Advantages Of Registering Your Company in Slovenia: Business & Immigration

Let’s see what are the various advantages Of registering your company in Slovenia. Important factors related to business in Slovenia and business immigration explained.

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advantages Of registering your company in Slovenia

Advantages Of Registering Your Company in Slovenia 2022

One of the most prominent alternatives for moving to a European country, and specifically the country of Slovenia can be business migration. Immigration to business does not have to suggest that the business owner must dedicate himself completely to the growth of the business in Europe;

A registered business will not earn a lot of money however, its existence will prove that the proprietor of the business is involved in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Do you have an idea for a business you’d like to bring to Europe?  Are you considering which European nation is most suitable to start your venture in? 

Consider Slovenia as a possibility for company registration in the EU since it has a variety of advantages over other European countries. So, without any further ado, let’s see what are the various advantages Of registering your company in Slovenia.

Advantages Of Registering Your Company in Slovenia, EU - introducing Slovenia

Slovenia has been a young country that became independent in the year 1991. However, it has not lost any time when it came to the development of its economy. In 2004 Slovenia was admitted to the European Union. In 2007, it was already a member of the Schengen zone which allows trade and trade with the other EU countries much easier.

In 2007 Slovenia also began using EURO as its currency. This is the same currency used by the majority of countries in the EU countries also use. Slovenian languages are the most popular ones, but many people use other languages too. The most popular is English, German, Italian, and Croatian.

One of the most significant advantages of Slovenia is its geographic place. It is located in a central European country that is situated near the sea and with the ability to access international waters through the port of Koper.

Its neighbors include Italy, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria which are major players in the European market. These advantages make it among the top nations to conduct commerce across Europe.

Advantages Of Registering Your Company in Slovenia – business in Slovenia

Another major advantage that Slovenia has to offer Slovenia is the easy process of establishing a company. Non-EU citizens can establish an LTD company. It is a private entity that is limited by shares. The minimum founding capital is 7500 euros and there may exist several shareholder within this company.

 It takes approximately three months to create a company within Slovenia. To do that, you will need Slovenian tax ID numbers for all representatives and shareholders, as well as a business place of business in Slovenia and a capital base of 7.500EUR.

It is necessary to travel for around two weeks to Slovenia to complete company registration as well as open the bank account in which you put your capital. Once your company is registered, you can begin to conduct trade within Slovenia and extend beyond its borders too.

Slovenia also has advantages in terms of providing an environment that is stable to conduct business. It is a country with the lowest company income tax (19 percent) while the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of five percent gives hope for economic growth to grow shortly.

Advantages Of Registering Your Company in Slovenia – business immigration

Companies that are registered in Slovenia, in general, aren’t difficult, however, the process itself is characterized by many aspects and distinctions. 

It must be remembered that business immigration may occur as a result of any of the options available such as that the registration process for a brand new business or opening an office of a foreign representative that already operates in a different country. 

There is also a lesser-known option – buying the existing Slovenian company. Every one of the options comes with an element of specificity. As compared to other nations, the most notable of the advantages Slovenia offers is the opportunity for business immigration.

 In the process of setting up a business an entrepreneur can conduct business immigration if the business can meet one of the very simple requirements:

  • Inscribing 50.000EUR on fixed assets for the firm
  • Employing unemployed EU citizen for six months during a full day of work
  • Achieving a turnover of 10.000EUR/month for six consecutive months.

If any of the requirements are met If one of the conditions is met, the representative may apply for a work and residence permit. Slovenia is a very secure place to live in, with some of the lowest rates of crime in Europe. Additionally, the majority of people speak other languages, including English which means that adjusting to the lifestyle of Slovenia is made much easier than it is easier to adapt.

The process of registering a new company permits the company to begin a business in Slovenia which is profitable, as Slovenia offers a tax system that is favorable and has plenty of opportunities to develop business. It is a sure-fire way to ensure stability. 

The process of starting a new business involves selecting the type of operations. There are many legal forms for legal entities that exist in Slovenia and the most desirable option (including in standpoint of security in the economy) is to sign up as a d.o.o (limited liability corporation). 

Establishing a representative office of an international firm on Slovenia’s territory Slovenia is ideal for applicants who have an existing company in another state and plan to expand it within Slovenia. European Union.

Thirdly, there are options for the acquisition of the existing Slovenian company. The newly acquired company has to have a balance of at least $0 and operate for a minimum of six months. 


One of the most prominent alternatives for moving to a European country, and specifically the country of Slovenia can be business immigration. If you are willing to start your business, Slovenia can be a better possibility for your next business immigration

If you’re still having questions regarding the advantages Of registering your company in Slovenia or any other question, we are ODINT Consultancy. We’re we are here to assist you at each step of your way.


There are no restrictions on the way to start a business within Slovenia – any person can establish an organization

It is a country with an income tax on corporate income that is low (19 percent) while the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of five percent gives hope for the country’s economy to grow over the next several years.

You are required to invest at least 50,000 euros in Fixed assets in your business. Employ an EU resident in full-time employment for 6 months or you must document monthly transactions of a minimum of 10,000.00 euros on the Slovenian company’s bank account for six consecutive months