Business Registration Number (BRN): Procedure, Documentation & Advantages

Business Registration Number or BRN number is unique number which gives your business a unique identity and lots of advantages.

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Business, the term itself may sound easy but the process to establish the entire empire is not an easy task.

While setting up a business you needs to refer to all the list of establishment involved in distinct activities associated to plan proceeding sections, distribution, manufacturing and formulate a solution, etc.


Based on industry and location, one might have to register for a corporate license plate and  the necessity of BRN number can be expected.

In this article, we will be discussing a lot more about the process of obtaining a Business Registration Number. So, without any further, ado lets jump into it.

What is a Business Registration Number (BRN number)?

Business Registration Number is also recognized as (BRN), is a one-of-a-kind special identity for your business that might be an internal revenue service Card or a recognized identity code, giving your business a different type of uniqueness.

Upon getting the business registration number, the regulatory stakeholders will acquire all of the details of your economic activity over the internet, allowing for rapid certification of your company.

A federal occupational alphanumeric code or a piece of certified identity information can be used to incorporate a firm. 

However, these act as multiple identities and are available at no cost. Furthermore, to reduce energy and make things straightforward, one can enroll for the BRN number digitally.

Why is it necessary to Have BRN?

Consider a firm involved in an international market with revenue worth Rs. 8 lakhs, far below the Account opening tolerance level.

However, the commercial entity is not eligible for certification since it is neither a manufacturer nor an internet provider. In this situation, proving a commercial individual’s existence throughout divisions becomes incredibly challenging.

As a result, the state established the BRN number until these kinds of companies could register for a certificate of incorporation, something they could then use as valid identification when submitting documents to other administrative units.

Due to the BRN, the government intends to formalize the industry so that the rewards of policy measures can be transferred to all modest and expanding firms.

Documents Required for BRN Number

Documents Required For BRN Number

Advantages of BRN Number

  • Obtaining Financing: Once your enterprise is licensed and you have got an iterative and incremental approach, getting approved is easier and faster than obtaining a mortgage when you do not really. You don’t have to show that you’re a corporation with the assistance of a BRN number. This builds confidence and authority, and your shareholders or financiers will perceive that they’re interacting with a trustworthy company and will be eager to offer you additional compensation in the case. 
  • Establishing an Arrangement in Your Original company: If users desire to establish a payment gateway in your original company, Implementation can help you do so quickly. When you have a term deposit, your clientele, lenders, vendors, and other company associates will see you as something more credible and trustworthy. 
  • Making copies: Amongst the most significant value of implementing your warranty deed with the regional, legislature and obtaining a BRN number would be that it ensures that their trademark is not already taken. No company can establish its organization together under the same name in the long term.
  • Client’s perceptions: Establishing a brand is a complex job, particularly for those who have never worked directly previously. Obtaining one’s paperwork and acquiring a BRN number assures the clientele that they have been interacting with a trustworthy company.

Procedure to get a BRN number application

One can apply for the BRN number through the following steps:

  • Go to the BRN application form/page.
  • To Register for a BRN go to the Certification and request for a BRN.
  • On the signup page, read all of the user agreements before you click on “I have read and agree to the guidelines listed above.”
  • Select Confirm after entering the telephone number, contact information, and security check.
  • Insert the Password that was sent to the mentioned email address.
  • On the previous BRN main website, click deploy BRN
  • Fill in all additional pertinent information as needed.
  • Submit the organization founder’s thumbprint.
  • Provide the contact information of the industries’ corporate offices, as well as their PAN/TAN.
  • Enter the Name and Address of the Enterprises’/Firms’
  • Choose an assembled information for clarification purposes, which can be either the claimant’s location, the commercial locations identified, or the headquarters supervisor’s address.
  • Enter the significant action’s summary. The candidate can choose an occupation code from the selection that is appropriate for their firm.
  • Enter the year the business first opened for business. If you haven’t begun yet, select Not Started.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Ownership Code. The administration code applies to private limited companies, s corporations, corporations, LLPs, consciousness groups, and other commercial entities.
  • Specify the actual population of anticipated people in the limited company, along with the founder.
  • Contribution in the corporate body that is anticipated or projected.
  • Determine the correct acts that necessitate certification.
  • Configure publish after checking the statement item.
  • Download and print the request when it has been gathering project requirements.
  • BRN will be created automatically and emailed to your specified phone number and email address.

Factors to consider while registering for a BRN Number

  • If a BRN claim is denied, the cause for the rejection can be examined using the ‘PRINT BRN’ button. After correcting the cause for refusal, BRN can be amended using the ‘UPDATE BRN’ method. With no need to file for a new BRN under this circumstance.
  • Only put in the Title & Location of the organization’s Corporate Headquarters if it is accessible; anything other than that, skip this step. 
  • Fill in the prior findings of your corporation in the specifics of Significant Engagement and then select the exercise designation properly. 
  • The site provides the ability to Alter OR Withdraw BRN online. 
  • One should review the BR instruction before applying for BRN. As a result, there are almost no risks of making the wrong decision.
  • Click on Application BRN to receive a BRN for your company. Select “BRN” if you want to request for BRN for an NGO.
  • For BRN, use your contact information or e-mail. If you’re using the telephone number of another individual, the BRN will be provided to that individual. If you’re registering for a BRN using your Aadhar card, be sure to use your Aadhaar-registered contact info.
  • Certain content is dynamically in the BRN registration, while the remainder must be typed in. 

Steps to cancel a BRN Number

If a company shut its doors, it must relinquish all of its pre-existing licenses and certifications. If a major corporation is ceasing its operations in the province, it can petition to have the BRN accreditation revoked.

  • Go to the website and activate it.
  • Navigate to the Enrolment, absorption, and emission spectra should be canceled.
  • Insert your BRN as well as the Verification Password.
  • Select the Display option.


The business registration number is a special identity for your business that might be an internal revenue service Card or a recognized identity code, giving your business a different type of uniqueness.

If you looking to have your own BRN, though, it is advisable to get assistance from OnDemand International professional experts, to eliminate the possibility of errors while applying for a BRN.  


Indeed, at the close of the accounting term, operational performance position, changes in engagements, turnover, as well as other facts must be reported to the County Government Trade License Station. 

The administration does not levy a deposit amount for BRN certification. It’s a solely digital approach that doesn’t require any federal involvement.

For modifications in standard forms of contract, visit the following Local Trade License department. 

The Business Register Numbers(BRN) gives special identification to your company.

Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is an alpha-numeric 21 digit code that is issued to corporations which are registered in India on being registered with the ROC located in various States across India in the MCA.