Opening A Bank Account in Poland- Complete Guide

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    opening a bank account in poland

    If you are looking to set up a business in the European Union, you can consider establishing your firm in Poland. This is because setting up a business in Poland offers various benefits to entrepreneurs such as access to a skilled workforce, low tax, access to Special Economic Zones, tax advantages, and various other benefits.

    However, while setting up a business in Poland, one of the most important steps is opening a bank account in Poland. Opening a bank account in Poland offers numerous benefits to entrepreneurs including the ability to access online and mobile banking, better cash flow management, and ease of managing personal and business finances.

    Steps For Opening A Bank Account In Poland

    The most important papers that are needed to start a bank account in Poland are a residency card for ex-pats who got their residency allowance in Poland or a passport. Interested candidates must note that the needed papers may vary from bank to bank. There are some financial institutions that only require identification evidence, while others might require residential proof.

    The following are the mandatory documents needed for opening a Polish bank account:

    • Identification proof: You’ll need to present legitimate government-issued documentation as identification evidence, such as a passport.
    • Evidence of address: Electricity bills, statements from banks, or other official documents that are less than three months old are acceptable forms of evidence of address.
    • Evidence of employment: You can be required to provide documentation showing your employment if you need overdraft choices such as an employment contract.
    • Residency card for ex-pats

    Interested applicants must note that the documents may vary from bank to bank.

    Several banks possess policies for foreigners, and they are required to submit only their passport, as an identification document, and their birth country’s residence proof. So, the applicant sends in a statement. When foreign firms decide to start a bank account in Poland, they will be asked to submit their registration certificate and the articles of association.

    Applicants will have to pay a monthly fee to keep their bank account running in Poland, and in case of additional services, an extra fee would be charged. Other applicable charges are debit orders and transactions. These charges depend on the chosen financial institution.

    Why should you start a bank account in Poland? We’re sure this question might’ve struck you by now. The reason is simple. Banks in Poland follow the IBAN structure. This IBAN structure is used to manage foreign money transfers. ATMs and credit cards are also easily accepted in Poland.

    If you run a firm and you need a merchant account for your business operations, you can contact your chosen bank account or any other bank of your choice. A merchant bank account permits the firm to receive payments in multiple ways. Usually through a debit or credit card. This makes it easier for firms to go online to sell their goods. This account is started after a deal between a 3rd party that carries out the card withdrawals, and a bank.

    Banking In Poland

    A corporate bank account is the best one for company owners who operate various sorts of firms in Poland, and also for the foreign citizens working in Poland who should get their salary. The foreign citizens, and the local Polish people, both can apply for an account opening in Poland in zloty and all exchangeable currencies.

    Several popular banks have started their units in Poland, and the largest Polish banks now provide services in Polish and English both. Few banks also now support the digital options to access the mandatory forms to start a bank account.

    The Narodowy Bank Polski is the Central Bank of the Republic of Poland, and it is the bank that holds the charge with others, and also comprises the yearly monetary policy provisions. This bank is also responsible for filing necessary data regarding the nation’s economical status, and sector, and it also authorizes the company’s stability.

    Opening A Bank Account For Companies In Poland

    Starting a Polish bank account is necessary when you’re commencing a firm there. For firms that are large or medium-sized, it’s a mandatory step. Only small or micro-business owners can be exempt from starting a bank account while establishing a business. But not starting a bank account with the business can prove to have its own set of disadvantages. It is better to have a bank account in Poland as it helps in handling all the financial challenges.

    Small firms that don’t wish to start a bank account in Poland will have to meet some other terms, like keeping a lower yearly net turnover and a restricted number of workers. When they get exempted from opening a bank account, they also have to submit fewer taxes and social contributions. Plus, they can also take the tax refund in cash. Firms in Poland that are liable for VAT, and have filed for VAT refunds, should have a corporate Polish bank account.

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    Business bank account establishment in Poland is done by getting hands with the legal structure’s registration paperwork. As soon as the firm is established, you can submit the gathered documents. The registration happens at the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, (CEIDG), and when the firm is registered, it becomes easier to start a bank account as the firm owner isn’t needed to provide the bank account data separately.

    The funders who are away and cannot participate in the bank account opening process can contact any agency that provides such services. Applicants can consider contacting us at ODINT Consulting, as we work with our skilled staff to provide our clients with the best possible services.

