Set up A General Partnership in the Netherlands


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    In the dynamic landscape of international business, the Netherlands has emerged as a hub for entrepreneurs seeking strategic advantages and a favorable business environment. One of the popular business structures for those considering entry into the Dutch market is a General Partnership (GP). This article aims to provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up a General Partnership in the Netherlands, covering everything from reasons to opt for this structure to the associated costs and key considerations.

    Reasons to Set Up A General Partnership in the Netherlands

    1. Strategic Location and Access to Markets

    Due to its strategic location in the center of Europe, the Netherlands is easily accessible from major markets. A robust transportation network enables companies based here to effectively service clients throughout the continent.

    2. Tax Advantages

    The tax laws of the Netherlands are well known for being business-friendly. Because general partnerships are exempt from corporate income tax in the Netherlands, they are a popular option for business owners trying to minimize their tax obligations.

    3. Flexibility and Simplicity

    Setting up a General Partnership in the Netherlands is a straightforward process. It provides a flexible framework that allows partners to freely specify their roles, duties, and profit-sharing schedules in a partnership agreement.

    Requirements for Setting Up a General Partnership in the Netherlands

    1. Business Name Registration

    Before diving into the partnership formation process, partners must register a unique business name with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). The selected name should comply with the naming conventions and legal requirements.

    2. At Least Two Partners

    A General Partnership in the Netherlands requires a minimum of two partners. These can be individuals or legal entities, each contributing to the business in terms of capital, skills, or resources.

    3. Registered Address in the Netherlands

    A physical address within the Netherlands is a prerequisite for setting up a General Partnership. Official letters and legal issues will be handled from this address.

    Steps to Set Up A General Partnership in the Netherlands

    1. Drafting the Partnership Agreement

    The foundation of any General Partnership is the partnership agreement. The duties, responsibilities, and profit-sharing plans between the partners are described in this document.

    2. Business Name Registration

    Following the execution of the partnership agreement, partners are required to register their company name with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This phase entails filing the needed paperwork and making the required fee payments.

    3. Obtaining a VAT Number

    It is required of partners to register for a Value Added Tax (VAT) number if the General Partnership’s yearly turnover is anticipated to surpass a specific level. This is essential for carrying out taxable transactions and meeting Dutch tax laws.

    4. Bank Account Opening

    A Dutch bank account is essential for business operations. Partners need to visit a local bank, provide the necessary documentation, and open a business bank account.

    5. Registration with the Tax Authorities

    General Partnerships in the Netherlands must register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. This includes obtaining a unique identification number for tax purposes.

    Documents Required for General Partnership Registration in the Netherlands

    • Partnership Agreement: A legally binding document that specifies the terms and conditions of the partnership.
    • Valid ID/Passport: Copies of the identification documents of all partners.
    • Proof of Address: Evidence of the registered business address in the Netherlands.
    • Bank Statements: Required for the business bank account application.
    • VAT Registration Form: If applicable, a completed VAT registration form.


    Setting up a General Partnership in the Netherlands is a strategic move for businesses seeking a transparent and flexible structure, tax advantages, and a foothold in the heart of Europe. By following the outlined steps, meeting requirements, and partnering with a reliable service like OnDemand International, you can navigate the complexities with confidence.

    Regardless of your level of experience as an entrepreneur or your level of exposure to international business, the Netherlands provides an atmosphere that is favorable for growth. With the right guidance and support, your General Partnership can thrive in this dynamic and business-friendly country.