Set Up a Leather Manufacturing Business In Poland: Process & Benefits

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    The European leather goods market is a thriving industry, valued at over €100 billion. Poland, strategically located at the crossroads of East and West, presents a compelling destination for foreign entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on this growth. With a skilled workforce, a robust infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment, Poland offers a unique blend of factors that can propel your leather manufacturing business to success.

    If you’re thinking about starting a new company or growing your existing company, Poland might just be the perfect destination. Let’s explore why and how you can set up your leather manufacturing business in this dynamic country.

    Is Poland Right for Your Leather Manufacturing Business?

    Here are some key factors that make Poland an attractive location for your leather venture:

    • Thriving Leather Industry: Poland boasts a long and rich history in leather production, with a well-established network of suppliers, manufacturers, and skilled artisans.
    • Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of Europe, Poland provides excellent access to major European markets, facilitating efficient distribution and minimizing transportation costs.
    • Skilled Workforce: Poland boasts a sizable pool of exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the leather goods sector, guaranteeing a workforce that is always ready to meet your production demands.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Poland offers lower labour, production, and real estate costs than countries in Western Europe.
    • Government Incentives: By providing tax rebates, subsidies, and expedited business registration procedures, the Polish government aggressively encourages international investment.
    • Expanding Domestic Market: Poland, which has a population of more than 38 million, has a sizable domestic market for leather goods and presents excellent opportunities for local sales.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Leather Manufacturing Business in Poland

    Entering the Polish market requires careful planning and execution. Here’s a roadmap to guide you through the process:

    1. Create a thorough business plan 

    Make sure your product line, manufacturing procedures, marketing plan, target market, and financial estimates are all clearly defined.

    2. Choose the Right Business Structure 

    Consider a “Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością” (Sp. z o.o.), a limited liability company, which offers a good balance between flexibility and protection for your personal assets.

    3. Register Your Business 

    Partner with a legal professional to navigate the company registration process with the National Court Register (KRS).

    4. Obtain Necessary Permits and Licenses 

    Depending on your specific activities, you might require additional permits, such as environmental or health and safety certifications.

    How to Select the Ideal Business Structure for Your Leather Manufacturing Company in Poland?

    Limited liability companies (sp. z o.o.) are the most common corporate structure used by foreign investors in Poland. In addition to being simple to incorporate, this form has various advantages, such as restricted liability for shareholders and flexible management.

    It takes a minimum of one shareholder and one director to establish a sp. z o.o. with a minimum share capital of PLN 5,000. The shareholders’ liability is limited to their respective contributions to the company’s capital, providing a shield against personal liability for business debts and obligations.

    Furthermore, a sp. z o.o. offers greater credibility and stability in the eyes of customers, suppliers, and financial institutions, enhancing your business’s reputation and growth prospects in Poland and beyond.

    Benefits of Setting Up a Leather Manufacturing Business in Poland

    Setting up a leather manufacturing business in Poland offers a myriad of advantages, including:

    • Skilled Workforce: Poland boasts a well-educated and skilled workforce with expertise in leather processing, craftsmanship, and manufacturing.
    • Strategic Location: Positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Poland provides easy access to major markets, facilitating trade and distribution of leather products.
    • Cost Efficiency: Competitive labour costs, affordable utilities, and favourable taxation make Poland a cost-effective destination for manufacturing operations.
    • Friendly Business Environment: Poland’s investment incentives, simplified regulatory structure, and pro-business laws foster an atmosphere that is favourable to the expansion and innovation of businesses.
    • Access to EU Market: Membership in the European Union grants Polish companies access to a vast and affluent market of over 440 million consumers without trade barriers.
    • Infrastructure Development: Ongoing investments in infrastructure, including transportation networks and industrial zones, enhance connectivity and logistics capabilities for businesses.

    Top Cities and Regions for Leather Manufacturing in Poland

    Although Poland has many desirable places to manufacture leather, a few cities and regions stand out for their strong industrial infrastructure, highly qualified labor pool, and encouraging business climate:

    • Warsaw: The capital city serves as a major economic and industrial hub, offering access to a diverse talent pool and excellent transportation links.
    • Krakow: With its rich cultural heritage and growing industrial base, Krakow provides a conducive environment for leather manufacturing and artisanal craftsmanship.
    • Wroclaw: Located in southwestern Poland, Wroclaw is renowned for its dynamic economy, skilled workforce, and investment-friendly policies.
    • Lodz: Known as the “Polish Manchester,” Lodz has a strong history in the textile and leather sectors, which attracts investors looking to engage in the leather manufacturing sector.
    • Pomerania Region: The Pomerania region, which is home to the prosperous towns of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot, provides access to seaports and a vast logistics network for global trade.

    Financing Options for Launching Your Leather Manufacturing Business in Poland

    Launching a leather manufacturing business in Poland requires adequate capital investment. Fortunately, there are several financing options available to support your venture:

    • Bank Loans: To meet the needs of enterprises, Polish banks provide a variety of financing options, such as working capital facilities, credit lines, and term loans.
    • Government Grants and Incentives: The Polish government provides a range of grant programs and investment incentives to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and industrial development.
    • Venture Capital and Private Equity: Seek funding from investors in private equity, venture capital, and or angel investors interested in supporting promising ventures in the manufacturing sector.
    • Crowdfunding Platforms: To obtain money from a wide range of investors interested in supporting your business idea and vision, take into consideration crowdfunding platforms.
    • Export-Import Financing: Leverage export-import financing options to facilitate international trade and mitigate risks associated with cross-border transactions.


    Poland shows itself to be a viable location for foreign investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a leather manufacturing company. Poland presents exceptional prospects for expansion and prosperity in the leather sector due to its advantageous geographic position, proficient labor force, encouraging commercial atmosphere, and market accessibility.

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    The growth of the leather industry in Poland is driven by factors such as increasing demand for high-quality leather products, competitive production costs, access to skilled labour, and a favourable business environment.

    With the assistance of OnDemand International, business incorporation in Poland can be completed in approximately 2-4 weeks, subject to the completion of necessary legal formalities and documentation.

    Yes, operating a leather manufacturing business in Poland requires obtaining necessary permits and licenses from regulatory authorities, including environmental permits, health and safety certifications, and compliance with labour laws.

    Language obstacles, cultural disparities, negotiating governmental processes, and comprehending regional market dynamics are a few possible obstacles. However, with proper planning and assistance, these challenges can be effectively addressed to ensure a smooth business setup process.