Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107​ Of Copyright ACT

As per section 107 of the 1976’s Copyright Act, Copyright Disclaimer is the interest built for justified use of imaginations like comment, review, news reporting, learning, teaching, research, and scholarship.


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    copyright disclaimer under section 107

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107

    As per section 107 of the 1976’s Copyright Act, Copyright Disclaimer is the interest built for justified use of imaginations like comment, review, news reporting, learning, teaching, research, and scholarship. Justified use is a method that is given by the Copyright Act itself. So, it must be followed. If anyone fails to do so, it would be counted as a violation.

    Whenever an author or a writer writes or comes up with his/her work, he/she would require a right to copy as well as sell his/her work. Anyone who has put a lot of money, energy, and time to come up with an idea, if anyone steals it away it takes the whole meaning of the actual ownership, and also takes away his/her living.

    What is Copyright?

    It’s an official procedure for saving an artist’s creative work. Usually, several types of content can be secured with the help of copyright. For instance, plays, books, poems, films, artwork, and songs. In recent years, protection by copyright has upped for sites and other types of online content.

    What is Disclaimer?

    Disclaimer comprises obligations for the service or product to which it’s attached. The whole point of the disclaimer is to notify clients about any types of hazards or risks shown by a product. It must list identify all risks and also certify that the list isn’t exhaustive. For instance, one can also write the risk notice.

    Features Of Copyright Disclaimer

    Here are some of the major features of copyright disclaimer:

    • The majority of content shielded by a copyright disclaimer, especially downloadable data, is protected by copyright.
    • An agency for copyright manages content covered by a copyright disclaimer. Images displayed under license and accessible reports are among the items in which copyright is held by others.
    • One may not reproduce or distribute any of the information secured with a copyright disclaimer, particularly downloadable content, without the permission of the holder of the copyright, save as permitted by the copyright legislation applicable to you.
    • The Agency for copyright permits its subscribers and partners to duplicate and distribute information for which the agency holds the copyright.

    How Does Copyright Disclaimer Work?

    Let’s assume that you own a blog, and you had started it in 2010, and wish to do so in 2022 also. To attest copyright, you must add a disclaimer at the end of your homepage with the title of your firm or blog, the firm logo, and the active years, 2010-2022. The disclaimer will represent copyright protection to your data and to all the activity that occurs on your site. 

    Whenever you put a copyright disclaimer on your innovation, you show that you have these 5 rights which only belong to you:

    1. Generate or create copies
    2. Make newer versions
    3. Place or perform the work in public
    4. Put it on display
    5. Publish or distribute it

    These rights represent that anyone who modifies, distributes, or adopts the item as his own, whether you’ve published it or not, has gone against your copyright disclaimer. 

    Therefore, one can utilize a copyright disclaimer in the following places:

    1. App store listing
    2. Email footers
    3. Terms and conditions
    4. Website homepage
    5. In any downloadable file

    How to Register a Copyright?

    Among the most important aspects of copyright is copyright registration. If one does not establish his/her copyright and file a complaint alleging that his/her work has been duplicated. The court requests evidence of your property. As a result, licensing your item protects you. One can utilize the copyright that he/she applies in a courtroom to show when and who developed that work.

    Requirements For Copyright Disclaimer

    • Fixation: An innovative attitude must be maintained at all times. A melody, for example, must be prefixed on print or recorded onto a cassette or Disc to be protected. A live performance of the song will not be secured.
    • Emotion: It tends to be associated with the demand for fixation. Ownership can be granted to the “presentation” of a notion. Ideas, on the other hand, are uncopiable.
    • Uniqueness: To be considered a writer’s work, artistic content must satisfy a basic sense of innovation. Direct samples of somebody else’s creation, as well as statistics, short phrases, slogans, etc, are not trademarked. The names and locations in a telephone book, for example, can’t be protected, but the picture on the front page, most likely, may.

    Procedure Of Getting Copyright Disclaimer

    Let’s now study the procedure of a Copyright Disclaimer:

    Determine whether or not your material is copyright protected.

    In principle, all freely disseminated “visually detectable” copies must bear an effective disclaimer. Documents, sheet music, pictures, and films are all instances of visually visible copies. An audiotape, such as a CD, record player, or MP3 audio, is not covered by a visually audible copy.

    Make a Meaningful Symbol

    The trademark or “the C in a ring” (©) mark, as well as the sign for phone reporting (℗), must be included in visually visible models. To state clearly that your product is copyrighted, you might use the term “Copyright” or the expression “Corp.”

    Determine the Publication Year

    As per the Copyright Law, content that is published must match with the phone records or the distributed copies of your work. When determining the publication year, it is the year when you have filed your work through sale or by other means like leasing.

    Announce your or the Copyright Owner’s name

    One needs to provide the name of the copyright holder. Make use of your current name or any other name of which you have the official power to use. If you wish your firm to protect the ownership, then ensure that your corporation has been rightly verified. With the help of a phone recording, the generator’s name will be identified as the notice’s part, if the owner is titled on the container or label with the report having no other name.

    Put the Notice of Copyright on Your Product

    It means that one must attest to his/her copyright in a section visible to the human eye. It mustn’t be concealed or covered from view. On the site, the notice of copyright is placed generally in the footer area, at the bottom of a written portion of music, or on a book’s pages. One can also incorporate a copyright notice in the video’s title or the credits.

    Attest a Rights Statement

    The rights statement brings before the audience what rights are being by you for yourself. For instance, you can write all rights reserved if you don’t wish your idea to be copied by anyone. The statement some rights reserved is written for productive commons license, and No rights owned is written when one can give away all controls.

