Company Registration In Dubai Silicon Oasis

Company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis is the best thing to do as it comes under a free trade zone and is also counted as a huge corporate and housing community in Dubai.


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    company registration in dubai silicon oasis

    The Dubai Silicon Oasis was developed in 2004 and is completely owned by the Dubai Government. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority(DSOA) is known to supply a working unified community and functioning lives. The Dubai Silicon Oasis comes under a Free Zone Authority that supplies perks to the business working in the technical line and incentives to the free trade zones.

    The DSOA believes in promoting industries that are based on technology under a full master-planned organization, in-house business services, state-of-the-art organization. The Dubai Silicon Oasis comes under a free trade zone and is also counted as a huge corporate and housing community in Dubai. This free zone is famous and the most gorgeous place for company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The Dubai Silicon Oasis is also a famous hub for tech, research, IT, and development companies.

    More About Dubai Silicon Oasis

    A large chunk of the DSO is present for the companies to lay their businesses for rent. The ecosystem in the DSO supports modern technology that indicates innovation and collaboration. There are 6 major components described by the DSO for its amazing ecosystem.

    • Medium-sized businesses & start-ups
    • Large enterprises
    • Universities
    • Incubation Centre
    • High-tech Infrastructure
    • Venture Capital Funds
    • Business services & Government

    The whole community shows a variety of lifestyle and residual facilities which incorporate universities, schools, community centers, hospitals, swimming pools, shopping complexes, and tennis courts. The Dubai Silicon Oasis has been redesigned with joined yards, green gardens, children’s playing grounds, a 24*7 security check-up, regular maintenance, and a functional road network.

    Another reason why the DSO is famous amongst the crowd is that it has got a lively social and commercial environment, and the occurrence of modernized industrial zones, villas, office towers, apartments, educational institutions, R&D units, and medical units.

    Process To Register A Company In Dubai Silicon Oasis

    Your aim for company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis can be fulfilled by following the below-mentioned steps:

    Send out the application form

    As it is the starting stage, you need to get yourself registered on DSOA’s consumer portal.

    Pre-approval of documents by DSOA

    Send your documents to get reviewed by the official body of DSO. You will need to get a pre-approval and invoice issued by the DSOA.

    Document and Fee Submission

    You will have to pay the asked fee and submit the needed documents; the confirmation will then be sent to your registered email.

    E-agreement registered by DSOA

    This comprises the rent and digital agreement that would be sent to your submitted email.

    Sign the e-agreement & share a capital letter

    Sign the rent agreement and with a bank share capital letter, send that back to DSOA.

    E-license is registered

    Your e-license is then successfully registered.


    Benefits Of Company Registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis

    The DSO offers several advantages to starting a company in general. Given how tough it is to discover the ideal site for you, you must consider the advantages of starting a company in one of your preferred areas.

    There are several advantages to company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Picking DSO as the location to start your company can provide you and your company an advantage. Aside from that, the price of establishing a firm in Dubai Silicon Oasis is not prohibitively high, which is yet another advantage. You can see a listing of a few of the factors why DSO is a good choice.

    The Most Important Advantage:

    Entrepreneurs who opt to open a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis can benefit from 100 percent foreign control, 100 percent capital return, no revenue or corporation taxes, quick business establishment and licensing, staff visa applications, and streamlined customs clearance, among other benefits.

    Site Set up

    It is thought to have a superb site in Dubai because it is located where the commerce crossroads of Asia and Europe converge. It was founded to assist in advertising. Dubai is home to a plethora of sophisticated technology-based sectors with the ability to go even further.

    Its site is ideal for business travelers, as it is close to the Dubai Airport and other business districts. In addition, DSO has sufficient space for housing units.


    It has been in operation for years and is considered the world’s premier center of sophisticated electronic invention, design, and research.

    The atmosphere of Dubai Silicon Oasis is designed exclusively for technology-focused businesses to help them grow.

    When you understand what you’re up to, company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis is relatively simple. We at ODINT Consulting have years of experience and know exactly where your business will thrive. There are several options for forming a business in Dubai, and ODINT Consulting can assist you in narrowing down your options depending on the type of your firm.

    Business Facilities

    Company registration in Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a lot of business facilities to its residents and firms settled there:

    • Multiple-Use Warehousing and Manufacturing
    • Offices
    • Conference facilities
    • Land for development
    • Student Accommodation
    • Amenities

    Types of Companies in Dubai Silicon Oasis

    There are different types of companies that are set up in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Such as:


    Any existing business, whether based in Dubai or elsewhere, can open a unit in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. The operation that the branch plans to carry out in the Dubai Silicon Oasis must be similar to the original company’s operation.

    Development of a Free Zone (FZE)

    An FZE is a corporate construct with a single stakeholder that is fully registered. A person or a non-individual/corporation can be a stakeholder.

    A Free Zone Company (FZCO) is a statutory body having at least two shareholders that have been registered. People or non-individual(s)/corporations might be stockholders.

    Licenses In Dubai Silicon Oasis

    Trade License: This permits the registered company to engage in operations relating to the importation, exporting, and delivery of goods and materials as stated in the license.

    Industrial License: The licensed entity can import raw materials, produce, manufacture, combine, package, and ship the final product with an industrial license.

    Service License: This license permits the registered business to only perform certain services.

    Special License Present in DSO

    Entrepreneurial Business License (EBL): An EBL license is created to assist budding businessmen and their firms grow faster by providing a variety of services and resources.

    Company Operation Licence: This type of permit is special for enterprises utilizing a Dubai Economic Department license to operate in the DSOA Administrative Zone (zones held by private operators).



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    Any recognized company, either in Dubai or abroad, can issue its branch in the DSO.

    To describe FZE, it is an authorized entity issued by an individual stakeholder. The stakeholder can either become a corporate/non-individual or just an individual. 

    Businesses that are now recognized with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and want to function in The Administrative Zone in DSO should register for the permit.

    DSO is a free trade zone and similarly a big corporate and housing community in Dubai. It is amongst the most striking places for corporate setup in Dubai.