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    Table of Contents

    apply for eori number

    Overview: Apply for EORI Number

    Someone interested in applying for an EORI or Economic Operator Registration Identification identity should visit the Federal Immigration Company’s Consumer and Commercial Digital Platform. The submission of payment information for this goal, on and an ELSTER certification with updated corporate data are both required for registration with a matching username and password.

    Apply for EORI Number – Digitally

    The immigration directorate’s process of application is available for free. The Economic Operator Registration Identification number is given by the appropriate organizations’ information management. Despite attempting to consult the Federal Revenue Administration in any other manner. It was only possible to implement an EORI number entirety of the web portal. A matching internet gateway makes this feasible.

    A genuine and available ELSTER certification (Germany’s administration tax portal is called ELSTER) from the particular application is required to ensure general data protection regulation identity. The activation of the EORI number is based on the business information included in the ELSTER document. The material in the certification must match the actual enterprise data, which is a basic and mandatory criterion. If the Economic Operator Registration Identification number is likely data have to be changed later, the one and only way to do so is to update the ELSTER certification. 

    A new Economic Operator Registration Identification number can be obtained through the website once the customer’s account has been created. EORI-specific data can also be modified here if an EORI registration is currently available. Immigration will perform a matching examination after obtaining the identification or updating the database. You, as the candidate, will get a confirmation notification in the platform’s allocated inbox after this has been accomplished. A message will also have been sent to the designated location.

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      Apply for EORI Number – Physically

      In addition to the entirely computerized registration process offered by the General Authority of Immigration, the traditional way to utilize an EORI identity in physical or writing is also available. 

      Form 0870a serves as the foundation for this (EORI number). The foundation for private citizens.

      For lawfully connected companies, or functional structure is Form 0870b.

      The completion of the application by the stated methods with a valid signature is legally enforceable. The beneficiary of the document is the Federal Revenue Directorate’s data management maintenance. Each application, whether it’s an 0870a or an 0870b, includes instructions on how to fill it out. The necessary elements, as the name implies, must be completed. If filling in all essential areas is not feasible.

      For instance, filling in all essential areas is not feasible. This may apply to the VAT identity card. When this information is obtained, it must be supplied including the Economic Operator Registration Identification number.

      Several Factors To Keep In Mind When You Apply For EORI Number

      • An EORI identity is essential for carrying out operations that are governed by custom legislation. This indicates that the registration should be requested beforehand, rather than waiting until the operations begin.
      • The Economic Operator Registration Identification numbers are probably primary data that is provided to the EU, which has the possibility of passing it on to officials in other national governments.
      • The information may be available on the Web, as well as the names and addresses of the relevant market participants when they have been approved.
      • Upon applying for an EORI number, you should anticipate waiting three to four weeks for formal verification of your request.
      • Just from this point forward is the EORI number constitutionally defensible, allowing import duties operations to begin.

      Looking for an Expert Guidance?

      Get 30 minutes of free consultation
      with our company formation experts!


        If your company is based outside of the European Union, you can apply for an EORI identity in one of the EU countries where you conduct business. An Economic Operator Registration Identification will be recognized by every European country. If you work outside of the EU, you will be required to provide proof from the commerce register.

        Contact Odint Consulting if you have any more questions or are having difficulties with any stage of the process. We have a qualified group of experts who will go above and beyond to help and support you.


        There is no charge to request an EORI, and they will be sent to you through email within 72 hours of your request.

        No, to pay taxes, you’ll need a VAT number. The Economic Operator Registration Identification number is used to identify organizations doing commerce in the European Union. 


        Get 30 minutes of expert counselling. No Spam.No Sharing. 100% confidentiality

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