and submit the following documents:

    • Articles of Association: Notarized document outlining the company’s structure, purpose, and governing rules.
    • Identification Documents: Copies of passports or identification cards for all shareholders and directors.
    • Proof of Address: Utility invoices or lease agreements verifying the registered office address in Poznan.
    • Declaration of Share Capital: Document confirming the initial share capital contribution by shareholders.
    • Notarial Deeds: Notarized agreements or powers of attorney, if applicable.


    Company formation in Poznan offers foreign entrepreneurs and investors a gateway to the thriving business landscape of Poland and the broader European market. Poznan seems like a good place to start and grow a business because of its advantageous location, friendly business climate, and abundance of growth prospects. Poznan welcomes you with open arms whether you are an established business wishing to broaden your operations or a startup eager to explore new markets.

    At OnDemand International, we would be delighted to assist you in registering your business in Poland. With our expertise and experience, we can guide you through the company formation process in Poznan seamlessly, typically in about four weeks. Get in touch with OnDemand International right now for a hassle-free company incorporation process!