Set up a Tourism Business in Singapore from India: Steps & Benefits

This article will cover the procedure for setting up a tourism business in Singapore from India. Furthermore, it will cover the documents, requirements ad well as benefits of registering a tourism business.


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    set up a tourism business in singapore from india

    Register a Tourism Business in Singapore From India in 2024

    Singapore, often known as the Lion City, is a vibrant city that skillfully combines cutting-edge technology with a rich cultural past. Singapore is an ideal travel destination for people all over the world because of its top-notch infrastructure, alluring attractions, and advantageous position in Southeast Asia. This charm combined with the expanding outbound tourism industry in India offers Indian business owners a strong chance to launch a successful tourism company in Singapore.

    This guide will walk you through everything you need to know regarding registering a tourism business in Singapore from India, from understanding who should consider this venture, to the benefits, legal requirements, and tips for success.

    Who Should Consider Setting Up a Tourism Business in Singapore?

    Setting up a tourism business in Singapore is ideal for:

    • Experienced Tourism Professionals: Singapore’s rapidly expanding tourist market presents a wealth of options for those with prior experience in the travel and tourism sector.
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking Diversification: Singapore’s advantageous location and strong economy can be advantageous for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business and access foreign markets.
    • Investors: The Singaporean tourism business is a viable option for those seeking to make a secure and lucrative investment.

    Benefits of Starting a Singapore Tourism Business for Indian Entrepreneurs

    Starting a tourism business in Singapore offers several benefits:

    1. Strategic Location: Singapore is well-positioned to reach a sizable pool of prospective tourists as a gateway to Asia.
    2. Robust Economy: A steadily expanding economy guarantees an environment that is favourable to corporate expansion.
    3. Tourism Hub: Singapore is a well-known tourist destination, drawing millions of tourists each year.
    4. Ease of Doing Business: Singapore has a regulatory framework that is conducive to doing business, and it is ranked well in this regard.
    5. Tax Benefits: Effective tax rates and incentives are advantageous for businesses operating in the tourism industry.

    Steps to Launch a Tourism Business in Singapore from India

    Step 1: Choose a Business Structure

    Decide on the business structure that best meets your requirements. Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship are among the available options.

    Step 2: Company Name Approval 

    Ensure your company name is unique and get it approved by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

    Our experts from OnDemand International can assist in choosing and approving a business name from the appropriate authorities. 

    Step 3: Register Your Company

    Register your company with ACRA. This can be done digitally via the BizFile+ platform.

    Step 4: Set Up a Bank Account

    Open a corporate bank account in Singapore to ho handle the financial aspects of your company.

    Documents Needed to Start a Tourism Business in Singapore for Indian Entrepreneurs

    • Passport Copies of Directors and Shareholders
    • Proof of Residential Address
    • Detailed Business Plan
    • Company Constitution
    • Bank Reference Letters (if applicable)
    • Employment Passes for Foreign Employees

    Legal Requirements for Setting Up a Tourism Business for Indian Entrepreneurs in Singapore

    • Business Registration: Register your business in Singapore with ACRA, ensuring compliance with the Companies Act.
    • Licenses and Permits: Obtain all necessary licenses from the Singapore Tourism Board and other appropriate authorities.
    • Data Protection: Comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to protect customer data.
    • Taxation: Register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) if your annual turnover exceeds SGD 1 million. Ensure timely tax filings and compliance with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) rules.

    How Do You Pick the Best Business Form for Your Tourism Company?

    Selecting the right corporate form is crucial for your tourism business.

    Here are the common structures:

    Sole Proprietorship

    A sole proprietorship is simple to establish and run, but it provides no liability insurance.


    Ideal for companies with several owners but with shared liability.

    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    An LLP in Singapore combines the benefits of a partnership with limited liability protection.

    Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd) 

    Most preferred for its separate legal entity status and limited liability, though it comes with higher compliance requirements.

    Tips for Indian Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Singapore’s Tourism Sector

    To succeed in Singapore’s tourism sector, Indian entrepreneurs should consider the following tips:

    • Understand the Market: Undertake a comprehensive market study to comprehend the requirements and inclinations of Singapore’s heterogeneous tourism populace.
    • Offer Unique Experiences: Develop unique and engaging tourism experiences that appeal to your target audience’s interests.
    • Build Partnerships: Collaborate with local tourism providers, hotels, and attractions to offer comprehensive packages and experiences.
    • Invest in Marketing: To reach potential clients, establish a strong web presence and make focused marketing campaign investments.
    • Deliver Outstanding Customer Service: Make sure that everyone on your team is dedicated to and well-versed in offering first-rate customer service.


    Setting up a tourism business in Singapore from India can be a rewarding and lucrative venture for Indian entrepreneurs. You can launch a profitable tourism business in this competitive market by comprehending the advantages, carrying out the required steps, and abiding by the law.

    To get started, contact OnDemand International today. Our team of experts can assist you with business registration, licensing, and other essential services to help you launch your tourism business in Singapore. 


    The minimal amount of paid-up capital needed to launch a tourism company in Singapore is SGD 1.

    While you can manage some aspects remotely, having a physical presence in Singapore is beneficial for building credibility and establishing local connections.