Poland Business Immigration 2022-23: Board of Director Visa

In this article, we’ll be discussing more deeply the procedure of obtaining a Poland Board of Director visa, Poland business immigration, and also concerning Poland director immigration.


    Note:This form is not for job seekers

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    poland business immigration- board of director visa

    Complete Guide to Obtaining Poland Board Member Visa

    The growth of the economy of Poland offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish and develop new businesses. According to research, Poland remains one of the most desirable regions where you can invest your money in Central and Eastern Europe for foreign direct investment.
    Warsaw, the Polish Capital city is a significant commercial and economic center since it attracts investment from all over the globe. Tax-free areas get benefits from government agencies for the running of different types of businesses.
    Poland is one of the countries that have the highest density of inhabitants within the EU. One of the major factors is the capability to hire highly skilled local workers at a cheap cost.

    The production process and the low cost of labor are also reasons that companies from all over the world choose to go to Poland to start any kind of business. In this article, we’ll be discussing more deeply the procedure of how a Non-EU national can start their company in Poland and relocate there through a company board member visa (long-stay residency), i.e, Poland Business Immigration.

    What are the various cases of obtaining a Poland Company Board Member visa?

    You can apply for a Poland board member visa for these instances:
    ● Building business relationships.
    ● Problems with an established company.
    ● Participation in the board of meetings.
    ● Overseeing company operations

    Ideally, your company which you registered in Poland is sponsoring your board of director visa to carry out any of the above tasks. Please be informed that this kind of long-term residency visa can be a path toward Temporary Residence Work Permit (TR) and Permanent Residency Permit (PR) leading to Citizenship in 5-6 years. The National D visa for company board members is a business exploratory visa that gives them a chance to enter and stay up to 365 days in the Schengen region. This multiple entry visa opens routes for long-term residency in Schengen and gives complete flexibility to travel back and forth from Schengen to the home country.

    Why should the Company Director sign up for Poland for business migration?

    Polish law provides a lot of incentives for every investor or director that registers business in Poland territory. The incentives may be categorized into different categories. However, tax incentives are generally the most attractive to Poland Company Directors.
    Even so, the Poland Board Member visa is extremely popular with foreigners with a business operating in Poland or who are looking to begin their business in Europe. Here are the major reasons why you should consider registering a company in Poland:

    • Corporate income tax rate of 9% which can be applied for income other than capital gains if the taxpayer:
      • is a small taxpayer (i.e. taxpayer whose value of sales revenue – including the amount of VAT due – did not exceed in the previous fiscal year, the amount corresponding to the equivalent of EUR 2 million, expressed in PLN) or started its business activity, if the establishment of the company was not a result of transformation or merger (in the first tax year).
      • A tax rate of 5% on income that derives out of IP Rights in the Innovation Box scheme
    • Research and Development (R&D) tax relief allows for an increase in the deduction of eligible expenses of the tax base.
    • Investments into Special Economic Zones (SEZ) that provide corporate tax exemption. Freedom from income tax and exemption from holding assets
    • 6th largest economy in the EU.In constant growth in the GDP (on average 3.6% between 2009 and 2019).
    • 5th largest market for consumers of the EU (38 million Poles).
    • Huge market for HR, i.e. the population of people who are working (approx. 25 million Poles).
    • A staggering jobless rate of 3.2% by 2020.

    Document & Eligibility Criteria for a Poland Director Visa?

    1.  Passport in original.
    2. One copy of the passport’s data pages (the first and the last one) + of the pages with Polish/Schengen visas (if issued). If the visas were in the previous passport, also copy of that passport (all pages).
    3. Residence proof – an ID confirming legal residence.
    4. 2 color photos measuring 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm.
    5. National visa application form – will be prepared by our Polish immigration lawyer once you have a visa appointment date.
    6. Your official letter to the Polish consul in New Delhi – will be prepared by our Polish Immigration Lawyer once you have a visa appointment date.
    7. The power of attorney from you for our law office.
    8. An official letter from our lawyer to the Polish Consul in New Delhi.
    9. Travel medical insurance (requirements: the insurance must be valid in the whole Schengen area and for the entire duration of stay as well as it must cover costs of any emergency medical treatment and repatriation for medical reasons as well as in case of death repatriation of the deceased; the minimum coverage is 30.000 euro) – you can purchase it by yourself or we can arrange it on your behalf.
    10. Flight reservation (flight from India to Poland). Hotel reservation(s) Our team will explain to you on what date to book the hotel(s) / rent a flat.
    11. Payment for the power of attorney. Given at the time of company incorporation.
    12. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).
    13. The National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) of your company.
    14. Financial resources (savings) specified by Polish law – at least PLN 30,000. IMPORTANT – in accordance with Polish law, documents that confirm the possession of the above mentioned financial resources can only be one of the following (other documents will not be accepted): Traveler’s cheque OR A certificate of the amount of the credit card limit issued by the bank or credit institution that issued the credit card (this could be from India) OR A certificate confirming the possession of funds in a bank or credit institution based in the territory of Poland or in another EU Member State.

