Start a Business in Poland from the UK | Complete Guide for British Entrepreneurs

Are you a British entrepreneur who is looking to start a business in Poland from the UK? This article will cover the procedure, requirements as well as tax benefits of registering a business in Poland.


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    start a business in poland from the uk

    Are you a visionary entrepreneur seeking new avenues for business growth? Look no further than Poland, a thriving European nation brimming with opportunities for UK-based businesses. Poland’s advantageous location, strong economy, and encouraging business climate make it a standout choice for corporate expansion. 

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to start a business in Poland from the UK, highlighting the benefits, procedures, and crucial factors to guarantee the success of your endeavour.

    Why start a business in Poland from the UK?

    Poland’s economic landscape boasts several advantages that make it an attractive destination for UK businesses:

    • Strategic Location: Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Poland offers excellent access to Eastern and Western European markets. This strategic positioning facilitates seamless trade routes and reduces logistical complexities.
    • Thriving Economy: Poland’s economy, which benefits from a stable political environment and a sophisticated infrastructure, is among the fastest-growing in the European Union. This results in a vibrant and promising business climate.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to Western Europe, Poland offers lower operational costs, including competitive office rents, labour costs, and corporate tax rates. This allows UK businesses to optimise their finances and maximise profitability.
    • Skilled Workforce: The workforce in Poland is bilingual and well-educated. There is a large pool of talent that is easily accessible in a variety of industries, so you may hire talented people to staff your company.
    • Governmental Incentives: The government of Poland actively promotes international investment. To entice foreign enterprises, they provide a variety of incentives, such as tax reductions, grants, and streamlined business registration procedures.
    • EU Membership: As a fellow member of the European Union, Poland removes many trade barriers for UK businesses. This simplifies cross-border transactions and promotes a more streamlined business environment.

    Which is the most appropriate company form for company registration in Poland from the UK?

    When setting up a business in Poland from the UK, selecting the appropriate legal structure is crucial for compliance and operational efficiency. The Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.) emerges as the most popular option among foreign entrepreneurs due to its flexibility, limited liability protection, and straightforward registration process.

    A Limited Liability Company (Sp. z o.o.) offers the following benefits:

    • Limited Liability: More financial security is provided by the fact that shareholders’ liability is capped at the amount they invested in the business.
    • Simple Formation: The process of setting up a Sp. z o.o. is relatively straightforward, minimising administrative burdens.
    • Flexibility: This structure allows for a single shareholder or multiple partners, catering to various business models.
    • Tax Efficiency: Sp. z o.o. benefits from a flat corporate tax rate of 19%, making it attractive from a tax optimisation standpoint.

    Procedure to register a company in Poland from the UK

    Registering a company in Poland from the UK involves several steps:

    Choose a Company Name: 

    Select a unique and distinguishable name for your business, ensuring compliance with Polish naming regulations.

    Prepare Articles of Association: 

    Draft the articles of association, describing the goals of the business, its share capital, its management structure, and any other pertinent information.

    Notarise the Articles: 

    Notarise the articles of association before a Polish notary public to authenticate the document.

    Deposit Share Capital: 

    Confirmation of deposit should be obtained after depositing the minimum share capital, which is presently PLN 5,000, into a Polish bank account.

    Submit Registration Documents: 

    Submit the required registration documents, including the articles of association, confirmation of share capital deposit, and relevant forms, to the National Court Register (KRS).

    Obtain KRS Number: 

    Upon successful registration, the company receives a KRS number, confirming its legal existence.

    Register for Tax Identification: 

    Register the company for tax identification (NIP and REGON numbers) with the relevant tax authorities.

    Open a Bank Account: 

    Create a corporate bank account with a Polish bank to streamline business dealings and financial operations.

    Important Considerations for UK Businesses

    Before venturing into the Polish market, UK businesses should consider the following factors:

    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: To minimise legal risks and guarantee seamless operations, acquaint yourself with Polish business laws, rules, and compliance specifications.
    • Cultural and Linguistic Differences: To build trust and achieve corporate success, embrace cultural diversity and linguistic subtleties while communicating with Polish stakeholders, staff, and consumers.
    • Market research and localisation: To better understand local consumer preferences, market dynamics, and the competitive environment, do in-depth market research. Next, individually tailor your products to the requirements and tastes of Polish customers.
    • Taxation and Accounting Practices: To maximise tax efficiency, reduce risks, and uphold financial openness, obtain expert advice on Polish taxation, accounting principles, and reporting standards.


    Start a business in Poland from the UK and take a confident step forward in your entrepreneurial career. Poland presents countless prospects for development and prosperity due to its advantageous location, pro-business atmosphere, and robust economy. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, OnDemand International stands ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of company incorporation in Warsaw. Contact us today for a seamless and hassle-free experience, and unlock the full potential of your business in Poland.


    Yes, foreigners can open and run enterprises in Poland, including citizens of the UK. However, there are a few legal and regulatory procedures that need to be fulfilled, like registering the firm and adhering to Polish business regulations.

    A Limited Liability Company provides credibility, ownership and management freedom, limited liability protection, and conformity with Polish business legislation.

    With OnDemand International, company registration in Poland can typically be completed within about 2-4 weeks, subject to the completion of necessary documentation and regulatory approvals.