    When To Use The Copyright Disclaimer?

    One can utilize a copyright disclaimer whenever the content on his/her site or application is completely managed and copyrighted by him/her. It is easy to make a copyright disclaimer. Just incorporate these in it:

    • Your name and the name of your business
    • Year of content production
    • Copyright symbol
    • Rights reservation (all rights reserved etc)

    Benefits Of Copyright Disclaimer

    Here are the following benefits of a copyright disclaimer:

    Public Notification of your Copyright

    Users will be able to see your work since it will be listed in the Copyright Committee’s Catalog. Anyone interested in locating your work can search this catalog to determine if it has been saved. This effectively notifies the audience that you own the material and aids in the defense of “voluntary violation” allegations.

    Legal Proof Of Property

    If anybody copies your product, registering it will prevent an expensive legal battle over copyright. Your registered trademark will serve as evidence of possession and will protect you from legal action.


    If you file your copyright within five years of publishing it, it will show that it is still valid. This could lead to future disputes with your creative content rights.

    Damage maximization

    In the event of a breach, a copyright holder is restricted to total damages without proper certification. These could be straightforward but difficult to demonstrate. The copyright party is entitled to civil penalties and attorneys’ expenses if they register their copyright. To keep these penalties, nevertheless, the filing must be completed within 3 months of the production’s declaration or before the breach happens.

    Possibility of bringing a libel suit

    By far it is the most significant advantage. Even though a copyright owner possesses ownership of an item, those copyrights can only be enforced through the judiciary if the work is licensed in India. A copyright holder cannot file a case for infringement without first registering.

    Copyright Disclaimer Is Beneficial To Your Employment

    Regardless of what one might think, your original expression is a property that should be treated as such. It could be utilized as promotional materials and can pay a bunch in the long term. In order to generate money, you must maintain your right to legitimate control over your labor. Copyright may last for more than 70 years thus it can also function as a heritage.

    It safeguards your liberties

    Copyright will offer you legal reasons to sue anyone who trespasses on your rights or unlawfully copies and redistribute your creative piece. You could either demand payment for a license or any economic loss caused as a result of them duplicating your work. If someone uses your material without your permission, you have the right to follow them down and demand that they repay you the money they made from the breach.

    YouTube Copyright Disclaimer

    As we learned above that, disclaimers are for general blogs and websites, they are less utilized for videos. But not utilizing disclaimers on YouTube videos can give rise to legal problems. The reason is, that generally, individuals like to watch videos more than read long articles. Any data exchange on the internet must have a disclaimer, be it in a video or text and incorporation of them also brings benefits.

    Crucial Functions

    The owners of YouTube channels or blogs use declarations for mainly 3 reasons:

    They can easily cover:

    Sending information: A declaration can show that getting in touch with the owner by a YouTube channel or by comments isn’t the best way. They can also incorporate a declaration to mention the video moderation remarks and content control on a YouTube channel.

    Handling obligation: If the owner belongs to the field of law, health care, research, or from an audit team, he/she can make a declaration representing that watching the YouTube video doesn’t create any relationship or it doesn’t mean that one can take professional advice from the video. For traders and other sectors who don’t belong to any of the mentioned fields, the declaration can only involve a certain list of liabilities or warranties.

    Official compliances: The FTC, or Federal Trade Commission, requires apt advertising and that includes showing any related links. If the digital item is making revenue, it should have an earning declaration. That is why declarations can come up everywhere information is shown.

    Problems Addressed

    A list of authenticated corporations backed by provisions is indeed nearly countless, there are 5 main issues when it comes to videos. Based on your domain, the provisions discuss these issues one by one or their mixture. For the present disclaimers on YouTube, here are the following problems that are addressed.

    Official obligation

    It’s easy for buyers to be associated and consult a YouTube video on health care or general laws as official data. A possible official obligation here can be if there is a disclaimer at the start that declares that this video doesn’t hold any official liability or relationship to the user.

    General obligation

    Any YouTube video that shows an item can look like it’s offering warranties. A disclaimer can easily clear this doubt that there aren’t any warranties, and an item will operate as needed, as shown in the video.

    Control of content

    Most creators enable comments for users on their YouTube videos. Yes, this kind of disclaimer is more like terms and conditions, but it also in a way manages data in the comments and eliminates the improper ones.

    Justified utilization

    YouTube videos can get copyrighted portions. Still, there is a lot of argument on the efficiency of such disclaimers, a creator can show that the utilization of the product renders justified use and it isn’t a violation of secured copyright.

    Personal risk

    This disclaimer lets users notify that whatever is shown in the video, and the result coming after it, is the responsibility of the user and not the producer of the video. Under this disclaimer are included videos giving investment advice, or description of important operations. These videos should have disclaimers that give an obligation to the user and not to the administrator.

    There are a lot of advantages of YouTube declarations, but they aren’t usually utilized.


    Now that we have reached the end of the article, we hope that all the topics related to copyright disclaimer are clear to you. In this article, we talked about the meaning of copyright, disclaimer, their importance, the process to apply, and many more things. If you wish to know more or gain an expert’s help on this topic, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at ODINT Consulting.


    Copyright Disclaimer comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them are Legal property proof, public notification of the copyright, damage maximization, and the possibility of bringing a libel suit.

    A copyright disclaimer shields individuals from responsibility by protecting the original work from consumer theft. It is written as both a caution and a means to limit risks.

    A YouTube disclaimer is a declaration that is posted on or in the introduction of a video to help limit legal liability or safeguard original content.