Trademark Registration In UAE – Requirements & Procedure

Improve your business by official trademark registration in UAE. You will also be officially enforced as the proprietor of the items & services associated with that trademark.


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    trademark registration in uae

    Due to the UAE’s worldwide business environment, capitalists and innovators from all over the globe are flocking to the nation to launch their businesses, expanding market rivalry. Sometimes businesses may even have their company branding reproduced without their consent, which can have a detrimental effect on their bottom line. That’s where trademark registration in UAE can come in handy. Improve your business by officially establishing your trademark in the UAE, which can be a term or a sign. You will also be officially enforced as the proprietor of the items & services associated with that trademark.

    Trademark Registration In UAE

    Trademarks are brands, symbols, or logos that have been used to distinguish a company’s products. A brand is a term, phrase, signature, character, pattern, design, image, statement, picture, or marketing that is used to identify a group of items, products, and commodities as pertaining to one ownership or originating from one supplier. There are numerous advantages to trademark registration in UAE, including the protection of your business and the assurance that other enterprises will not counterfeit or counterfeit your mark. The Department of Trade and Industry of the United Arab Emirates is the authorized entity in charge of registered trademarks, maintenance, and revocation.

    Applying for Trademark Registration in UAE

    The approach for trademark registration in UAE is straightforward, however, it is critical to follow. If you want to establish your firm’s name in the United Arab Emirates, complete these stages:

    Check to see if the name has been already enrolled:

    The very first step in the trademark registration in UAE application process is to ensure that the brand isn’t currently in use by some other organization. You will not be allowed to sign up for copyright if it is currently in use by another. You may accomplish this using tool like Marcaria to look for the copyright digitally. You can continue with the next stages of the registered trademark in the UAE once you’re satisfied the brand isn’t still in existence.

    Complete the Registration Application on the Department Of Economic Development:

    • Complete an online request form on the Department of Economy’s homepage, which is the recognized organization that oversees registered trademarks and establishes a logo in the UAE. 
    • To do so, go to the site’s website.
    • Click on ‘Resources’ and then ‘e-Services,’ from the options list. 
    • Once you’ve been linked to some other page, pick ‘Trademark rights’ from the Resources website.
    • Read ‘Trademark’ under New Entries. 
    • Complete an application and attach the required documentation.

    Wait for the Department of economic development to Consider the Request:

    Your request for trademark registration in UAE will be reviewed by the Ministry of Economic development after it has been submitted. When completing the registration, you must be meticulous and precise, since any incomplete or inaccurate material can result in your implementation being denied. Candidates can, nevertheless, challenge or revise their applications as needed if this occurs. If there are no concerns with your registration, the Ministry of Economic development will usually approve it within 30 days.

    Documents Required For Trademark Registration In UAE

    • The certification of trademark application if the business is registered in another nation.
    • Phrases in the mark have been translated.
    • Additional materials that are specific to the submission.
    • Article of top importance
    • Designation in accordance with UAE Trademarks Registration Regulations
    • In paper files, the appearance of the brand name.
    • Document of establishment
    • Evidence of the individual’s identification
    • Attorney-in-fact
    • Overview of the company


    Timelines for Processing Trademark Application in UAE

    • The Department of Trade and industry usually requires 30 months to decide whether or not the registration is approved.
    • The proposal will be published in the Department of Economic development weekly once it has been approved. Furthermore, 2 weekly advertisements must be paid for by the candidate.
    • The department provides a 30-day timeframe for raising complaints about the applications. There will be a further one week to respond to the concerns made.

    Application Fee for Trademark Registration in UAE

    • There are 45 worldwide categories, and trademarks can be registered in 44 of them in the UAE, as per the research.
    • Candidates must submit an entry fee. The submission price does not include the expense of publishing.
    • To establish a trademark in each division, you must file a written proposal. The copyright in the UAE uses a ‘class’ procedure.
    • Various units and activities are covered by each copyright classification.

    Stages In Application Processing

    application processing for trademark registration in uae
    • Official Assessment: The time of initial inspection during which the petitions are checked to see if they comply with the requirements.
    • In-depth investigation: It is a critical step in the patent registration basis for determining whether the property is meaningfully eligible for registration.
    • Modification and registration of a brand name: Candidates may request an adjustment and extension at this point.
    • Notification of a brand name: Your property must be collected from the official copyright registry, as well as announced in the official record and two national papers.

    Limitations of Trademark Registration In UAE

    While commencing the enrolment process, a franchise should first demonstrate that its trademark is distinct. It’s crucial to make sure the copyright isn’t currently in use by another company. A trademark registration’s monopoly clause prevents another petition for the same brand. Only proceed with the enrolment process if you are certain that the trademarks you have registered for are new. Furthermore, a number of web tools can be used to bridge established marks.

    Below are the restrictions on trademarks in the UAE:

    • Third-party identities or names are not permitted.
    • It is likewise forbidden to use identical adaptations including good brands.
    • This should not be disrespectful to democratic values or religious beliefs.
    • It shouldn’t have any conspicuous marks on it.
    • Additional conditions may be imposed by legislation.
    • Emblems for the Red Cross and Red Crescent are prohibited.



    If you want to safeguard your business or inventions from exploitation, you should file copyright, which will be expanded to all of your businesses or brands, ensuring that your discoveries will be safeguarded and that all lawful revenue will be paid to you. If you still have any more doubts contact our experts from Odint Consulting, we will assist you in our best forms.


    The Department of Economic Development is in charge of product registration in the UAE. Customers will be able a mark by completing the application form on the authority’s site.

    The easiest approach to find out if there are any trademarks identical to yours which have already been established or for which a registration has been submitted is to perform and arrange for investigations of the appropriate domestic and international registries.