Poland Business Immigration 2022-23: Board of Director Visa

In this article, we’ll be discussing more deeply the procedure of obtaining a Poland Board of Director visa, Poland business immigration, and also concerning Poland director immigration.


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poland business immigration- board of director visa

Poland Business Immigration in 2022-23: Board Of Director Visa

The growth of the economy of Poland offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish and develop new businesses. According to research, Poland remains one of the most desirable areas where you can invest your money in Central and Eastern Europe for foreign direct investment.

Technologies are rapidly gaining market share in Poland which offer new ways to test various kinds of products. These fields are attracting greater investment in the field of R & D.

Warsaw is a significant commercial and economic center since it attracts investment from all over the globe. The tax-free areas will get benefits from government agencies for the running of different types of businesses.

Poland is one of those nations which possess the highest density of inhabitants within the EU. One of the major factors is the capability to hire highly skilled local workers at a cheap cost. 

The production process and the low cost of labor are also reasons that companies from all over the world choose to go to Poland to start various kinds of business. In this article, we’ll be discussing more deeply the procedure of obtaining a Poland Board of Director visa, Poland business immigration, and also concerning Poland director immigration.

What are the various cases of obtaining a Poland director visa?

You can apply for a Poland Board of Director visa for these instances:

  • Discussions with partners from both sides. Polish side.
  • Building business relationships.
  • Problems with an established company, with the other director.
  • Participation in the board of meetings.
  • Carrying out entrepreneurial activities.

The basis of this is an invitation to apply for director visas from an entity that is a Polish legal company or private entrepreneurial.

Why should Firm Director sign up for Poland for business migration?

Polish law provides various incentives for every investor or director that registers in business in Poland the territory. The incentives may be categorized into different categories. However, tax incentives are generally the most attractive to directors for Poland Company.

Even so, the Poland Board of Director visa continues extremely popular with foreigners with a business operating in Poland or are looking to begin their own business in Eastern Europe:

  • Corporate tax rates are very low (CIT) around 9 to 9% (for profits of up to two million EUR) and up to 2022 and beyond. After 2022, there is the tax rate is “0” for profits to be retained (Estonian CIT).
  • A tax rate of 5% on income that derives out of IP Rights in the Innovation Box scheme
  • Research and Development (R&D) tax relief allows for an increase in the deduction of eligible expenses of the tax base.
  • Possession into Special Economic Zones (SEZ) that provide corporate tax exemption. Freedom from income tax and exemption from holding assets
  • 6thlargest economy in the EU.
  • In constant growth in the GDP (on average 3.6% 2009 between 2009 and 2019).
  • 5thlargest market for consumers of the EU (38 million Poles).
  • Huge market for HR, i.e. the population of people who are working (approx. 25 million Poles).
  • A staggering jobless rate of 3.2% by 2020.

Criteria for eligibility to get a Poland Board of director visa

Below we have laid out the items you must possess to obtain a Poland director visa permit. What are they?

  • The objective of the trip
  • A form for Poland visa applications that are harmonized, completed, and signed by the
  • Travel document that is valid for at most three months following the planned day that is the date of (last) date of (final) departure Schengen zone.
  • 4 passport-size Photographs.
  • Director’s address of residence
  • Insurance for medical travel covers the entire duration of the stay. The minimum amount of coverage should be EUR30.000.
  • Documents that prove the reason for your stay, along with the proof that you are employed & the confirmation that confirms accommodation (hotel reservation) as well as proof of financial resources, and an ID document.
  • Director contract or your most recent four-month salary slips.
  • The bank statement for the last 6.
  • No objection/Leave permission from the Director.
  • Form for Income Tax Return (ITR) form or Certificate of Income Tax deduction at the source of income.


Document Requirements for a Poland Director Visa

Document Requirements for a Poland Director Visa

These are the conditions for the Poland director visa:

  • Your passport:- The passport should be valid and contain two blank pages to get visa stamps.
  • Poland request for visa:- The application form is available on the E-Konsulat website or at the Polish consulate or embassy.
  • Two photographs of you:- The photos must be of a size of 35x40mm and taken in front of white backgrounds.
  • Evidence of travel medical assurance:- Health insurance should be legal for all Schengen countries and should be able to protect up to EUR30,000.
  • A proof of accommodation:- You may submit an accommodation reservation made within Poland or an invitation card from a Polish friend or family member.
  • Evidence of money:- You should be in a position to pay at least EUR16 for a day.
  • The proof of your travel itinerary or flight booking:- Some embassies require you to be able to show a valid return ticket.
  • Confirmation of financial sufficiency:- Account status and salary certification and employment certificate.
  • Personal biometrics data:- Director’s personal biometrics data for the documentation.
  • Invitation letter:- From a legal entity the invitation must be accepted on official letterhead, with an official seal.
  • Employment status documents:- Work contracts can be used to prove your financial security.

