EORI Number – Economic Operator Registration Identification

An EORI number is provided when commodities are transported over European borders, whether from the Netherlands to Germany or from California to the Dutch.


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    An EORI or Economic Operator Registration Identification number is provided when commodities are transported over European borders, whether from the Netherlands to Germany or from California to the Dutch.

    What is an EORI Number?

    Every single citizen or corporation that carries products over European borders is assigned an EORI number, which is a collection of alphanumeric characters. It’s a component of the European Commercial Organizations Certification and Identity Network. Once an economic revival has registered for and acquired an Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) number in the Netherlands, it may be used for both intra-EU transportation of goods as well as importation operations.

    The EORI number in the Netherlands may be determined as follows. The identity is made up of the tax’s payable registration and the local number. The administrative number, commonly known as the RSIN, is a unique identifier.

    Applications Of EORI Number

    Whenever exchanging products at the harbor or terminal, every firm that performs shipping activity inside the EU and the Netherlands will be needed to obtain an Economic Operator Registration Identification number for appropriate certification by the customs department.

    Everyone dealership, each firm, each carrier, and every individual in the Netherlands, as in every other European nation, requires an EORI number as soon as they have to cope with import duties on a routine basis. Each of the market participants simply needs a single figure. Individuals and businesses headquartered in the Netherlands should register for an EORI number there as well. Non-EU enterprises are able to pick their EORI registered location. An EORI identity can be used for importation, exportation, and commodities movement from across the EU as soon as it is received in the Netherlands.

    Procedure To Get EORI Number in the Netherlands

    The manner in which you obtain the Netherlands Economic Operator Registration Identification number is determined by the manner in which you make customs clearance in the Netherlands. Three types of instances must be distinguished:

    • In the Netherlands, a network operator prepares customs formalities on your behalf.
    • In the Netherlands, you are responsible for your customs procedures.
    • You or a third-party network operator file an immigration report in another country.

    You can generate your Economic Operator Registration Identification number. Simply combine the ISO symbol for the Netherlands, NL, with your Dutch employer identification number, the RSIN multitude. You use the BSN identity for Dutch residents rather than the RSIN number when creating an EORI identity for a private citizen. If one of the integers has less than nine characters, start with zeros and work your way up.

    Example of how an EORI Number looks like NL002692874

    This information does not require submission or registration and may be used right away. It is immediately examined and allowed the very first time it occurs in a declaration form.

    This is done by filling out a Belastingdiens form from Dutch taxation. Please note that organizations headquartered in the Netherlands should complete a separate form than those located elsewhere. Organizations requesting an EORI number in the Netherlands should complete the form digitally and then submit it without a confirmation to the online account specified on the application. Fill out the other application online, download it, mark it, and ship it to the registered address on the pattern.

    Example of EORI Number

    In the Netherlands, EORI takes precedence with the initials ‘NL.’ After that, there’s a 12-digit number that’s dependent on the dealer’s VAT number (For example, GB 485572213000). For non-VAT-registered businesses, ‘dimwit’ EORI numbers can be provided. In Ireland, EORI digits are generally the same as VAT digits and may be recognized using the given equations: the usage of the ‘IE’ suffix before a seven-digit integer.

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    If your firm is headquartered outside of the EU, you can register for an Economic Operator Registration Identification in one of the Eu Countries where you can do business. Each European nation will recognize an EORI identification. You will be asked to present documentation from the commerce registry if you are functioning beyond the EU.

    If you have any more queries or have trouble at any phase of the process, contact Odint Consulting. We have our professional experts who will go out of their way to help and give you support. 


    If your firm’s VAT registration has been operational, it will take about 3-5 business days to establish the EORI registration. The fundamental organizations, not the administrative entity, may request an EORI designation. An adequate legal form is required for the firm.

    Visit the Economy Operation Identity and Recognition website to see if you were automatically enrolled for EORI. In ‘Confirmation EORI digits,’ you must enter your present Tax invoice headed by ‘IE.’