4 Fundraising Opportunities For Indian Startups In Singapore

Through this guide, we will be covering the various fundraising opportunities for Indian startups in Singapore including venture capitalists, crowdfunding platforms, etc.


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    In today’s globalized economy, borders are becoming increasingly permeable, especially in the realm of business. As India’s startup ecosystem flourishes, it’s only natural for these burgeoning businesses to scout international shores for growth and capital. Among the many global hubs, Singapore shines brightly as a beacon of opportunity. With its investor-friendly policies, a thriving financial scene, and a location that’s strategically placed within Southeast Asia’s bustling markets, Singapore presents an array of fundraising possibilities for Indian startups. But why is Singapore such a sought-after destination, and what exactly does it offer?

    One of the reasons is the various fundraising opportunities for Indian startups in Singapore. Through this guide, we will be covering the various fundraising opportunities for Indian startups in Singapore. 

    Why choose Singapore?

    Singapore, often dubbed the ‘Switzerland of Asia,’ has many unique attributes that make it a coveted destination for startups:

    • Strategic Location: Being in the heart of Southeast Asia, setting up a business in Singapore offers unparalleled access not just to the ASEAN market but also to China, Japan, and Australia. Its port is one of the busiest, facilitating international trade.
    • Robust Financial Market: This island nation is a major global hub for banking and finance. Its transparent and well-regulated financial markets attract businesses and investors from around the world.
    • Supportive Regulatory Environment: The Singaporean government has a pro-business stance. This is evident from the relatively easy company registration process, intellectual property protection, and the ease of doing business.
    • Cultural and Language Familiarity: With a significant population of Indians and other expatriates, there’s a cultural and language overlap that can make Indian entrepreneurs feel at home.
    • Tech Readiness: With its Smart Nation initiative, Singapore is at the forefront of technological adoption, offering startups a tech-savvy customer base.

    Various Fundraising Platforms in Singapore

    Venture Capitalists (VCs)

    Many global VCs have their Asian headquarters in Singapore. Indian startups can tap into this pool, with firms like Sequoia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, and Jungle Ventures showing great interest in the subcontinent’s enterprises.

    Angel Investors

    The city-state is a hotspot for affluent professionals and business magnates. Networks like the Angel Investment Network in Singapore often seek promising startups, including those from India, for early-stage funding.

    Crowdfunding Platforms

    Platforms like FundedHere and Kickstarter allow startups to raise small amounts of money from a large number of people, presenting an alternative to traditional fundraising methods.

    Private Equity

    With a multitude of private equity firms, Singapore offers later-stage startups an opportunity to raise significant funds in exchange for equity.

    Collaboration Opportunities with Singaporean Incubators and Accelerators

    • Business Support: Institutions like BLOCK71 and Startup SG Founder offer mentoring, business strategy insights, and go-to-market support.
    • Infrastructure and Tech Support: Many provide coworking spaces, cloud credits, and access to cutting-edge technology.
    • Global Networking: Collaborating with these entities can provide Indian startups with opportunities to network with international investors and entrepreneurs.
    • Market Access: These incubators and accelerators often pave the way for startups to test their products in Singapore’s diverse market before scaling up.

    Government Schemes and Grants

    • Research & Development: Grants such as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) encourage startups to innovate and integrate tech solutions.
    • Capacity Building: The Capability Development Grant (CDG) aids startups in enhancing their business capabilities.
    • Early-stage Support: The Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) matches investments made by venture capital firms in early-stage startups.

    Partnerships with Local Enterprises

    • Access to Local Market: Partnering with established local enterprises provides a head-start for Indian startups to understand and penetrate the Singaporean market.
    • Shared Resources: Joint ventures or collaborations can lead to shared marketing, R&D, or even manpower resources, leading to cost savings.
    • Brand Trust: Collaborating with well-known local entities can boost the credibility of Indian startups in the eyes of Singaporean consumers.


    Singapore’s stature as a global business hub is not just a testament to its robust infrastructure but also its forward-thinking policies, diverse financial platforms, and welcoming ecosystem for foreign enterprises. For Indian startups, venturing into Singapore is not just about fundraising; it’s about tapping into a reservoir of knowledge, networking, and market expansion opportunities.

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