Register a company in Slovenia: Procedure & Benefits

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Slovenia Company Registration

Slovenia Company Registration

Slovenia is a small but independent country that falls in central Europe. It may be an independent country now, but for a major part of the 20th century, it belonged to Yugoslavia. This diverse nation is surrounded by countries like Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. Even though Slovenia is a small nation, when it comes to business, it offers a sea of exposure to someone looking to join the European Market.

Before directly starting with the process of company registration in Slovenia, let’s study the several types of businesses flourishing in Slovenia, and about the important data required for the registration process to get completed smoothly

Categories of Business Units in Slovenia

If an entrepreneur has an availability of a small amount, say, EUR 7,500, and wishes to run a medium-level business with approximately 50 shareholders, then we would suggest you go for a Slovenian private limited liability company. This name suggests its basic property, i.e., partial accountability of shareholders for the organization’s debts. This is restricted to their contribution value.

In such a business, the entrepreneur needs to hire a manager who will take all the necessary decisions, except for the decisions on capital increase/decrease, firm’s amendment articles, liquidation, or transformation. In such decisions, a proper meeting of all the shareholders is required to take the lead and decide what is best for the company.

Now, coming on the second instance. If the entrepreneur has a higher capital to dispose of, (minimum EUR 25,000) then they can start the company registration process in Slovenia for a Slovenian joint-stock business. In such a business type, you can increase the number of shareholders from 50. The liability of the shareholders is restricted according to their input in the capital.

A one-tier structure (guaranteed by a management committee) or a two-tier structure (proven by a supervisory board and a steering committee) with individuals committed for as long as 6 can be used for everyday management. The central committee of the stockholders also makes wise choices.

A Slovenian general partnership can be formed with at least 2 members, each of whom is completely accountable for the firm’s responsibilities. This form of a company does not require at least shareholding, but in the event of a dissolution, the property of the participants can be used to meet the obligations. A set of guidelines defined in the partnership act must be followed by the partners. The leadership team can include any of the stakeholders.

A Slovenia limited firm is made up of a minority shareholder who must contribute to the organization and is accountable for the business’s debts up to the amount of his or her commitment, and a managing partner who has unlimited personal liability in the collaboration.

Just the stakeholders have the authority to make managerial decisions, and if they are no longer able to address the company, it will be disbanded. In Slovenia, a partnership business by sharing is created when there are a minimum of 5 members. 

The shareholders’ obligation is decided by their share capital. Our Slovenian company formation specialists can assist you in determining the best company structure for your needs. We can also assist you in establishing a company by getting you in touch with one of our colleagues.

Data Needed Before Registration

The registration process can only be completed when you have all the important and necessary data ready with you. Read along to get full information on the data you need to have before starting the registration process. 

Name of the company

A business can only stand out when you will strive towards uniqueness. That’s why it is suggested that you pick a name for your firm that stands out. Your company name should not match or clash with any other organization. It is also important that you verify that the company name you chose doesn’t match any other firm in the AJPES corporate register.

Director of the firm

Apart from the sole proprietors, all sorts of businesses must ensure that they hire an individual as their director. There can be multiple directors and a procurator. The company should ensure that the appointed director is well-versed and skilled.

Company Head Office

The next important data for is the address of his company head office. The entrepreneur should have this information before applying for the company registration. Why so? Because the company head office is the place where most of the firm’s activities are executed.

Company Events

First things first, there are no set guidelines for launching a company. This means anyone can start a firm at any given point in time. The conditions come up relating to the activities or events being performed in that company. This is a dicey requirement because different events have different conditions. 

Some events come along with conditions mandatory to be fulfilled before starting the business. In this case, the business will have to get permission and check that the activity is being done by qualified personnel only. These are termed entry conditions. Then, on the other hand, some events come without any list of conditions. This means they are not delimited.

Official contract

Slovenian business entities come in a variety of official contracts. It is inexpensive, easy, and quick to build a company. It must take no more than 3 days from the time you submit your registration. If the client obtains an online certificate, they can register their company on the Slovenian Business Point portal.

Let’s now dive deep into details and learn how can entrepreneurs from foreign land kickstart their business and complete their company registration process in Slovenia.

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Company Registration in Slovenia

To register a company in a country other than your present one may seem like a huge task. But, in contrast to the conventional facts, the registration process is quite rapid and easy. You must decide what is the form of your business before stepping into the registration process. For instance, are you a sole proprietor or is your firm a Private Limited Company? 

As an investor, it is your job to be aware of all the necessary criteria and requirements before starting a company in Slovenia. You will have to draft the articles of the organization, look for a suitable workplace, recruit an accountant, and open a separate bank account. These were just a few steps in the company registration process in Slovenia

In Slovenia, forming a business is a simple process. All of the procedures take roughly 4-5 hours to finish. Once the licensing agency completes the paperwork, it is sent to the judiciary, which requires 2-3 business days to establish the new firm if all prerequisites are completed.

Before Registering

Documentation needed before registration

  • Duplicate of your passport and the actual paperwork, 
  • Slovenian tax numbers
  • Evidence establishing your permanent location
  • Permission from the proprietor of the housing market where you desire to get your firm’s address

Lastly, a description of your firm’s management (selected as per the Standard Classification of events in Slovenia)

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Acquiring a Slovenia tax identification number

In case the representatives of the company or the owners do not have a Slovenian tax ID number, the first step is to get a Slovenian tax identification number for every employee.

Step 2: Apply for tax ID number

Being new to the country, you might not know where to apply. So, you need to send in your application to the Financial Management Unit present in populated cities of Slovenia. Once you’ve applied, within a few hours/days you will get an authorized document with your allocated tax number.

Step 3: Company Registration

You will have to ensure that before you apply you have gathered all the important data and documents. This will prevent you from facing any hassle in the future. The documents you need to gather comprise your tax ID number, a unique company name, and your business address with an official signature.

Step 4: Apply for registration of your firm

You can apply for company registration in the following 2 types of official authorities:

  • VEM headquarters are organizational entities in Slovenia, as are GZS, OZS, SPIRIT – VEM, and others.
  • AJPES is an abbreviation denoting, Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services.

Step 5: Fee Payment

Enrolment is completely free. Documentation for forming a business will be sent to you.

Option in contrast

All of this can be completed at a registrar agency at the cost of 200 EUR (on the condition, for one-person company)

Step 6: Documentary evidence required for stashing shareholding at the bank and establishing a bank account:

  • Documentation for forming a corporation obtained from the registration agency
  • Passport
  • Slovenian tax number

The bank demands that you fill out and submit bank documents. The payment is done at the bank’s cashier’s window. A transaction must originate from the lender’s or founder’s bank account.

Events after Registering

  1. An additional trip to the bank is required

Several banks demand additional paperwork to be signed to trigger your checking account, internet banking, and giving POA to your CA, among other things. Ordering an e-bank license (for internet transactions) and cards are also available, but it needs about 7 days to complete everything.

  1. Selecting an Accounting Firm
  • Compilation of intermediate and yearly accounting records
  • Mandatory bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Financial advice assistance


If you are someone who is looking for ways to pursue the company registration process in Slovenia, we hope now you have all the necessary information regarding it.