Steps to the process of obtaining a Poland Director Visa

An invitation does not assurance of a favorable decision regarding a Poland director visa. Even though a Poland business immigration registration does not suffice to qualify for the Poland director visa.

It is essential to show that the business is making sufficient profits that are good for the Polish economy. The most efficient way to acquire a Poland Board of Director visa is to hire at minimum two Polish citizens to work for your company.

  • Collect a list of the documents and sign up in the Visa Application Centre. It could be accomplished either online or via telephone. 
  • It can take several days for you to get the document in its original form
  • The process for obtaining director visas takes between 7 and 10 days, however, in certain instances, it is extended for up to a month.
  • Visit a consulate to have a visa interview. The visa fee must be paid. Submit documents.
  • You can observe in the two stages, that nothing is dependent on the person applying, however, to have a better chance of getting a favorable decision it is important to pay careful focus on the gathering of the documents.

Benefits of Poland Business Immigration

Down below we’ve listed down few of the major benefits of Poland business immigration: 

  • Possibility of obtaining loans at low rates, while conserving their savings with the most secure Poland banks.
  • Low-cost labor.
  • Director visas permit you to travel throughout Poland.
  • Lets you start your own business in Poland
  • Free excursions into the Schengen Zone
  • After five years, the resident status may be obtained when the company isn’t abroad for longer than 10 consecutive months. A single trip should not last more than six months.

Conditions to obtain the TRP of the Poland director or a business

Many directors view Poland business immigration as a chance to settle here and eventually become a resident within the state. It is possible to reside in Poland through the formation of a company is feasible.

The first step is to be granted the National Visa D type (business or work) Then, your business will need to prove it is a business. After that, the company has to verify the amount of profit it earned and the number of employees hired. It is possible to request a TRP (Temporary resident permit).

Note: This Poland Board of Director visa is only given only to members of the Board of Directors members, and not shareholders. A Poland Director immigration is granted upon the Work Permit, which may include two types of permits: governors as well as preferential.

Temporary Residence Permits

To be eligible for a TRP in Poland an international director needs to satisfy the criteria and complete the application form and all required copies. Based on the reason for applying conditions for documents differ.

  • In the third quarter of the year, we have income that is at least 12x of the typical monthly earnings.
  • A minimum of two Polish citizens have to be employed for a minimum of one year.
  • Make investments.
  • Permanent residency within Poland is possible with an uninterrupted stay of 3 years with TRP in Poland TRP

Temporary residency is granted within a couple of months. It is usually around PLN340. Should the request be rejected and the application is denied, the whole amount will be returned.

Basic Documents for Temporary Residence Permit

It is the base set of documents needed to apply to obtain a temporary visa for residence:

  • 2 copies of the application for a TRP in the manner directed.
  • Four color photographs were taken according to the guidelines
  • Official travel documentation (two copies of the page, each with annotations, with originals to inspect).
  • Confirmation of the payment for stamp duty
  • The essential documents required to obtain a specific kind or temporary permit to reside (e.g. Appendix 1. for temporary work and residence permits)

Permanent Residence Permit

A Director in the company may submit a formal application for a Poland permanent residence permit following the success of 3 years of working experience. You can then apply for Polish Citizenship after two years of conduct that is good.

Important Document for Permanent Residence Permit

The following are necessary documents for an application for permanent Polish residence application:

  • A duplicate of the form to apply for the Permanent residence permits. The form is available on the Polish Government website.
  • The original and duplicated version of your passport.
  • Four photographs were taken according to the guidelines for images on the visa.
  • Documentation that demonstrates the reason behind the application for a permanent residence permit.

You must provide evidence of your payment for stamp duty. The fee is EUR11. 



This Poland Board of Director visa lets you travel throughout Polish territory. This permits you to establish new companies and operate within Poland as well as the Schengen zones without restrictions or with a minimum of limitations.

We at Odint Consultancy assist our clients in obtaining the Schengen Poland director visa. As we think of this procedure to be ethical this process should take the least amount of time.

We also provide information on our Poland business immigration and Poland director immigration, no matter if it’s located in India as well as International Poland.


The steps to follow in order to apply for a Poland visas are:
• Find the nearest Polish consulate or embassy.
• Set up a visa appointment.
• Collect the required documents.
• Submit the application in person at the Polish embassy or consulate.
• Attend the visa interview.
• Wait for the decision.

Citizens of India do require a visa for visiting Poland. You will need a short-term visa which is valid for 90 days. This short-term visa is also known as the Schengen visa

The Republic of Poland is also an easier country to get a Poland director visa. Those who are applying for a Schengen visa to Poland have a 97% chance of getting a positive answer.

Directors are responsible for managing their companies. They have to be honest and work for the success of their company and its shareholders

• Your passport
• Poland’s request for a
• Two photographs of you
• Evidence of travel medical assurance
• Proof of accommodation
• Invitation letter
• Employment status documents

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