Set Up a Software Development Business in Poland in 2024


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    The European tech scene is experiencing rapid growth, and Poland, with its strategic location, skilled workforce, and government incentives, has become a hotbed for tech startups. This makes it a desirable location for Indian entrepreneurs looking to expand their software businesses into Europe. 

    But how exactly do you register a software company in Poland from India? 

    This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about registering a software company in Poland from India, covering key aspects like the Polish tech ecosystem, registration process, required documents, costs, best cities, tax implications, and timelines.

    Understanding Poland Tech Startup Ecosystem for Indian Investors

    The tech startup ecosystem in Poland has gained international recognition for its creativity and quick growth. The country has widespread recognition for its highly educated workforce, reasonably priced living standards, and strategic placement inside the European Union. In places like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, tech centres, accelerators, and incubators are thriving because they help businesses grow and make financing more accessible.

    For Indian investors, Poland offers a gateway to the European market with a favourable business environment, including government incentives, research and development grants, and an increasing number of venture capital funds. The country’s focus on technological advancement and digital transformation aligns well with the expertise and capabilities of Indian software companies.

    Can I Register a Software Company in Poland Online from India?

    While the entire registration process can’t be completed online from India, a significant portion can be done remotely. The Polish government provides web portals for submitting documents and reserving names, among other things. However, certain steps, like the notarization of documents, require a physical presence in Poland.

    Here’s a breakdown of the online and offline aspects of registration:

    • Online: You can reserve a company name, submit some documents, and register for VAT online.
    • Offline: Tasks like notarization of documents, opening a bank account, and registering with the National Court Register (KRS) require a physical presence in Poland (or a representative).

    How to Register a Software Company in Poland as an Indian Entrepreneur

    Registering a software company in Poland involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. Select the Appropriate Business Structure

    The proper business structure must be selected before a software firm can be officially registered in Poland. The most common types of business structures for foreign entrepreneurs are:

    • Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.): This is the most popular form of business entity for small and medium-sized enterprises, including software companies.
    • Joint-Stock Company (S.A.): Ideal for larger companies looking to raise money through initial public offerings.

    2. Reserve a Company Name

    Ascertain if the selected name is original and conforms with Polish naming laws. This can be checked through the online database of the National Court Register.

    3. Prepare the Articles of Association

    These documents specify the ownership, organizational structure, and operating policies of the company. It is necessary to notarize this document.

    4. Register with the National Court Register (KRS)

    Send the Articles of Association and any other necessary paperwork to the KRS. This step includes paying the registration fee and court fee.

    5. Obtain a REGON Number and Tax Identification Number (NIP)

    Once registered, the company will receive a REGON number (statistical number) and an NIP (tax identification number) from the Central Statistical Office and the Tax Office respectively.

    6. Register for VAT

    You have to register for VAT if your company’s yearly turnover surpasses specific thresholds. This can be done at the local tax office.

    Documentation Needed to Register a Software Company in Poland from India

    Usually, the following paperwork is needed:

    • Articles of Association (notarized)
    • Company name reservation proof
    • Identification documents of directors and shareholders
    • Proof of registered office address in Poland
    • Bank account confirmation
    • Tax Identification Number (NIP)
    • REGON number
    • Power of Attorney (if using a representative)

    Cost of Incorporating a Software Business in Poland for Indians

    The cost of incorporating a software company in Poland varies depending on the business structure and specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of potential costs:

    • Government fees: These fees cover registration with the KRS and other government bodies. They are typically a few hundred złotys (PLN).
    • Notary fees: Notarization of documents is required for some steps in the process. Based on the intricacy of the paperwork, these prices may differ.
    • Professional service fees: Hiring a professional service provider to handle the registration process can facilitate a speedy registration and save you time. The range of services they provide will determine the fees they charge. 

    A rough estimate for the total cost of incorporating a software company in Poland from India could range from 4000 to 6000 euros.

    Best Cities in Poland to Register a Software Company for Indian IT Businesses

    Poland boasts several vibrant tech hubs that might be attractive for Indian IT businesses, each with its own unique advantages:


    The capital city makes sense because it is home to a significant number of IT startups and venture capital businesses. It offers first-rate infrastructure and a wide range of talent.


    A historical and cultural centre, Krakow also has a thriving tech scene with a strong focus on R&D. In comparison to Warsaw, it offers a comparatively reduced cost of living.


    This city is known for its universities and research institutions, making it a centre for skilled tech talent. It’s also becoming a hub for gaming development companies.

    Tax Implications of Registering a Software Company in Poland as an Indian Resident

    The tax implications of registering a software company in Poland as an Indian resident will depend on your specific tax residency status and the tax treaties between India and Poland. Here’s a general overview:

    • Corporate Income Tax: The Polish corporate income tax rate is a flat 19%. 
    • Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Poland offers SEZs, which are designated areas with special tax incentives. These zones may offer lower corporate income tax rates to businesses that meet certain requirements. If your software business is eligible to operate in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), you may be able to take advantage of a lower tax burden.
    • Double Taxation Treaties: Poland and India have an agreement in place to prevent double taxes. The Poland-India DTAA prevents you from being subject to double taxation on the same earnings in both countries. In order to prevent double taxation, tax credits may be provided by the DTT, which also specifies how income is divided between the two nations.

    Timelines for Registering a Software Company in Poland from India

    The timeline for registering a software company in Poland typically involves the following steps:

    1. Company Name Reservation: 1-2 days
    2. Preparation of Articles of Association: 3-5 days
    3. Registration with KRS: 7-14 days
    4. Obtaining NIP and REGON: 7-10 days
    5. Opening a Bank Account: 3-7 days
    6. VAT Registration: 7-14 days

    Overall, you can expect the entire process to take approximately 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the efficiency of document preparation and submission.


    Registering a software company in Poland from India presents an exciting opportunity to access the European market. While the process may seem complex, with careful planning and the help of professional service providers like OnDemand International, you can navigate the legalities and establish your software company in Poland successfully.

    OnDemand International has extensive experience in assisting Indian entrepreneurs with company registration in Poland. We can handle all the paperwork, liaise with the authorities on your behalf, and ensure a smooth and efficient registration process. In addition, we may offer continuous assistance with various business-related services including tax preparation, bookkeeping, and human resource management.

    Consult with OnDemand International experts today to discuss your software company registration in Poland and take the first step towards expanding your business into Europe!