Start Your Company in DIFC Free Zone in 2024-25


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    Nestled in the center of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the flourishing commercial district known as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Free Zone.

    Modern infrastructure, a business-friendly atmosphere, and a strategic location have made DIFC a top option for enterprises and entrepreneurs wishing to expand into the area. We’ll look at the reasons why establishing your firm in the DIFC Free Zone can be revolutionary in this piece.

    Why set your Company in the DIFC Free Zone?

    • 100% Foreign Ownership: Enjoy full control over your business without the need for a local sponsor.
    • Flexibility and Decision-making Power: Rare opportunity in the region for greater flexibility and decision-making power.
    • Tax-friendly Environment: Benefit from a 50-year exemption from corporate and personal income taxes.
    • Profit Maximization: Ensures businesses can maximize profits and attract global investors.
    • Extensive Network: Access a vast network of financial institutions, law firms, and multinational corporations.
    • Business Opportunities: Gain potential partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.
    • Credibility and Prestige: The presence of major global players in the financial industry adds credibility and prestige to your brand.

    How to Start a Company in DIFC Free Zone

    • Choose the legal structure for your business in DIFC Free Zone:
      • Company limited by shares
      • Limited liability partnership
      • Branch office
    • Carefully consider the requirements and benefits associated with each legal structure.
    • Prepare necessary documentation, including:
      • Completed application form
      • Business plan
      • Proof of financial capability
      • Copies of passports for shareholders and directors
    • Consider seeking assistance from OnDemand International to ensure all required documents are in order.
    • Submit the application and documents to the DIFC Authority.
    • The DIFC Authority will review the application and conduct due diligence.
    • Upon approval, you will receive a license to operate within the DIFC Free Zone.
    • The obtained license grants the right to conduct business activities following the chosen legal structure.

    Benefits to Incorporate a Company in DIFC Free Zone

    The benefits of incorporating a company in the DIFC Free Zone:

    • 100% foreign ownership: Complete control over your business, a unique advantage compared to other jurisdictions.
    • Robust legal & regulatory framework: International standards, transparency, accountability, and market confidence.
    • Highly skilled & diverse talent pool: World-class infrastructure, attracts top talent from around the globe.
    • Additional benefits:
      • Tax-free environment for 50 years
      • Access to the extensive network of financial institutions and corporations
      • Credibility and prestige from operating alongside major global players

    Documents Required to Register a Company in the DIFC Free Zone

    The documents required to register a company in the DIFC Free Zone are listed below:

    • Completed application form
    • Business plan outlining objectives and strategies
    • Proof of financial capability to operate in DIFC
    • Copies of passports for shareholders and directors
    • Additional documentation for certain legal structures (e.g., branch office):
      • Board Resolution
      • Power of attorney

    Business Opportunities in DIFC Free Zone

    Numerous business opportunities are available in the DIFC Free Zone in a variety of areas. Particularly the financial services sector prospers in DIFC, where banks, insurance providers, asset managers, and fintech entrepreneurs find a supportive atmosphere in which to develop and broaden their business ventures. Businesses in the financial sector find DIFC to be a suitable location due to the presence of significant international organizations and the availability of a large professional network.

    Additionally, DIFC promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. A thriving environment that encourages innovation and promotes startups is present in the free zone. One of the best examples of this is the FinTech Hive, which is situated in DIFC. It is the biggest fintech accelerator in the area, offering access to possible investors, funding options, and mentorship to entrepreneurs. Technological innovations and fresh business ideas are made possible by this innovation environment.

    Types of Licenses Offered in DIFC Free Zone

    DIFC Free Zone License Types:

    • Commercial licenses: For non-financial activities like trading, consulting, and retail.
    • Financial services licenses: ‘Required for financial activities like banking, insurance, asset management, brokerage.
    • Non-regulated licenses: For businesses outside DFSA purview, allowing a wider range of activities.


    Opening your company in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Free Zone offers a host of advantages, such as 100% foreign ownership, tax benefits, access to a strong network, and a supportive business environment.

    With its world-class infrastructure and robust legal framework, DIFC is an ideal destination for businesses looking to establish their presence in the region. By following the registration process, preparing the required documents, and selecting the right license, you can unlock a world of opportunities and position your company for success in the DIFC Free Zone.