    Additional (Supporting) Documents:

    1. Your higher education – a university graduation diploma (if applicable)
    2. Other professional/educational certificates proving professional skills (if applicable)
    3. Documents confirming your past and present professional experience (preferably a certificate/statement from the employer(s) confirming: employment period, job position, the scope of duties, possibly also remuneration; it would be good if the certificates/statements contained praise about your work).
    4. If in India you currently hold a position of a board member in the company/companies – documents confirming the legal status (registration) of the company/companies and the fact that you are a board member.


    Benefits of Poland Business Immigration

    An invitation-only does not assurance of a favorable decision regarding a Poland board member visa because just the registration of a business does not suffice to qualify for the Poland Board Member visa. It is essential to show that the business is making sufficient profits that are good for the Polish economy. Below are the steps to be followed:

    • Collect the list of the documents and sign up in the Visa Application Centre. It can be done either online or via telephone.
    • It can take several days for you to get the document in its original form
    • The process for obtaining Poland Board Member visa takes between 7 to 10 days, however in certain instances, it is extended for up to a month.
    • Visit a consulate to have a visa interview. The visa fee must be paid. Submit documents.
    • You can observe in the two stages, that nothing is dependent on the person applying, however, to have a better chance of getting a favorable decision it is important to pay careful focus on the gathering of the documents/completing the checklist of the documents.

    Benefits of Poland Business Immigration

    Possibility of obtaining loans at low rates, while conserving their savings with the most secure European banks.

    • Low-cost labor.
    • Board Member visa permits you to travel throughout the Schengen region.
    • Lets you oversee your business in Poland
    • Free excursions into the Schengen Zone

    Conditions to obtain the TRP of the Poland company director

    Many directors view Poland business immigration as a chance to settle there and eventually become a resident within the state. It is possible to reside in Poland through the formation of a company. The first step is to be granted the National Visa D type (business or work) then, your business will need to prove it is a business. After that, the company has to verify the amount of profit it earned and the number of employees hired. It is possible to request a TRP (Temporary resident permit). Note: This Poland Board Member visa is given only to the Board members, not to shareholders. A Poland board member is granted upon the Work Permit, which may include two types of permits: governors as well as preferential.

    Temporary Residence Permits

    To be eligible for a TRP in Poland an international director needs to satisfy the criteria and complete the application form and all required copies. Either of the following conditions should be met:

    • You must have made a profit of around INR 13 lacs in the last financial year.
    • A minimum of two Polish citizens have to be employed for a minimum of one year.
    • Submit a concrete business and financial proposal along with your TRP application explaining how you would be contributing to the growth of the Polish economy.

    Temporary residence application takes about 4-6 months processing time and is issued for up to 3 years.

    Basic Documents for Temporary Residence Permit

    It is the base set of documents needed to apply a temporary visa for residence:

    • 2 copies of the application for a temporary residence permit in the manner directed.
    • Four color photographs were taken according to the guidelines
    • Official travel documentation (two copies of the page, each with annotations, with originals to inspect).
    • Confirmation of the payment for stamp duty
    • The essential documents required to obtain a specific kind or temporary permit to reside (e.g. Appendix 1. for temporary work and residence permits)

    Permanent Residence Permit

    A Director in the Polish company may submit a formal application for the permanent residence permit following the success of 3 years of working experience. You can then submit an application for Polish Citizenship after two years of conduct if that is good.

    Basic Document for Permanent Residence Permit

    The following are necessary documents for an application for permanent Polish residence application:

    • A duplicate of the form to apply for the Permanent residence permits. The form is available on the Polish Government website.
    • The original and duplicated version of your passport.
    • Four photographs were taken according to the guidelines for images on the visa.
    • Documentation that demonstrates the reason behind the application for a permanent residence permit.
    • You must provide evidence of your payment for stamp duty.


    This Poland Board Member visa lets you travel throughout Polish and Schengen territory. This permits you to establish new companies and operate within Poland as well as the Schengen zones without restrictions or with a minimum of limitations.

    We at Odint Consulting are helping hundreds of clients from India and elsewhere obtain the Schengen (Poland) director’s visa. Our service law office in Poland is very coherent and well-versed with the procedures. Our track record is impeccable with nearly 99.7% success.

    Just to make things crystal clear, this visa is specifically for entrepreneurs who have an established business in their home country and want to expand it to the European Union. Furthermore, these entrepreneurs would like to explore the way of long term residency or flexibility to travel in the Schengen region. We would also love to provide information on Poland business immigration to all of our clients irrespective of the country they belong to.



    The steps to follow in order to apply for a Poland visas are:
    • Find the nearest Polish consulate or embassy.
    • Set up a visa appointment.
    • Collect the required documents.
    • Submit the application in person at the Polish embassy or consulate.
    • Attend the visa interview.
    • Wait for the decision.

    Citizens of India do require a visa for visiting Poland. You will need a short-term visa which is valid for 90 days. This short-term visa is also known as the Schengen visa

    The Republic of Poland is also an easier country to get a Poland director visa. Those who are applying for a Schengen visa to Poland have a 97% chance of getting a positive answer.

    Directors are responsible for managing their companies. They have to be honest and work for the success of their company and its shareholders

    • Your passport
    • Poland’s request for a
    • Two photographs of you
    • Evidence of travel medical assurance
    • Proof of accommodation
    • Invitation letter
    • Employment status documents