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Service Agreement: Need, Provisions & Steps

A service agreement is very important in any business where a provider provides any kind of service to a customer.


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    Service agreement

    Overview: Service Agreement

    A service agreement is very important in any business where a provider provides any kind of service to a customer. A service provider enters into an agreement to explicitly specify the conditions of the service and pricing. A customer uses a service contract to assure accountability and avoid potential disputes.

    In this article, you will get in-depth knowledge of service agreements.

    Meaning of Service Agreement

    A Service agreement is a contract between service providers and users to ensure both parties’ protection in a work engagement. In a service agreement, both parties are obligated to comply with the conditions of the operation, as well as their responsibilities during the course of their business relationship.

    In the contract, the services rendered by the service provider as well as both parties’ obligations, including responsibilities and confidentiality rules, are listed.

    The contract also specifies the start and end dates of the work, and any additional deadlines, and incorporates a clause for resolving any dispute that may arise.

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    Use of a Service Agreement

    A service agreement is necessary when a business offers services to another company, or takes services from a company. In this contract, one party agrees to provide a service to another in return for payment. It is significant because it shields the service provider and the customer by legally binding them together. It is required to ensure that each party knows its obligations and rights under the agreement.

    A service agreement benefits the contractors and customers by precisely defining the boundaries of their employment relationship. A written contract offers both parties responsibility and clarity and helps avoid disagreements that could otherwise happen.

    Who needs a service agreement?

    Who needs a service agreement

    Some companies and experts that depend on service contracts are:

    • It Service Providers
    • Website Designer
    • Graphic Artists
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Constructions Firms
    • Attorneys
    • Contractors
    • Marketing Professionals
    • Production Industry
    • Editors And Authors

    What are the provisions included in a service agreement?

    Regardless of how unique a service agreement is, it typically contains the following essential provision:

    1. Agreement Term: The Agreement specifies the duration of the contract’s validity.
    2. Scope of service: Describes the overall scope of the services including details of the extent of the work and the associated deliverables.
    3. Compensation: it specifies the sum the client has to pay to the service provider in exchange for the services that the service provider has rendered.
    4. Insurance: The agreement also specifies the various kinds of insurance the service provider may use.
    5. Termination: If the agreement is to be terminated, one party must give the other party written notice of its intent to do so.
    6. Independent contractor: The service provider operates as an independent contractor when rendering the services contemplated by the service contract. The parties concur that the contract does not establish a joint business venture or collaboration between them.
    7. Agreement amendment: Any amendments to the document must be made in writing and should be signed by both parties to be valid.
    8. Notice: All notices approved by this agreement must be delivered to both parties in written form.

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    Advice for drafting a service agreement

    The following points should be remembered before drafting a service agreement-

    • Make sure to mention the customer’s and the provider’s legal names. This will make it simpler for the reader to tell who is the provider and who is the customer.
    • It is important to include a comprehensive list of the Company’s services and the scope of the work when drafting the Contract.
    • It is vital that the compensation is transparent so that the user and service provider can receive an accurate estimate of reimbursement.
    • Specifically, indicate who owns ownership rights. This will also assist in preventing legal disputes regarding ownership rights.
    • Include privacy, liability, and non-solicitation clauses.
    • Finally, after all the details are established, the Agreement is enforceable once both parties sign the contract.

    Steps to create a service agreement

    The following steps have to be followed in order to create a service agreement-

    1. Describe the service provider and the service user
      • The parties’ names and contact details should be clearly specified in the contract.
    2. Explain the services being offered
      • A detailed description of the services should be clearly provided in the document. The scope of the services, contract length, and associated deliverables must be clearly written.
    3. Specify the payment amount and payment schedule
      • The agreement should state clearly the compensation amount that the user is obligated to pay to the service provider.
    4. Provide any legal provisions that are necessary.
      • If the customer wishes the details of the project or task to remain confidential and away from competitors, make sure the provider is aware of the guidelines. A service agreement can provide the following legal provisions:
        • Confidentiality
        • Non-solicitation
        • Non-competition
    5. Specify the ownership party.
      • In the contract, the ownership of any items or intellectual property should be clearly specified.
    6. Execute the contract.
      • The services contract is enforceable as soon as both parties have accepted its terms and conditions and signed it.

    Benefits of service agreement

    A service agreement offers a variety of advantages. They are-

    1. Time-saving: It takes less time to draft, negotiate, and sign a service agreement.
    2. Saves money: A service agreement specifies the compensation terms and helps avoid unexpected expenses.
    3. Reduces Misunderstanding: A  service agreement outlines the services offered, their duration, and the associated payment. As a result, the chance of a misunderstanding is significantly lower because both parties are already familiar with the agreement’s conditions and restrictions.
    4. It lessens the likelihood of litigation:  A service agreement lowers the likelihood of misunderstandings and, consequently, lowers the risk of legal action.

    How can a Service Agreement be enforced?

    1. Suppose either the service provider or the customer violates the agreement in any way. In that case, the first course of action is to get in touch with the offender and ask them to uphold their half of the bargain by highlighting the provisions where they are not complying with the conditions.
    2. Thereafter, interact with the other side in a polite and non-aggressive manner to increase the likelihood that they will comply. An excellent strategy is to give them a grace period to make amends for their behavior.
    3. Lastly, If the offended party still refuses to set things right, legal proceedings for violating the agreement may be pursued. The agreement might be given more validity when a witness signs it, giving it a better chance of standing up in court.

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      A quick summary of service agreements is provided in the article that follows. The article discusses the service contract’s purpose, advantages, and creation process.

      You can contact Odint Consultancy with any further questions you may have regarding service agreements. We will be pleased to help you.


      A service agreement is a legally binding written document between a contractor and a user to protect both parties.

      Service agreements offer various advantages like,

      • It is time-saving
      • Saves money
      • It is legally binding
      • It reduces misunderstanding, etc.

      Service contracts contain various terms like-

      • Scope of work
      • Payment clause
      • Confidentiality clause
      • Liability clause
      • Termination clause, etc.

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