    Conditions For Transferring Money From Or To Poland

    Entrepreneurs and home investors who make money from Poland, but aren’t based in the nation, and have to transfer their salary, may find the bank’s regulations regarding money transfers worth studying.

    If you wish to send in around 7.000 euros in Poland, you can easily transfer it without going through any border declaration. For the amount topping 10.000 euros, the trader is asked to provide a form of the declaration at the border. So, it is suggested that the trader uses the method of EU standard transfer, as it’s the fastest, cheapest, and most manageable way of sending huge amounts from Poland. It is to be noted that this EU standard transfer can only be done for withdrawals in the EU.

    If one wishes to carry out money transfer between nations outside the EU, and Poland, they can use the different services available for that purpose. It is to be kept in mind that these regulations only apply to fund transfers. But the laws in Poland regarding money transfer, offer several principles.

    How To Choose Right Bank In Poland?

    Picking up the right bank is an important choice for one to make. Your choice of financial institution will decide the growth of your business and will result in good or bad management of your finances. The choice of a good bank is done based on its quickness of completing the process of opening a bank account, the charges implied, ATM units provided by the bank, etc. The investors who start a firm in Poland are also keen to learn about the policies of the bank towards their business clients and services like the merchant account, needed to run e-retail and digital market.

    Several financial institutions provide digital and general facilities for businesses that already have a physical branch in existence. The accessibility, quality, and availability of operations and trustable digital and mobile facilities, can be a strong criterion for choosing the bank to deal with.

    Poland allows the traders to pick from the banks owned by the state, commercial banks, and cooperative banks. The most popular European financial institutions also have units in Poland. Usually, all the banks provide digital account access, and multiple banks only work online and don’t have a physical unit. Once the firm is registered, the manager should pick the right bank by focusing on all the criteria important for his firm.

    Factors to think about while choosing a bank in Poland

    Entrepreneurs who wish to start a bank account in Poland should know that some financial institutions that don’t benefit much from promotion, may render less costly services than the general banks. So, any businessman must compare and study multiple offers concerning their service cost and quality. The services to be taken into consideration are as follows, cash loans, currency exchange, cash processing, local & international fund transfer, cash-in-transit, account maintenance charge, cash loans, etc.

    Here are certain factors that you can consider when your think about choosing a bank:


    When picking a bank, it is important to compare institutions and take into account all potential expenses. You have to consider numerous fees like ATM fees, maintenance charges, minimum balance, and so on.

    Services offered 

    Another factor that you may consider while choosing a bank in Poland is the various services offered by the bank. Compare the different services such as borrowing and credit facilities, international money transfers, and so on.


    While selecting a bank, compare the number of branches and ATM facilities that are available in the nation. 

    Customer support services 

    The majority of banks have call centers and staff that communicate in English. There could possibly be a few exceptions, though. Before you sign an agreement, be cautious to verify the service languages. 

    Fees associated with opening a business bank account in Poland

    There are different types of fees associated with opening a business bank account in Poland, including the ones mentioned below:

    • Credit and Debit cards: Some financial institutions may levy fees for using a credit or debit card. 
    • International transactions: There are charges associated with doing international transactions.
    • Monthly maintenance fees: Some bank charges fees for opening and maintaining the corporate bank account in Poland.
    • ATM withdrawal fees: The fees charged by various banks for using ATMs to withdraw cash vary.


    Opening a bank account in Poland is possible for both, residents, and also for foreign nationals. However, while opening a bank account in Poland you must select the bank that best fits your business needs. In order to do that, you must consider various factors like the accessibility of ATMs and branches, services offered by the bank, charges and fees of the bank, and so on. In the article, we have suggested a few factors and banks that you may consider if you wish to register a bank account in Poland.

    If you need help opening a bank account, you can speak with our professionals at OnDemand International. Our professionals can help you with the process and direct you toward the bank that will most likely meet your demands as a business.


    Both residents and non-residents are permitted to create a Polish bank account. However, if you don’t speak Polish fluently, understanding what’s required can be difficult, as regulations differ from institution to institution.

    Although micro-businesses in Poland may be free from creating a bank account while establishing their firm in some instances; nevertheless, skipping this step can result in some drawbacks in practice, since it will be simpler to manage financial concerns whilst doing operations in the nation.

    Foreign citizens who want to build a company in Poland would most certainly have a personal account. The ones who have recently arrived in the nation and the people for whom verbal communication may be an issue can contact us for alternatives that will meet their needs.