Singapore Corporate Income Tax Calculator

singapore corporate income tax calculator

Explore best options to save upto ₹78,000 in taxcurrency


Note: Please Reset the calculator before your next calculation.


Note: Please Reset the calculator before your next calculation.

Exempted tax rate calculator for Singapore

Explore best options to save upto ₹78,000 in taxcurrency

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Singapore Corporate Income Tax Calculator

Singapore is a refreshing change for anyone wishing to create a new business worldwide. Aside from its diverse landscape as a central spot for serving as the country’s economic capital, the area’s first-class infrastructure, elevated personnel, and favorable tax advantages have turned it into a destination for investors and financial entrepreneurs.

Whenever it concerns submitting your business tax, it’s critical to know what can be subtracted and what must be included within the order to be taxed.

The minimal corporate income tax rate is among the prime causes why foreigners opt to set up a company in Singapore. Considerably better, if your company qualifies for certain tax deductions and refunds in Singapore, the actual tax rate may be even cheaper.

The calculation for Singapore Corporate Income Tax for the years 2020 and onwards

Singapore’s revenue system is based on a geographic basis. In other words, corporations and consumers are primarily required to pay taxes earned in Singapore. Except if the money has indeed been exposed to taxes in a country with maximum tax rates of at least 15%, international revenue will be charged when it is repatriated or presumed transferred into Singapore. Even though the notion of source of income localization appears straightforward, its implementation can be complicated and disputed.

Taking the impact of YA 2020, corporation tax-exempt programs have altered. The Young Start-up Exempt and the Partial Exempt are 2 kinds of exemptions available in the Corporate Income Tax Calculator for YA 2020 and later.

Young Start-up Exempt

The very first $100,000 would be taxed at 4.25%, the following $100,000 at 8.5%, and earnings over $200,000 will be taxed at 17%. There are no government subsidies available, therefore your annual gross tax burden will remain the same. The worth of the total taxable income means that the value of your revenue incoming signal gives you the taxation.

Income Tax Rate
First income of $100,000 will be taxed at 4.25%
The next income of $100,000 will be taxed at 8.5%
Income above $200,000 will be taxed at 17%

Partial Exempt

The very first $10,000 will be taxed at 4.25%, then 8.5% for the next $190,000, and finally 17% on earnings over $200,000. There are no government subsidies available, therefore your annual gross tax liability would be the same. The worth of the gross taxable income divided by the total amount of your revenue input data gives you the effective rate. 

Income Tax Rate
The initial income of $10,000 will be taxed at 4.25%
The next following revenue of $190,000 will tax at 8.5%
Earnings over $200,000 will tax at 17%

The company tax rate in Singapore is regulated at 17%. Singapore aims to draw a large percentage of overseas investment by maintaining corporation inflation down. Singapore has a solitary corporation tax structure, which means that a firm’s income is taxed but not passed on to its investors.

How Does The Singapore Corporate Income Tax Calculator Work?

  • The Details of the Calculator: The tool will calculate taxation rates, commitments, and future tax liabilities.
  • When Should This Calculator Be Used: If your firm is filing a federal tax return after you know how much tax liability your organization has, you can calculate the taxation on that revenue.
  • What you’ll require: For the taxation, you’ll need your corporation’s revenue or the chargeable income.


Mr Hua is a 45-year-old happily married man. In 2021, he was paid $50,000. In 2021, he will have a baby kid and will be qualified for a $5,000 Parenthood Tax Rebate.

Let us explain the example through a table:

Gross Employment Income $50,000
Donations $250
Current Income after that $49,750
Personal Assistance  
Assistance on the income earned $1000
Childcare Allowance for Eligible Children $4000
Relief from CPF Contributions for Employees $10,000
Chargeable Income $34,750
Compliance monitoring Individual Reliefs minus Earnings $49,750 - $15,000

The tax due on Mr. Hua’s $34,750 chargeable income is computed as follows:

Chargeable Income Tax Payable
Tax on first $30,000 $1350
Tax on next $4,750 @ 8.5% $403.75
Total tax to be paid $1753.75 ($1350 + $403.75)
Parenthood tax rebate $1753.75

Mr Hua is eligible for a $5,000 Parenthood Tax Rebate for his firstborn in 2021, which he can use to reduce his tax liability for YA 2022. The balance ($5,000 – $366.25) would be used to discount his tax liability in consecutive years until the refund is exhausted.

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