Register an Import-Export Company in Poland from India: Procedure & Benefits

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    register an import-export company in poland from india


    Embarking on a journey to establish an import-export company between India and Poland opens up a plethora of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With bilateral trade steadily growing and both countries boasting vibrant economies, the time is ripe to capitalize on this lucrative market. 

    In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essential steps and considerations to seamlessly form your import-export venture in Poland from India.

    Market Research: Identifying Profitable Products for India-Poland Trade

    Before embarking on your Polish import-export journey, thorough market research is paramount.

    This crucial step equips you with valuable information to identify products with high-profit potential:

    • Demand Analysis: Look at consumer trends in Poland and determine which products are presently imported from India or don’t have enough of a presence there. Tools like trade data portals and market research reports can be invaluable assets.
    • Evaluation of Competition: Look into current Polish rivals selling comparable Indian goods. Examine their marketing and pricing tactics to find any areas where your company might shine.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Verify that the goods you select abide by all import laws in Poland, particularly those pertaining to product safety requirements and the process for clearing customs.

    By conducting comprehensive market research, you’ll gain a clear understanding of market dynamics, allowing you to select products with a strong potential for success in the Polish market.

    Choosing the Right Business Entity for Your India-Poland Import-Export Company

    Choosing the right business structure is essential to the success of any import-export endeavour. Entrepreneurs in Poland have the option to choose from a number of legal forms, such as partnerships, joint-stock companies (S.A.), and limited liability companies (Sp. z o.o.). Each business structure has unique benefits regarding liability protection, taxation, and operational flexibility.

    For Indian investors, establishing a subsidiary or a representative office in Poland provides a strategic advantage, facilitating seamless market entry and fostering local connections. You may speak with our company formation experts to navigate the nuances of company formation and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in both jurisdictions.

    Procedure for Opening an Import-Export Company in Poland for Indian Investors

    The key actions required to incorporate your import-export company in Poland are broken down as follows:

    Reservation of Company Name

    Select a distinctive and available business name for your endeavour. Through the Polish Development Fund, this can be completed electronically (PFR).

    Draft the Association’s Article

    This document contains important information about your firm, such as share capital, management structure, and objectives.

    Deposit Share Capital

    The minimum share capital for a Sp. z o.o. is 5,000 PLN.

    Notarial Deed

    Complete a notarized, shareholder-signed deed creating your business.

    Company Registration 

    Register your company with the National Court Register by submitting the necessary paperwork and registration costs.

    Acquire an Tax Identification Number

    To get your company’s NIP, register with the Polish tax authority.

    Obtain a VAT registration

    Based on your anticipated turnover, ascertain whether your company has to register for VAT.

    Compliance and Tax Considerations for Your Import-Export Company

    Understanding Polish import regulations and tax laws is essential for smooth operations.

    Some key considerations include:

    • Import Duties and Customs Clearance: Research and understand import duties applicable to your products and familiarize yourself with Polish customs clearance procedures.
    • Taxation: Navigate the tax landscape in Poland, including corporate income tax, VAT, and withholding tax obligations. To reduce your tax obligations and increase your profitability, take advantage of the tax breaks and incentives that are available to import-export companies.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Keep up with changes to industry-specific laws and regulations that control import-export operations in Poland. To reduce risks and preserve trust in the market, make sure that trade documents, labelling specifications, and product standards are all followed.

    Benefits of Starting an India-Poland Import-Export Business

    Embarking on an import-export venture between India and Poland offers a myriad of benefits for entrepreneurs:

    • Strategic Location: Poland serves as a gateway to the European Union (EU) market, providing access to over 500 million consumers and a robust infrastructure network.
    • Diverse Product Portfolio: Tap into the diverse product offerings of both India and Poland, ranging from agricultural commodities to high-tech innovations, catering to evolving consumer preferences and market trends.
    • Opportunities for Bilateral Trade: Profit from the expanding trade between Poland and India as a result of their shared cultural heritage, economic interests, and geopolitical alliances.
    • Market Expansion: Increase your company’s reach and look for new growth opportunities in the vibrant markets of Central and Eastern Europe by taking advantage of Poland’s advantageous location and supportive business environment.
    • Cultural Synergy: Utilize the cultural convergence of Poland and India to build enduring commercial ties, profit from market insights, and successfully manage cross-cultural obstacles.


    Establishing an import-export company in Poland from India presents a gateway to unparalleled business opportunities, synergizing the strengths of two dynamic economies. 

    Our area of expertise at OnDemand International is enabling smooth business establishment in Poland, leveraging our expertise and network to expedite the process. Initiate your journey towards success in the flourishing Indian-Polish commerce corridor by getting in touch with us immediately for tailored advice. Get in touch with our experts today.


    Pharmaceuticals, textiles, machinery, automotive components, and IT services are among the key sectors driving bilateral trade between India and Poland.

    Indian investors can establish a subsidiary or a representative office in Poland to conduct import-export activities, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

    In Poland, import-export companies have to pay corporate income tax, VAT, as well as withholding taxes. To minimize their tax obligations, entrepreneurs can, nevertheless, make use of tax breaks and incentives.